Read Easy Guidelines for HP Laserjet M608N Printer Setup

  • HP Laserjet M608N Printer type- laser monochrome
  • Print Speed- Up to 61 ppm for B/W A4, Up to 65 ppm for B/W Letter A Size, Up to 50 ppm for B/W duplex – A4, Up to 53 ppm for B/W duplex Letter A Size
  • Connectivity- wired
  • AirPrint enabled- yes
  • Automatic Duplexing- yes
  • HP M608N Printer Features- Auto Power Off, Auto Power On, Mopria certified, hardware integration pocket, HP ePrint, Instant-on Technology, JetIntelligence Cartridge Technology
  • Media Type- bond paper, card stock, preprinted paper, punched paper, envelopes, labels, light-weight paper, plain paper, recycled paper, transparencies
  • Envelope Sizes- International B5, International C5, International C6, International DL, Monarch, US No 10, US No 9
  • Total Media Capacity- 650 sheets
  • Blue Angel- Yes
  • Energy Star Certified- Yes
  • Media Sizes- Letter A Size, Legal, Executive, A4, A5, A6, JIS B5,JIS B6, 4 in x 6 in, Statement, RA4, 3 in x 5 in, 5 in x 7 in, 8.5 in x 13 in
  • Monthly Duty Cycle- 275000 pages
  • Recommended Monthly Volume- 5000 – 25000 pages
  • Media Type Class- envelopes, other, plain paper film / transparencies
  • Media Size Class- A4/Legal
  • Monthly Duty Cycle Range (Printer Class)- 100,000 pages and more
  • Max Speed- 50, 53, 61, and 65 ppm
  • Media Size- A4, Letter A Size
  • Output Quality- B/W and B/W duplex
hp laserjet m608n printer

HP Laserjet M608N Printer Driver and Manual Download

  • The below instructions helps you download, setup, and install the printer driver on your Windows computer.
  • To install it on the Windows computer, go to Start and then choose the Devices and Printers option. By doing this, the printers page gets opened.
  • Now search for the Add a Printer option and then click on it. Once you did this, you can see the Printer Setup Wizard page.
  • You will be prompted as How do you want to install the printer. By that time, you can choose the preferred connection type. Before choosing the connection type, make sure that the connection mode suits your HP M608N Printer.
  • It can either USB, Wired, or Wireless. This option changes based on the compatibility of the printer.
  • Choose the USB port option and then choose USB001 and then proceed with the Next option.
  • The following windows pick your appropriate drivers for the HP Laserjet M608N Printer to which you are searching for the driver. Follow the prompts and complete the installation steps.
  • Are you a Mac user and looking for the instructions to install the driver on your Mac? Go through the successive step to get to know the instructions.
  • Before you choose a driver, check if is compatible with the computer’s operating system version. To install the driver on your Mac computer, the printer and computer should be connected to a network.
  • Choosing the network type is up to you. You can opt for the one that is compatible with your printer. Once you established the connection, generate a print queue in System Preference on the Mac.
  • Follow the instructions to add the printer and if you are instructed to install the printer software from Apple, choose Download and Install to get done with the installation process.

HP M608N Toner cartridges installation and replacements steps

  1. Not all the toner cartridges suit all the HP Laserjet M608N Printer model. You have to check the printer’s compatibility before buying a toner cartridge. At the time of printer shipment, you will receive a set cartridges as well.
  2. Check the cartridge number in order to get it individually when the cartridge gets over. If you want to know what series of cartridge is installed on your printer, follow the below steps.
  3. Power on the printer and then open the flap that encloses the HP M608N Toner cartridges. Slide the toner cartridge to the center of the printing area. To slide out the toner cartridge, you have to press the toner icon that has a drop icon.
  4. Make sure that you have not disturbed the printhead out of its housing. It should be supposed to move out automatically when the lid is opened or button is pressed.
  5. Check the cartridge number and type. The labeling system and numbering differ by HP M608N Printer manufacturers.
  6. Get a new cartridge of the same number and make sure that you have purchased it from the correct manufacturer.
  7. Gradually remove the cartridge which you like to replace. Liable to the HP Laserjet M608N Printer model, there lie many cartridges to choose from. You can see the HP M608N Toner cartridge’s color on the label present.
  8. Grasp the toner cartridges. A few models of toner cartridges have clips to be pressed in order to take it out from the toner tray.
  9. Drag it at an angle away from the point of attachment. Avoid removing the cartridges until you have a replacement. Keeping the printhead empty would dry it out thereby making it unusable.
  10. Shake the newly bought cartridge in order to get the proper flow of toner. Take out all the protector that covers the toner cartridge and place it in the reverse way that you remove them. Place the correct angle and make sure it fits well in place.
  11. Once the cartridge is placed, allow your printer to print a test page in order to check if the HP M608N Toner cartridges are properly installed.

