The123.hp.com envy4512 printer is a compact printer that has been designed for easy and remote access to printing.Connect this printer using a USB cable or over a Wireless network and enjoy the benefits of printing over a network.You can also print using Wi-Fi direct using this printer, print without using a local connection or a router.This printer has also been facilitated with the HP AiO remote application to help to make printing, scanning and troubleshoot an easy experience.
Print from both Android and Apple devices by simply connecting them to the same network as your printer.This printer has ePrint, AirPrint and Google Cloud Print that make it a simple task to print from your mobile device or from your Drive.A few simple steps to register your 123.hp.com envy4512 printer with Google Cloud Print and you are good to go. Get the required applications installed on your mobile device from the play store and enjoy mobile printing.

hp envy setup 4512

FEATURES- Envy 4512

  1. Print, Copy, Scan
  2. Reliable Mobile Printing
  3. Wireless Direct Printing
  4. Auto Wireless Connect

123.HP.Com Envy4512 printer – Procedure for unboxing printer setup

  • Take off the printer from the box, and then take away all tape and packing materials from inside your 123.hp.com envy4512 printer.
  • Position the duplexer in the proper place into the printer.
  • Once the duplexer installation is done, connect your power cord and set your preferences based on your requirements.
  • Position the paper into the Tray 1. Confirm that the document’s print side is facing downward and the short edge is forward.
  • Do not place the paper above the yellow dotted lines on the sides of the paper tray of your printer.
  • Position and insert the paper into Tray 2 properly.
  • Setup the ink cartridges into its specified slot, place the ink cartridge in the correct position.
  • You can download the updated printer driver and software from our website.
  • Go to our website, type your printer model number and find the updated printer driver and software.
  • After printer software and driver download, install the printer driver and software. Go through the guidance displayed on the screen for an easy installation process.
  • At some point, if the HP Easy Start application gets enabled but it fails to download the driver, then verify that the computer has an active Internet connection and attempt to download again.
  • While the installation is in progress, you must pick your connection type- select USB, Wired or Wireless connection.
  • You can access the Downloads folder and then initiate HP Easy Start file or the full feature printer driver .exe folder to start the installation process.
  • Enable the connection on your corresponding printer and then install the printer driver.
  • Choose your printer from the list, select Use or Print Using menu, select your printer name in the drop-down list, and then click Add.
  • Complete the printer driver and software installation process.


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  • Take out the paper from the tray, and remove any damaged paper. Check the rear paper guide is positioned according to the indentation for the correct paper dimension.
  • If required, pinch the release and shift the rear paper guide to the correct position. It should snap into position. Place the paper into the tray and ensure that the height of the stack does not exceed the maximum height indicated. Place the tray in the printer and close it. Push the top cover-release button on the left side of the printer. Open the front door.
  • Take out the toner cartridge. Raise the jam-access cover and gently remove any jammed paper. Ensure that you do not tear the paper. Place the toner cartridge back into the printer. Shut the front door.
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