123 HP M631h

123 HP M631h Printer Specification

  • The HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M631h printer is designed with Laser-monochrome printing technology.
  • It is capable of printing maximum of 300000 pages monthly.
  • The printer’s recommended monthly volume is 5000 – 30000 pages.
  • The maximum supported memory for this printer is 3 GB.
  • Its maximum copying speed is up to 55 ppm.
  • The maximum copying resolution of this printer is up to 600 x 600 dpi.
  • The maximum printing resolution of this printer is up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • It supports media type such as bond paper, card stock, recycled paper, transparencies, envelopes, extra heavy-weight paper, heavy-weight paper, labels, light-weight paper, plain paper, preprinted paper, and punched paper.
  • The supported envelope size of this printer is International B5 (6.93 in x 9.83 in), International C5 (6.38 in x 9 in), International C6 (4.5 in x 6.38 in), and International DL (4.33 in x 8.66 in).
  • The output tray capacity is 500 sheets.
  • The optical resolution for scanning is 600 x 600 dpi.
  • It supports operating system such as Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Linux.
123 HP M631H Printer
  • This printer supports automatic duplexing for both scanning and printing.
  • Some of the supported copying features are
  • Book Copy, Edge Erase, ID Card Copy, Job Build, Manual Color Adjustment, blank page skipping, and collation copy.



STEP 1: If you need to print a document using your HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M631h printer, open the document and select the File menu, and then select the Print option.

STEP 2: Then you have to select the product in the Printer menu.

STEP 3: Open the menus drop-down list or touch Show Details. Then choose other menus to alter the print settings as you require.

STEP 4: After adjusting the settings, tap the Print button.


STEP 1: Click the File menu, and then tap the Print button. Choose the product in the Printer menu.

STEP 2: Click Show Details or open the menus drop-down list and click the Layout menu and tap a binding button from the Two-Sided drop-down list.

STEP 3: Then touch the Print button.


STEP 1: Based on your printer type, place the document in the document feeder or on the scanner glass and then adjust the paper guides.

STEP 2: On your printer’s control panel screen, click the E-mail button from the Home screen.

STEP 3: Open the keypad by selecting the To field. Then type the recipient’s address manually or select it from the contacts list.

STEP 4: Enter the subject and the fill the file name fields. After filling the fields, click the OK option.

STEP 5: Configure settings for your document by selecting the More Options button and then tap the Preview button to preview the document.

STEP 6: Finally, click the Start button to send.


STEP 1: To fax a document using your HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M631h printer, load the document on the scanner glass or load it in the document feeder.

STEP 2: On the control panel display of your printer, tap the Fax button from the Home screen.

STEP 3: Then type the recipients address. Use the contacts list or type it manually. Select the More Options button and configure settings for the document.

STEP 4: Click the Preview option to preview the document after configuring the settings.

STEP 5: Once the document is ready to fax, tap the Start button to send the fax.


STEP 1: To copy a document using your printer, load the document on the scanner glass, or load it in the document feeder and adjust the paper guides.

STEP 2: On the control panel screen of your printer, tap the Copy button from the Home screen.

STEP 3: Adjust the number of copies as per your need by choosing the Copies field

STEP 4: After selecting the number of copies, tap the More Options button, and then tap the Optimize Text/Picture button.

STEP 5: Select any one of the predefined options, or click the Manually Adjust button and then adjust the slider in the Optimize For area.

STEP 6: Tap the OK option and Tap the Copy button.


STEP 1: When the level of the toner cartridges in your HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M631h printer goes to low or empty, you should replace them with a new genuine toner cartridge. This is because using the genuine cartridges for your printer can overcome all the printing related issues.

STEP 2: For replacing the toner cartridge in your printer, follow the stepwise instructions as given below.



STEP 1: If the paper jam occurs in the automatic duplexer of your HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M631h printer, try to remove the Tray 2 from the printer. Inside the tray area, you will find the green tab. Pull the green tab forward to release the duplex pan.

STEP 2: Look for any jammed media inside the duplexer. If you find any jammed media, remove it completely and close the duplex pan.

STEP 3: After clearing the jammed media, reinsert the duplex pan and close the tray. Open the rear door and check if there are any jammed media inside it. If anything is there, remove it and close the rear door.

STEP 4: Open the front door by pressing the top-cover-release button on the left side of the printer. Take the toner cartridge out and lift the jam-access cover. Then remove if you find any jammed paper inside it.

STEP 5: Also, note that the paper should not be torn. After clearing the jammed paper, reinsert the toner cartridge and close the front door.

STEP 6: If there is a paper jam in the document feeder, lift the latch to release the document-feeder cover. Once the document-feeder cover is released you can open it and remove the jammed paper inside it.

STEP 7: Lift the document-feeder input tray and remove if there are any jammed paper inside it.

STEP 8: After clearing the jammed paper you can lower the document-feeder input tray, and close the document-feeder cover.

  • To overcome the scan image quality issues, use the flatbed scanner rather than the document feeder and use high-quality originals.
  • Load the original document into the feeder correctly, using the paper guides, to avoid unclear or skewed images, when using the document feeder.
  • If there is an issue with the scan image quality, then try to clear the smudges and dirt accumulated on the scanner glass.
  • To clear the dirt, turn off the printer and then open the scanner lid. Using a soft cloth or sponge that has been moistened with nonabrasive glass cleaner, clean the scanner glass, the document feeder strips, and the white plastic backing.
  • To prevent spotting, dry the glass and white plastic parts with a chamois or a cellulose sponge.
  • Then turn on your printer and check if the issue is resolved.
  • If the printed pages have toner smudges or skewed print, clean the pickup rollers and separation pad in the document feeder.
  • Some of the common fax issues and their solutions are given below in a stepwise manner.
  • If you find an Out of memory status message on the printer’s control panel then it indicates that the printer storage disk is full. So you should delete some stored jobs from the disk.
  • If the print quality of a photo is poor or prints as a gray box then it means that you are using the wrong page-content setting or the wrong resolution setting.
  • Try setting the Optimize Text/Picture option to Photograph setting and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Remember that you cannot cancel the job if the job is too far along in the sending process.
  • Set the overlay header to overlay mode, or alter the fit-to-page setting to print a one page fax on one page if a one-page fax print as two pages.
  • If the fax address book button does not display, then it means that the fax address book feature has not been enabled. To enable the fax address book feature, use the HP MFP Digital Sending Software Configuration utility.


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