HP LaserJet Enterprise M506dn

A printer driver is a software that will facilitate communication between your computer and your printer. Install the driver by following the step-by-step instructions given in the user guide or on our website. The basic troubleshooting step for any printer problem is uninstalling the driver and re-installing an updated printer driver. You will be able to install the driver without any additional software. The driver can also be downloaded from Windows Update. The Windows print driver only provides basic functionality for HP printers.

  • Before installing the driver software, make sure your printer is not connected to your computer with a USB cable. If it is connected, then disconnect the USB cable. On your computer, click the Windows button.
  • Search for Change Device Installation Settings and then select Change Device Installation Settings from the list of results. From Device Installation Settings, select the option Yes, Do This Automatically.
  • Save the changes. Connect your printer to the same wireless or wired network as your computer. You can setup a wireless connection using the Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer’s control panel.
  • Open Network Setup on your printer’s control panel or touch the Wireless icon. Select Wireless Setup Wizard and your printer will search for all the networks within range. Choose your network and then enter the network password.
  • If you are connecting your printer to your computer with a USB cable, connect the square end of the cable to the printer and the flat end to the computer. The new driver will be detected and click Yes to begin the installation.
  • Click the Accept option, to agree to the license agreement. Choose the type of Installation your require. It is recommended to install all the features of the software, so select Full Feature or Easy Installation.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the driver installation. If prompted, restart your computer. Open Devices and Printers and you will find your printer's name added to the list. Try to print a sample document.

How To Print


  • Turn on your printer and load enough paper into the input tray. Make sure the paper used meets the specifications given by HP. Adjust the paper width guides so that they lie on the edge of the paper. Make sure printer and computer are connected to the same network through USB or wireless network.
  • Download the updated driver from our website or install it directly from the installation CD. Choose the document that should be printed. View the document and make necessary corrections. Click File and then Print. You can make changes to the default settings and then print your document.
  • Select the number of pages that need to be printed. Choose duplex printing if you would like to print on both sides of the paper. Click Print and the document will be printed. Always preview the document before printing it. If the print quality is not good, then check the ink level of the cartridges.


  • Turn on your Mac and printer. Make sure your Mac and printer are connected to the same network via wireless or USB connection. Load enough sheets into the input tray and adjust the paper width guides. Make sure the sheets are not damaged or used.
  • In order to print, go to the connected devices and check if your Printer’s name is displayed in the list of results. Open the file that should be printed and select the option Print. If you would like to make any changes to the Page properties, please go ahead with it before printing the page.
  • Choose your printer’s name in the list and then click Print. Print a test page before starting to print the original and always Preview the page before printing. Do not overfill the paper tray as you might get an error when you try to print. If the page is not printing, then check if you have executed too many print jobs t the same time.

Mobile Printing

There are various applications that can be used to print from mobile phones without installing a driver. HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint and HP Print Service Plugin are some of the applications that are used for printing from Mobile Phones.

a. HP Print Service Plugin

Check and confirm that your mobile and printer are connected to the same network. Download and install the HP Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store. After the installation, choose a method to open the HP Print Service Plugin. Open the document that you would like to print and choose your printer’s name from the list of connected devices. Preview the document and choose the number of copies required and click Print.

b. Airprint

Confirm that your Apple device and printer are on the same local network. Press the Wireless button on the printer’s control panel to connect to the Wireless network. If it is connected, then the wireless light will be on. Your printer should not be in sleep or idle mode. Once the printer is in the ready state, preview the document and then click Print. If required, you can modify the paper size and the number of pages. If Wi-Fi Direct is used, open the Wi-Fi settings window. Connect your Apple device to your network by following the on-screen instructions in the Wi-Fi settings window.

