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123 HP Setup Envy 4512 Scan – Windows

Here are some methods and procedures which help you carry out to scan the documents

  • Scan with HP Scan software
  • Scan with HP Scan and Capture (Windows 8 and 10)
  • Scan with Windows Scan (Windows 8 and 10)

Method 1 : Scanning the document with the HP Software

123 HP Setup Envy 4512 Scan Software comes with the printers which were launched in 2011 and later years. Go through the instructions in this manual and get to know how to scan the documents.

Load the items either in the document feeder or the ADF whose scan is to be taken. This varies from printer to printer.

Locate the printer model which you are using from the displayed list.

  • If your printer is found in the search list, tap on the icon.
  • If your printer is not found in the search list, affirm that your computer has the latest driver.
  • Choose either Scan a Photo or Document option.
  • Go ahead with any one of the shortcuts which are appropriate for the file type and in need of a resulting action.
  • Go ahead with any one of the existing default settings on the right side of the windows, if wanted.
  • To look at the preview of the scans and include the additional settings tap on Show scan preview or Show Viewer After Scan options.
  • Include the extra changes like quality, color, and default scan destination folder by clicking Advanced Settings or More option.
  • Click on Scan options.
  • On doing this, you can get the scanned items and can even preview them.
  • Tap on the thumbnail image of scanned items to alter any settings.
  • Click on the Save button, and have a look at the Save as windows.
  • Look for the folder where you decide to save the scan, modify the File format as per your necessity.
  • Prior to saving the document, affirm the file type and tap Save option.
  • Take a look at the scans by accessing the folder where you saved it.

Method 2 : Scanning procedure using the HP Scan and Capture (Windows 8 and 10)

Scan photos or documents using 123 HP Setup Envy 4512 Scan and Capture application. Affirm that your computer runs with Windows 8 or 10 operating system is installed.

Method 3 : Scanning procedure using Windows Scan (Windows 8 and 10)

Windows scan application allows you to scan the required documents or photos. Affirm that you have installed either the basic or full featured driver on your computer.

  • Mount the essential documents whose scans to be taken on the scanner glass or ADF.
  • Go to Windows, search for Scan and then select the Scan app from the sorted results.
  • You are directed to install Windows Scan from the Windows Store, if the Scan app is not searched from the sorted results.
  • If the existing options display Source, go along with you loaded your document or photo option.
  • You can modify the Color mode, Resolution and the destination to save the documents by tapping on Show more options.
  • Go with Scan option.


The appropriate app is needed to scan the documents and photos from your Mac computer. Some printers are designed to scan multiple documents. This option is compatible only with certain versions of Mac operating system.

Method 1 : Methodology to HP Easy Scan app (MacOS and OS X 10.9 and later)

Go to App Store and download the 123 HP Setup Envy 4512 Easy Scan app on your Mac computers, this is mandatory to scan the documents from the computer. Download and installation process can be completed with the help of our directives.

  • Follow the prompts which let you download and install the app on your Mac computers.
  • If the app is inaccessible on its own, search for Scan in Mac, pursue HP Easy Scan option from the systematized results.
  • Place the materials to be scanned on the scanner glass. Affirm that the print is facing down while mounting the materials over it. Seal the scanner lid and subsequently place the document.
  • Access 123 HP Setup Envy 4512 Easy Scan and look for the printer’s name from the drop- down list of the scanner.
  • Pick the scan type from the Presets menu.
  • If you wish to modify any basic settings to the selected presets tap on the Edit option.
  • Click on Scan and tap Scan Next Item to incorporate many extra pages or tap Done option.
  • The thumbnail version of the scanned items is displayed in the left panel whereas the items are displayed in the right panel.
  • Tap on the Edit options in order to modify the colors, crop or resize the image.
  • Tap Send option which is shown at your window’s bottom and choose the Folder to save the scans to the target folder on the Mac computer.
  • The target folder can be searched by tapping the Where option and then click Save options.
  • To take a look at the scanned materials, access the folder where the scans have been saved and then double- click on it.
  • You are allowed to scan multiple documents into a single PDF. Modification of color, size, quality and the orientations are allowed.

Method 2 : Directions to scan documents using the HP Scan software (OS X 10.11 or earlier)

Take a look at the control panel of the 123 HP Setup Envy 4512 printer to gain knowledge about the printer’s feature. Affirm that your Mac computer possesses the HP Scan software.

HP Scan software

Step 1 : Affirm that 123 HP Setup Envy 4512 Scan software is installed on your Mac.

  • Get access to Finder and then select the Go option to choose the Applications.
  • You are supposed to double- tap on the HP folder, search for HP Scan from the sorted list and then go along with on- screen prompts.

Step 2 : Guidelines to take a scan of the required documents or photos

  • Here are the directions which lead you to take a scan of required documents or photos.
  • The scans can be viewed by clicking the folder where your scans have been saved.
  • Place the documents whose scan is to be taken on the scanner glass.
  • Go with the Scan option by getting into the HP Scan window.
  • You can now pick up your printer name from the search results, and select the scan job type from Presets menu, as your desire.
  • Click on the down- arrow in the top most corner of the window to verify or modify the color, quality settings, orientation scans.
  • To take a look at the scanned materials, press Continue.
  • Select Scan Next Item or Add to include more items or tap on Done options.
  • View the scanned materials by clicking its thumbnail version.
  • You can modify the settings as per your wish by choosing Edit option.
  • The targeted location cab be found by clicking the Where option.
  • Once the desired location to save the files are found, Click on Save option.
  • Tap on the folder where you have saved the scans to view it.

Method 3 : Guidelines to Scan documents and photos by Use Apple Image Capture

Apple Image Capture app is usually well matched with Mac OS and OS X. It is an easy method to scan the documents or photos.Apple Image Capture app is well matched with Mac computers

  • The photos or documents which are to be scanned should be mounted on the scanner glass with the printed side facing down, and then seal the scanner lid.
  • This can be even placed on the Automatic document feeder, if your printer has that provision. But it is not advisable to place it in the ADF as it leads to damage.
  • Access Finder -> Go options that exist in the top menu bar-> Applications-> double- click the Image capture.
  • Look for your printer name and select it in the Devices or Share list.
  • Take a look at the preview of the image by tapping Show Details.
  • Fix the scan mode as Scanning bed or automatic document feeder based on the location where your original documents are placed.
  • You can set the kind as black and white or color or optimized for text only as you need.
  • Higher resolution produces a better quality image. In turn, it leads to increase in the size of the file. It provides the scan with best details.
  • Higher resolution is not needed for white and black text.
  • The size can be setup using Customize Size or standard paper size.
  • Use Customize Size or standard paper size option to set the size.
  • You are allowed to save the scans as per your requirement.
  • Go with the format as per your requirement.
  • Modify the brightness and saturation of scans by tapping Manual to display option.
  • Tap Scan and save them by tapping Scan to the folder.
  • Take a look at the scanned items by double- clicking the file where the scan is saved.


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