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Q: I’m a Mac-aholic (iPhone, iPad, iMac), so I read your segment to keep up on news in the tech world, yet the greater part of your inquiries need to do with PC, bad habit Apple. My inquiry today, however, is stage insignificant (I think). I have a remote printer, which works superbly. I can sit in my lounge perusing my iPad, and print out an article on the printer in my examination. Way Cool!

This requires, however, a HP-construct organize which appears with respect to my rundown of accessible systems on my remote switch. Also, almost (yet only one out of every odd) time I open my iPad, I get a NO INTERNET CONNECTION since I’m signed on to my HP-printer organize rather than my working remote system in the house. Is there some approach to make my gadgets ALWAYS default to the “typical” remote system and just go to the HP-printer arrange when I utilize the printer? Or on the other hand do I keep exchanging when I sign on?

– Robert T.

Navarre, Florida

A: Thanks, Robert. I can just answer the inquiries that I get, and to be honest, I don’t get an excessive number of Apple questions. (I picked “Apple” as opposed to “Macintosh” since two of the three gadgets you recorded are not in the Mac family, but rather all are created by Apple.) Now, I’m certain there are those perusers out there that will state that I don’t get numerous Apple item addresses since Macs and iDevices absolutely never have any issues. I would tend to disagree, as my immediate experience demonstrates something else. Apple items might not have similar issues that PCs have, but rather they have issues all their own. Not at all like PCs, when an Apple gadget crashes, it typically just resets or powers off with no mistake message by any stretch of the imagination, or an incomprehensible, some of the time energized realistic on the screen. Then again, PCs, or all the more particularly Windows, create some obscure message that frequently requires a PC researcher to translate and follow up on.

More on this later. Until further notice, we should proceed onward to your non-stage particular, remote printer issue, might we? The solution to your inquiry is “yes, there is a way,” and it’s most likely far more straightforward than you understand.

Most importantly, you are mixed up in your conviction that remote printing requires the utilization of what you called “a HP-construct organize which appears in light of [your] rundown of accessible systems.” The reason you’re seeing a section for your printer in your rundown of accessible systems is on the grounds that your printer is communicating a SSID, or Service Set Identifier, which is the essential name that is related with any 802.11-based remote access point. This isn’t the instrument through which your iPad associates with the printer. The “remote” some portion of remote printing alludes to the association between your iPad and your LAN. The system by which your printer interfaces with your LAN is unessential. Truth be told, you could totally debilitate your printer’s Wi-Fi, and associate it to your home system by means of an Ethernet link, and you would at present have the capacity to print to it from your iPad. For whatever length of time that the printer is legitimately designed on your switch, you can print to it regardless of how it is associated.

Thus, the inquiry at that point moves toward becoming something totally unique. To take care of your concern, you can either prevent the printer from broadcasting its SSID, or you can advise your iPad not to interface with that SSID any longer. The previous alternative expects you to interface with the printer’s web arrangement entryway and go into the Wi-Fi Direct Setup. On the Advanced tab, you’ll discover a crate marked “Don’t communicate the Wi-Fi Direct name”. Check it, and restart the printer, and it will never again show up in arrangements of accessible systems. The last alternative is the least demanding of all, and should be possible in conjunction with the other choice. On your iPad, go to the rundown of accessible systems and discover the passage for your printer. Tap the blue bolt by the system name, at that point select “Overlook this Network”. Do this, and your iPad won’t endeavor to associate with this system any longer unless you physically reconnect it.

In light of the verbiage toward the start of the current week’s release, I’d get a kick out of the chance to accept the open door to call attention to that It’s Geek To Me isn’t a “PC/Windows” segment, or even a “PC” segment. I think about I.G.T.M. to be an “Innovation Q&A Feature” and I field inquiries concerning all parts of innovation. It’s only an occurrence that by far most of inquiries I get are about PCs, for the most part Windows-based PCs. Maybe my colloquialism that will constrain some of my perusers out there to write in with more broad innovation questions

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