Google Podcasts is a new introduction made for the Android users to discover and listen to the world’s podcasts.Google has a new app for Android that is ready to download and play all the user’s favorite pods.If you are new to podcasts or just planning to take Google Podcasts  to check how it works when compared with other apps,then the below information will help you .With Google Podcasts app the user is able to adjust the playback speed in a way to consume shows quickly. The pitch remains the same,hence voices sound normal.Download episodes for offline listening.You might want to download some podcasts first but that has to be done manually by tapping on any episode,and then by clicking the download icon.

You can see all your available episodes in the Downloads section of the home screen.In case you are looking for a specific podcast you do not have to load Google Podcasts to run a search; just fire up Google like you normally would.Assuming there is a match within the search results, you can tap an episode and you will immediately be directed at Podcasts, where you can subscribe and do all the other app-specific things.Although Google Podcasts are likely to improve with time, it is limited for the time being.As noted above, Podcasts cannot automatically download new episodes of your subscribed podcasts .You would have to fetch each one manually.The app also doesn’t support playlists or it doesn’t offer global settings for most features and does not support night modes and so on.

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