HP Laserjet M608N Printer Troubleshooting Description

The HP Laserjet Enterprise M 608 n is one of the best monochrome printers that suits your needs. However the feature and performance may be, it is just a device that would undergo any mechanical or technical fault when it is not properly maintained. First, you have to analyze the printer’s issue and then work accordingly. The printer issue could be related to hardware, software, or connection related. Check the printer’s control panel for any printer issue alert. We offer the latest and easiest instructions to solve all kind of printer issues. The basic measure you take to resolve the printer issue and get back the printer to the normal working condition is troubleshooting. Not all the printer issues are major and need printer service. You have a certain basic step to be done in order to bring back the printer function. We provide troubleshooting steps for Paper jam, print job stuck toner queue, issue occurred after updating the system, toner cartridge related issues, network connection failure, printer offline, printer not found, out- dated firmware issue, print quality issues, blank page printing, black toner not printing, and more.

A cartridge is low or cartridge is very low message displays on the HP M608N Printer control panel

  • This kind of alert message gets displayed when the toner level of the cartridge installed in your printer is below the critical stage. Continuing the print job using the same toner cartridge would hit the print quality.
  • It is good to replace the toner cartridge when the print quality is beyond the acceptable level. You can redistribute the toner by taking it out from the printer and gently shake the cartridge back and forth about its horizontal position.
  • Try to reinsert the toner cartridge into the printer and then close the cover of the HP Laserjet M608N Printer.
  • The actual life of the toner cartridge is varied. Get a new toner cartridge as a replacement when the printer’s control panel shows the alert message.
  • The HP’s Premium Protection Warranty on the installed toner cartridge gets over if the HP toner cartridge has reached very low.
  • It is possible to change the way the printer responds when supplies reach the Very low state. It is not necessary to follow the successive steps at the time of installing the toner cartridge.
  • For 2- line control panel model, go to the HP M608N Printer control panel and click on Ok. For the printers with Touch- screen panel, go to the printer control panel and click on the Setup icon.
  • Access either System Setup, Supply Settings, black cartridge or color cartridge, or very low settings.
  • Choose Continue to customize the printer to alert you that the toner cartridge installed is very low, but proceed to print.
  • Choose the Stop option to customize the printer to stop printing until you substitute the toner cartridge. For more details, post your queries and get the appropriate solutions from our tech support team.

Clear Paper Jams

  • When the HP Laserjet M608N Printer control panel prompts an alert message as paper jam, check if the issue really occurs. This is because not all the paper jam issues displayed on the control panel is true. The printer would also provide pseudo message.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the rear access door with power cord removed to prevent mechanical damage. It is advisable not to remove the paper jam from the front of the unit.
  • To clear the paper jam, power off the printer and turn it around so that the back side of the printer faces you.
  • Plug out the power cord from the back of the printer. Affirm that the power cord is removed to let the paper feed rollers to turn freely.
  • Find the rear access door and then access it by pulling the dial counter- clockwise and dragging the door toward you.
  • Check the pressure rollers on the rear access door and make sure that they are clean and move freely. Wipe the rollers if required using a soft towel slightly moistened with water. If the rollers are found to be not moving freely, you have to replace the rear access door.
  • From the rear access door opening of the printer, free all the jammed papers. If any of the jammed paper cannot be eliminated from the rear access door, carefully remove it from the front unit of the HP M608N Printer.
  • Take out the remaining paper from the paper supply tray and discard the paper that is found to be damaged.
  • Re- stack and replace the paper into the paper supply tray. Subsequently, reinstall the rear access door. Now establish the power connection to the printer as how you did before.
  • if still the paper jam issue is not cleared, first disconnect the power cord and take out all paper from it.
  • Open the access door of the printer and wipe the rollers using a damp free cloth. Once it is done, reinstall the access door of the printer and check that the rear access door is installed properly.
  • The issue could occur,if the rear access door is not installed properly. Elevate the cartridge access door and check the front end of the printer. Make sure that all the four rollers present moves freely and no debris or dirt present inside the printer.
  • If you find any paper gets stuck in the roller, use a tweezer to remove it. After you have removed all the jammed paper, re- establish the power cord connection between the HP Laserjet M608N Printer end and the power supply.


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