The world is racing on a techno-war on Artificial Intelligence to detect as well as to create counterfeit products. The growth rate of substandard product industries has been as enormous as being able to release phony products for an approximate value of half a trillion dollars. The estimated amount of fake products is 2.5% of the total produce out of which 20% of products are the counterfeits of products manufactured in America.

The act of counterfeiting not only ends with the fake Nike Shoe that is sold on the streets but includes the fake enterprises business and phony consumer goods. The scale of harmfulness is too high in terms of fake pharmaceutical drugs and booze is piling up as it results in the fatal death of the consumers.
The total value of counterfeit products disposed of will sum up to $ 2.3 Million by 2022 as per The International Trademark Association and International Chamber of Commerce.

Fake products? Only AI can save us now Production and detection of Counterfeit Products by induction of AI:

Intelligence in Faking!

The induction of Artificial Intelligence into counterfeit product manufacturing has been the major threat to the legitimate manufacturers around the globe. The advent of advanced technology has made fakes more undetectable by human beings. Deepfakes and Fake App are few applications that create fake videos and pictures that are no way dissimilar to the original ones. Counterfeiters use legitimate product attributes to feed the AI to attain convincing.

Intelligence in Fighting back

AI has the ability to distinguish the properties of fake and original products that the human beings cannot identify. Entrupy, Red points, Cypheme are leading identifiers operating on high volumes of data by analysis of the parameters. Crypto Anchor verifier developed by IBM utilizes the blockchain interface to detect fakes by using their pictures clicked even on a smartphone. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba are working on developing the AI to expel counterfeit products despite the availability of them n huge numbers in their sites as well.

Where does AI Lack?

Identifying fake pictures and videos has been the most challenging task for AI. Magnanimous steps have been taken to counterfeit the usage of AI in fake video making by decoding the technology used so as to create one of the same technology to counterfeit them. Human credibility plays the key role in fake products prevalence as the awareness and intervention of fakes and its detection come into play.

Are we on the Right Track?

The systematic use of AI by legitimate enterprises will take us on a better pathway. Seamless cooperation and efforts will lead to the materialization of the goal.

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