Replace Toner Cartridges

  • Toner cartridges are the core printing technology that is employed in a laserjet printer. As opposed to an inkjet printer which uses ink cartridges, toner-based laserjet printer are expensive. Inkjet printers are cheap in comparison but make up for it with their running costs.
  • Laser printers are expensive but the cost of running it is very nominal. This is largely due to the fact the toners have a very long life and offer cheaper per paper costs. Since toners are expensive, it is imperative that you check the ink levels before replacing the toner.
  • Throwing away unused toner fluid is a waste of money. It is a common misconception that considering the price of the toners, refilling would be a good option. But this is the most destructive as this process required you to invasively fill ink which results in damaging the toner.
  • In addition to damaging the toner, there are chances that the toner damage the printer. Leaking toner fluids can be fatal to the printer. It is always better to replace the empty toner cartridges with standard HP toner cartridges.
  • You will have to replace the cartridge only when the print quality is getting affected or when the printer displays an error message about the toner level. You can also keep yourself updated and prepared by checking the toner level in the HP Solution Center.
  • Once you identify the cartridge that is empty and also have a replacement in hand, then you can remove the empty cartridge from the printer. Open the exterior door that provides access to the cartridges. Locate the cartridge that is low in toner level and then remove it from its holder.
  • Place the empty toner cartridge on a paper towel or a cardboard and then unwrap the new toner cartridge. Remove the pull tab on the cartridge and insert it into the cartridge holder. Once the cartridge settles into its place, close the cartridge access door. The printer will calibrate and an alignment page will be printed.


Many printer related issues are easy to resolve. You can also improve the quality, speed and cost-effectiveness of your printing by following the sequential procedure to resolve the printer issue. Home or office the need for a printer is never going to end, so it is always better to know some steps to always keep your device working. The user guide will be provided along with your printer package, going through the manual will help you fix most issues. If you do not have the manual, then download the same from our website or you can go through our online troubleshooting guide to fix your printer issue.

Clear Paper Jam

  • First, make sure the printer is powered on. If it is turned off, then press the Power button to turn on the printer. On your computer, select the Windows icon and click Devices and Printers. Right-click the desired printer. Choose Printing Preferences and then select the “Source is” drop-down menu. Select Auto Select option and then press the OK button to apply the changes.
  • The condition of the paper you are using can cause a paper jam. Remove the paper from the input tray and make sure that there are at least 10 sheets of plain white paper. Make sure all the paper is of the same size and type; then tap it on a flat surface to get the edges perfectly aligned. Finally, load paper into the input tray.
  • Slide the paper width guide inward until it stops at the edge of the paper. Dirt or paper debris build-up on the roller can cause a paper jam in the printer. Open the print cartridge door and look inside the printer for the cartridges. Lift straight out to remove the cartridge from the printer. Set the cartridge on a paper towel and then cover it with a sheet of paper.
  • Gently pull out the roller and then apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the lint-free cloth. Scrub the roller with the cloth to loosen the dirt and grime. Check if there is any paper debris on the inside of the printer and use a paper towel to clean the dirt. Reinstall the roller and cartridges and then try to print a test page.

Improve print quality

  • If you are trying to print from the same software, then try to print from different software. If the page prints correctly, then the software must be replaced.
  • Check the level of ink in all the cartridges. You can check the Estimated Ink Level in the HP Solution Center. If the level of ink in a cartridge is low, then replace it or refill the same. If the refilled cartridge is not working, then you will have to use standard HP ink cartridge.
  • Open the cartridge access door. Check the condition of the cartridge. If the cartridge used is damaged, then replace it. Before replacing the cartridge, check if the inside parts of the printer are also damaged.
  • You can download few tools from HP to clean the printhead or use the automatic cleaning tool in your printer to clear out any smears.
  • Update your driver software to increase the performance of your printer. If you are unable to update the software, then uninstall and reinstall the updated driver. Make sure you restart your computer before you try to reinstall the print driver.
  • Clean the printhead regularly by navigating to Tools on the printer’s control panel. You can manually clean the printhead by soaking it in warm distilled water for 10 minutes.


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