Recently Google has been accused of data breach from its Google docs. This happened when Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine cataloged private data. There was specifically a disturbing internal memo from a bank. It showed how the bank discriminated against gender, color, origin. Later the bank disowned the accusation and blamed the employees regarding the discrimination. Google denied the fact about the integrity of the Google Docs was compromised.

Google Docs Latest Update

Google has also mentioned in a statement that the Google docs is very secure. According to Google, documents were being intentionally public by their authors or the hyperlinks were made public which made it accessible for the public. This made the paper works easily searchable by web-crawlers. Yandex has denied to the truth that its crawler have cataloged private paperwork on the web. According to Ilya Grabovsky, a spokesman for Yandex said that many users contacted the Russian social media company regarding the leak if the Google files.

It is still unclear that the files were meant for public to view and there is no account of how many documents were leaked. Grabovsky also said that the Yandex search only yielded files that don’t require logins or passwords. Google stopped the creating of hyperlinks for the Google docs after the things settled down in Russia. According to reports from Riga-based news online, the corporate has not responded to the state of affairs, it was also mentioned that after the incident the safety staff contacted Google to seize their consideration that this information may comprise of some private, confidential and delicate information.

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