“I am a fortune yield of a progress over 600 years! My expressions are impressions on a piece of paper. Ink is my blood and I am THE PRINTER!”

Who are we – A Brief Outlook

Yes! Years ago the world started using printers.

Today print is the largest industries in the world. The digital printing market is predicted to reach $187.7 billion by 2018. Multitudes get benefited from the legacy of printing technology. The progressive breakout and everyday shots make this technology inspiring.

Dated back to 1934, the Hewlett-Packard enterprises mushroomed as a promise to come up with new products, services, and processes. Buffeted with turbulent business environment and innovations, the HP Printers and Laptops have proven to produce more and more products in the market.

Introducing Rigid Latex Printing Technology

The ISA Sign Expo has something for everyone. In the recent ISA Expo, HP announced the release of the HP Latex Printer Series. Be unstoppable with the latest Latex printing technology.

Trust me dears, when you see the result it is worth the effort!

The World Wants More Than “Cool!”

The world always desires something new. More cool. Much promising. And, the Rigid Latex Printing Technology proves to be the coolest! Everyone loves a little color to brighten their gray moods. Years ago HP enterprises created the legacy. Today, they are redefining the need for printing.

The major objective of Rigid Latex Printing Technology is to print with ultimate perfection. The technology brings the blank white sheet of papers alive. The HP Latex ink is introduced as an alternative solvent. The Hewlett-Packard enterprises make use of the latex inks to create the vibrant color prints. HP ink comprises of 70% water and it does not contain volatile organic compounds found in the less complex ink.

The latex printing technology enables printing with the HP White latex ink. The HP Latex Printing Series brings the richest colors into the rigid printing world. The attractive part of this technology is the launch of HP Latex White Ink. The white ink capability is particularly huge. The white ink is not only for the dark paper stocks, but it is used as a shining layer beneath an image. The HP White Ink can take the print to another dimension creating an almost 3D appearance.

Why Are We Distinct

The Rigid Latex Technology was originally they were referred to DesignJet and Scitex Latex Printers & Supplies. The HP Latex was primarily developed as a water-based alternative to traditional solvent and UV inkjet printing technologies. The existing HP Latex printers are used for a wide variety of flexible applications that is ideal for both outdoor and indoor signage, print and cut graphics, designer textiles, window graphics, and vehicle wraps.

This cutting-edge technology sharpens the quality of many rigid and flexible substrate. The amazing colors and glossiest white prints deliver what the customer loves. With heavy duty rolls, a 10L ink supplies for overnight runs, and dual roll split spindles 2*200 kg, they provide an unfair advantage to the clients.

The introduction of the HP Print beat application and Hp latex mobile with the technology is quite revolutionary. The versatility of the technology is promising. The water-based latex inks are non-flammable and non-combustible. Quite pleasant and glossy, the ink does not produce the noxious odors of printing chemicals. They can produce exciting prints on rigid substrates including foam boards, solid plastics, aluminum, wood, and glass. They are also excellent for indoor applications such as exhibition graphics and interior decorations like wall murals.

Get your boots now to grab your glossy prints!

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