LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- With Black Friday being one of the busiest days of the season for Acadiana Mall, the day after Christmas is giving that day a run for its money.

For Theresa Richard, owner of Bain Amour Bath and Body Company, which makes primarily goat milk soaps and lotions, says today has been steady for her business.

“We really didn’t realize how busy we were going to be during the Christmas season,” said Richard. “With people coming in and out buying a few little extra gifts you know that people who still need to get some Christmas gifts for things that are coming up this weekend.”

For the folks working at Hot Trends in the mall, their taking advantage of the influx of people, having 50 percent off on all the real jewelry that they sell.

“The mall is so busy. We know, mall always busy like that you know so I like it. We make some good sales you know,” said store owner Syed Quadri.

Others just want to get the lowest prices they can find.

“I’m just trying to get those last-minute deals you know after Christmas, everything goes on sale and it’s really the best time to shop,” said Jade Hawkins. “Everything is 50 percent off. There’s sales on everything.”

“We have been shopping for Christmas items and next year’s gifts, we’re buying at 60 percent off. Trying to see what deals we can find in the mall,” Jennifer Menard said.

“Come tomorrow I think we’re going to be extremely busy and through the rest of the week,” Richard said.

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