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The HP M652N printer offers secure and energy-efficient performance. It delivers the world’s most secure printing with regular checks and threat notifications. The HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M652N printer includes efficient paper handling capacity through a wheeled stand and a 550-sheet input feeder for 4-inch x 6 inch-to-legal-size print media. The Enterprise delivers a print speed of up to 50 ppm for both color and black-print documents at a resolution of 1200 dpi. It includes print feature only. It has a monthly duty cycle up to 100000 pages. HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M652n printer is compatible with mobile printing solutions such as ePrint, Air Print and Mopria Print. You can save the cost per page with automatic duplex printing. Connect the HP Color Laserjet M652N printer to an Ethernet network or a USB cable. The compatible Operating Systems are Mac and Windows. The HP M652N printer supports media types such as envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, bond paper, recycled paper, opaque film, paper, middle thick paper, card stock, extra heavy-weight paper, light-weight paper, soft gloss paper, preprinted paper, postcards and glossy paper. Save energy and resources with this ENERGY STAR certified printer.

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HP M652N Printer Toner Cartridge Replace

  1. Go through the removal instructions in the manual and then follow the prompts below.
  2. Prior to performing the replacement, turn off the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M652N printer. It is not necessary to have special tools to remove or install this assembly.
  3. Perform the replacement in a safe environment as few parts are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  4. Ensure that you do not touch the spongy part if the replacement part is a roller or pad.
  5. It is advisable to use disposable gloves when handling rollers or pads. Ensure that you wash your hands before touching rollers or pads.
  6. Until it’s time to replace, do not remove the toner cartridge from the package.
  7. It is not advisable to expose the cartridge to light for more than a few minutes to prevent damage to it.
  8. Make sure that you cover the green imaging drum if you have to keep the toner cartridge from the HP M652N printer for an extended period of time.
  9. If toner gets on clothing, clean the stain using a dry cloth and then wash the clothes in cold water.
  10. After opening the front door, carefully grasp the handle of the used toner cartridge and then pull it out to remove it.
  11. Take out the new toner cartridge from its package, then discard the plastic end caps and remove the cartridge from the plastic bag.
  12. Make sure that you do not touch the green imaging drum after removing the orange protective shield.
  13. Now, hold both ends of the toner cartridge and rock it 5-6 times. Carefully support the toner cartridge underneath with one hand while holding the cartridge handle with the other.
  14. Align the toner cartridge with its slot on the shelf, then place the toner cartridge into the Laserjet Enterprise M652n printer and then close the front door.

How To Print in HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M652N Printer

  • To print from your Windows system, go to the software program and then select the Print option.
  • From the list of HP M652N printers that displays, choose your printer model and then proceed to the next step.
  • In order to change any settings, ensure that you select the Properties or Preferences option to open the printer driver.
  • Make a note that the name of the button varies for different software programs.
  • Ensure that you select Devices, then select Print and then select the printer to access these features from a Windows 8 or 8.1 Start screen app.
  • To configure the available options, make sure that you click the tabs in the HP Color Laserjet M652N printer driver.
  • Ascertain that on the Finishing tab, you set the paper orientation and on the Paper/Quality tab, set the paper source, paper type, paper size and quality settings.
  • To return to the Print dialog box, select the OK button and then choose the number of copies to print from this screen. Click the OK button to print the document or photo.
  • For any further information or support, do not hesitate to reach our technicians on the Toll-free number.

HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M652N Paper Tray

  • Ensure that you use paper that meets HP specifications. It is advisable to use paper that is not wrinkled, folded or damaged.
  • Make sure that you use paper that has not previously been printed or copied on. Do not overfill the tray.
  • Check if the paper guides in the tray are adjusted correctly for the size of paper and also that the tray is fully inserted in the HP M652N printer.
  • When you notice a 13.A 2000-sheet tray paper jam, open the 2,000-sheet high-capacity input tray.
  • Discard any jammed or damaged sheets of paper. Take out the paper from the tray and then press the release latch on the side of the tray to release it.
  • If any jammed paper is in the feed area, carefully pull the paper to the left to release it and then pull it forward to remove it.
  • Now, insert the tray and then load full reams of paper into the tray. Ensure that the tray is not overfilled and that the paper guides are adjusted correctly.
  • Now, close the tray. Open the lower-right door, then remove any jammed paper and then close the lower-right door.
  • If you notice any jammed paper in tray 1 or tray 2, carefully pull it out from the HP M652N printer.
  • Carefully pull the tray out of the printer and then lift it up slightly, when a 13.A2, 13.A3, 13.A4, 13.A5 tray 2, tray 3, tray 4 or tray 5 paper jam occurs.
  • Now, discard any jammed or damaged paper and then reinsert and close the tray.
  • Open the right door and discard any jammed paper. Carefully hold the two side latches and then pull the fuser out of the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M652N printer.
  • Make a note that the fuser may be hot while the HP Color Laserjet M652N printer is in use. It is advisable to wait for some time until the fuser cools before handling it.
  • Ensure that you discard any jammed paper from the fuser opening, then reinstall the fuser and then close the right door.

HP M652N Printer does not pick up paper or misfeeds

  • Open your Laserjet Enterprise M625n printer and then discard any jammed sheets of paper. Ensure that there are no torn bits of paper inside the printer.
  • Make sure that you insert the tray with the correct size of paper for the job, then check if the paper size and type are set correctly on the control panel.
  • Carefully adjust the guides to the appropriate indentation in the tray. Make sure that the arrow on the tray guide, lines up exactly with the marking on the tray.
  • Check if the humidity in the room is within specifications. Generally, most reams of paper are sold in moisture-proof wrapping to keep paper dry.
  • Note that in few situations, in high-humidity environments, paper at the top of the stack in the tray may absorb moisture and HP M652N might have a wavy or uneven appearance.
  • In low-humidity environments, you may notice that excess static electricity causes sheets of paper to stick together in HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M652N printer.
  • Make sure that you remove the paper from the tray. Carefully bend the stack by holding it at each end and then bring the ends up to form a U shape.
  • Ensure that you check the control panel to see if it is displaying a prompt to feed the paper manually.
  • Carefully wipe the rollers with a lint-free cloth dampened with warm water.
  • Sometimes the HP Color Laserjet M652N tray rollers may be worn. It is advisable to inspect the rollers for any smooth surface either completely around the circumference or just on one side.
  • If there are any smooth areas, make sure that you check the Supplies Status Page to see if the Fuser is low and needs to be replaced; these rollers come with the kit.
  • If necessary, replace the HP M652N tray rollers. For further information or support, reach us on the Toll-free number.


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