HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x Features

Enterprise series was developed by HP as a result of printer solutions for offices. These are powerful devices that are designed with intents of keeping your print queue empty at all times. First print time of waking from an energy-efficient sleep mode of 8.5 seconds makes this HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer the quickest in its segment. When it comes to office, this HP M506X printer offers the best support with two-sided printing just as fast as one-sided prints. The Enterprise M506x comes with Jetintelligene and as a result, it can deliver more per toner than any of its predecessors. This technology also offers the ability to detect and accept only authentic HP cartridges from HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X review.

Safety is the first preference and this is achieved by the 128-bit encrypted wireless printing technology. The same safety features are extended to mobile printing which is compatible with Android and Apple, i.e, AirPrint and Mopria respectively. Printing speed is at 43 pages per minute and a resolution of 1200 dpi is present. The large sized print tray is a bonus when it comes to this HP Enterprise M506X printer and the limit is set at 550-sheets and this is excluding the 100-sheet multi-purpose tray. Maximum output tray capacity is 250 sheets.

hp laserjet enterprise m506x

HP Enterprise M506X How to print in Windows and Mac

  1. Printing is the most basic take that is performed by the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer. The process as such is very simple. All you have to do is to choose a document or image and click the print button and choose the number of copies.
  2. The underlying process, however, is a little tedious. Both the Windows and Mac operated have one thing in common and that is the driver software.
  3. Go to the link mentioned on this website and enter your HP M506X printer model. Following this, enter your operating system variant and download the file. Installation can be done by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. In a Windows operating system, there is multiple software that can be taken advantage of to assist with printing. Such as the HP Print and Scan doctor, HP Install Assistant, HP Smart App, etc which are Windows exclusive.
  5. Choose the image or document of your linking and click print option. This will take you to a settings window. Here, you will be allowed to make a change to the document in terms of saturation, gray-scale, resolution, and print quality.
  6. Click print and you will take to yet another window asking you to choose one among the many available printers. (In case default printer is not chosen). Choose the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer that should print this document. Click print and wait for the process to finish
  7. When it comes to a Mac operated the system, the process doesn’t differ by much. Make sure that the right driver software is installed on your computer to prevent issues in the future.
  8. Choose an image or document from your computer. Go to the File menu, followed by the Print Option. In the Printer menu that displays next, choose your HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X f2a70a printer.
  9. Click Show Details and select other menus to adjust the Print Settings. Each setting can be saved for reuse and this is done by going to the Presets menu and clicking the Save Current Settings as a Preset option, enter a name and click Ok button.

HP Enterprise M506X Mobile Printing

With the coming of wireless technology, it became possible to connect various mobile devices with the printer. Printing wirelessly from your printer requires you to install the driver software. This can be downloaded from the link mentioned on this website. On the new screen that opens, enter the printer model and the operating system of the computer that is used to control the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer. The download should commence shortly. The driver software can also be installed directly from the CD that is provided with the box package. Follow the instructions mentioned on-screen to complete the process. Choose wireless as your means of network connection.

This device, with the provision of wireless direct, can eliminate the requirement of a router. Post installation of the driver software, this HP M506X printer does not require print jobs from the computer in the order it is here. There are dedicated applications developed by your manufacturer that assist you with the training. Connect the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer to your mobile phone simply by allowing your pc- Major mobile brands such as Android and Apple have their own application printing application which is Mopria and AirPrint respectively. Turn on your mobile’s wireless, search and connect to the printer and using the application, send print jobs to the printer.

HP Enterprise M506X Replace toner cartridges

The difference between an Inkjet and a Laserjet is the core printing technology. The other obvious reason is the cost price. The price of a HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X far exceeds that of an inkjet. This is owing to the expensive hardware that is fitted to your laserjet printer. Although initially costly, in the longer run, they more than makeup for it with reduced per page print cost. In addition to this, toners are longer lasting than inkjets allowing you the luxury of not having to change the HP Laserjet M506X Toner ever so frequently.

Before attempting to replace the toner ink cartridge, it is recommended to check the toner levels. Taking into consideration the cost of the toner cartridges, it would be unwise to throw away a toner that still houses toner fluid. This can be avoided by verifying the toner levels before replacing them. The simplest way to observe the toner fluid level is by printing the status of the HP Laserjet M506X Toner from your printer. Go to the control panel and choose settings. Click the print status option. Make sure that their sheets loaded in the input tray before doing this as the HP M506X printer will print a copy of the current status.

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M506x is a mono-color laser printer. This would mean that the ink used in this printer is exclusively a black toner and nothing else. Purchase only genuine toners from your manufacturer. Open the toner access door. You can find the section that houses the toner. Open it and remove the used toner. The paper covering present around the new cartridge is removed. This includes the tape that is present underneath, covering the chip and the roller. Take care to not touch them during the installation process. Carefully place the toner in its respective slot and close the toner access door. The HP Laserjet M506X Toner levels should update shortly.

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X Troubleshooting

When your printer runs into trouble, there are easy fixes available that can get your HP Enterprise M506X printer back to work. These guides are called troubleshooting guides. These errors are caused due to operator error and due to wear and tear. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the user manual whilst operating the printer to prevent the devices from running into problems. There are notes cases where due to manual error, the HP M506X printer fails to perform up to the task. There are specific procedures that can be followed to rectify separate issues and the most common remedy of them all is to update the driver and prefer genuine parts.

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X Clear paper jams

Paper jams are the most commonly occurring issue. There are simple fixes for this and it starts with replacing your printing paper with a different one. Always prefer genuine quality papers, especially the ones that are produced by your manufacturer. These paper are best in quality and greatly reduce the chances of a paper jam. Paper jam happens when the HP M506X printer is unable to pick the paper from the paper tray. The paper before being inserted into the paper tray are fanned and neatly stacked on a counter. This is how they can be aligned. Load the paper tray and move the paper width and length markers to hold the paper securely. Loose papers are not recommended. Ensure that there are not crumpled or dirty paper in the tray.

When the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer has encountered a paper jam, remove all the stuck pieces of paper. This is done by firmly grabbing the paper with both hands and gently removing them. In addition to this, open the HP Laserjet M506X Toner access door and check for pieces of paper lodged in the insides. Use a flashlight for this purpose. Ensure that the paper tray is not overloaded and that the paper is of the same size.

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X Improve Print Quality

To improve your print quality, update your HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X f2a70a printer firmware. The firmware contains important update that is aimed at preventing bugs and software glitches from resurfacing. Change the paper type setting for your current print jobs. When attempting to the printer with multiple paper sizes, you have to manually change the paper settings in the printer’s setting. If this is not done, the HP Enterprise M506X printer will have alignment issues and the printing is bound to fail. Open the paper tray and verify if the paper type mentioned in the HP M506X printer and the loaded paper type are one and the same.

By changing the settings on your computer, the print quality can be greatly improved. Make sure to put the settings to Draft mode. It consumes the greatest amount of toner fluid. On the plus side, your documents are printed in the highest quality. Print a cleaning page in case there are dirt particles that have accumulated in the rollers of the HP Laserjet M506X Toner. This is done when there are streaks or blotches being printed on your document. Make sure that there is enough paper in the paper tray. Disable the Econo Mode. This is a low ink consumption settings which conserve ink rather than producing high-quality prints in HP Laserjet Enterprise M506X printer.


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