Searching images on Google is likely to get more interesting with the all-new feature that has been given a trial run. This feature will be a visual product search which brings out the images that are present in the searched images as a scrolling carousel at the bottom of the page.

Similar to the product search results, this feature will feature a carousel that displays the products identical to the ones that are used in the images searched by the user. The feature is also set to cut-down the auto-image loading facility that loads images on scrolling down with a button that loads more images when clicked upon.

Google Testing 2018 Updates | New Visual product recommendations for image search is being tested

For example, if you are searching for an image from a movie where the star wears a Superman t-shirt, your carousel at the bottom of the page will display the t-shirt as one of the options. This feature will be an addition to the pre-existing Adwords and Shop the Look features on the image search engine.

The feature will narrow down the difficulty in searching the accessories used by famous personalities by just picking it up from the carousel while searching for the images on Google. Identifying objects in different images will also be an easier process with the help of this add-on.

However, the feature is not officially announced yet by Google as it is still believed to be in the test process.

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