Lately, the use of printers has steeply increased worldwide, at home and in offices. These printers, with all the advanced features, make our work simple. But who thinks about what the impact these printers have over nature! An average office prints about 10000 sheets per employee per year, which equals mashing more than ONE TALL TREE.

The paper part of the printer is not the only impact on the environment, but what it takes to manufacture the printer itself consumes a huge lump of nature. The laser cartridge that makes our work easier requires 1-gallon fuel for its manufacture, and the color inks use many toxic solvents.

Of late, some of the major manufacturers have taken the issue seriously and have tried to bring out printers with relatively less harmful accessories, enabling the printers to efficiently carry out in-office printing and GO GREEN at the same time.

To begin with, EPSON launched a new EcoTank product, commonly termed as SUPERTANK style printers, which uses refillable tanks, unlike the usual ones with cartridges. The Epson ET-470 is one of the green product which can print up to 11200 without requiring a refill. The product minimizes the high cost associated with ink/toner cartridge replacement, does not run out of ink at unexpected times, and doesn’t require frequent refilling, thus maintaining work-flow efficiency. In contrast to the existing printers, the new product requires 30 fewer cartridges per employee per year. To reduce the usage of paper, these printers have the automatic duplex printing feature.

These Supertank style printers are also manufactured by other manufacturers including Canon and Brother Printers. In the US, the Epson shares the major percent, about 91%, of the Supertank unit, with double adoption rates in the market. The Pixma inkjet printers, imageCLASS laser printers, imagePROGRAF large format printers are the Supertank Canon printers. The Brother Group has introduced the Brother Earth slogan for the initiative. The Brother has developed toner cartridge with an automated recycling system. Thus these Supertank printers are a GO GREEN option for the users and manufacturers as well.

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