High prices on the upcoming smart devices will not take us as an untold surprise as a repercussion of tariffs on the next wave of products resulted from US-China trade war. A study conducted by Consumer Technology Association shows that China’s additional tariff to their goods is likely to skyrocket the customer price between $1.6 billion and $3.2 billion in the year 2019 for products such as Bluetooth enabled devices, smart watches and smart speakers.

Earlier, President Donald Trump cut tariffs for products worth $34 billion Chinese imports. Slapping tariffs for products worth $16 billion are yet to take place. Trump threatens tariffs on all Chinese imports, and that amounts to $500 billion. A consideration prevails to include tech products and their parts.

China tariffs could raise consumers' tech bill $3.2 billion higher in 2019, trade group says

In response, China increased the tariffs, which would possibly create a competition for the US exporters. Ultimately the consumers pay $4 to $8 increase in the price of the smart gadgets like a fitness tracker.
The inadvertent consequence would be, the Americans pay extra for most of the connecting devices. The prices for modem, router and broadband are likely to escalate. Eventually, Americans are bound to pay extra to access the internet, which is an everyday necessity. The US companies will pay extra for their products, which they will incur on their customers. The smaller tech start-ups hold their concerns about the increased product prices, and ought to hew down their budget to tackle the tariffs escalation. The proposed tariff on the US exported products is a great setback for the consumers though.

The Week in Tech: When to Tweet

Twitter tweets – when to tweet – a recent critical update on the tech industry. We tend to use the social media sites less when fully aware of the cons of them. Is Twitter allowing unseemly tweets? A recent tweet from Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, created an upheaval. He holds a website Infowars to post fake news and hate speeches. Why doesn’t Twitter boot such accounts?

The Apple, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms booted Alex Jones’s account last week while Twitter initiated no action.

Twitter puts forth that Alex Jones and Infowars did not violate their laws while Twitter rules ridicule many. He tweeted on contravened Twitter’s rules and a video asking his supporters to be ready with “battle rifles” against the media and other supporters. A temporary action was taken to suspend him from the platform for seven days, and that wasn’t satisfying. The Twitter rules and allowed services remain to be a question mark for their users.

In another instance, Elon Musk, Tesla chief executive tweeted on Aug. 7 that he was taking his company private. That incited a doubt if Mr. Musk was on drugs when he shared the tweet. The Securities and Exchange Commission followed Tesla with a subpoena after finding grounds to the raised doubt. Is Twitter a place for the public figures to talk in the first place? If the users ask this question before tweeting on the twitter, it will not even raise an occasion for tumult. Subsequently, it will not encourage tweets on unhelpful topics. At least, refrain tweeting until scepticism settles.

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