Connection issues occur if the printer is not properly configured to the network or if the drivers are not properly installed. If in case of wired connection, check if the USB cable is attached to firmly to the computer end and the printer end. Try restarting the printer, computer and the router. Detach the power cord from the router. Switch OFF the printer. End all the applications that are running on your computer and perform a Restart. Now reconnect the power cord to the router and turn it ON. Wait till the Internet activity light flickers. This indicates a normal connection status. Now turn ON the printer and the computer. Try installing the HP printer software or check if there are any updates pending.

If connected in wireless mode, go to the Wireless Settings on the printer panel and make sure the wireless signal is turned ON. Check that the light next to the Wireless icon is blinking or lit. In wired mode, check if the Ethernet cable is connected to the printer’s rear. Check if the cable is connected firmly to the router’s port or if it’s ends are loose. The green light on the router should be steady and the orange activity light should blink when connected. Ensure that the printer is not connected to any other guest network or a local network. In wireless mode, check whether the printer and the computer are connected to the same network or not. If the network strength is weak, try placing the printer closer to the router. If the network status shows it is not connected, then confirm your network is connected properly.

You can also download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to diagnose the printer issues. Go to the manufacturer website and download the application. Click Start on the welcome screen. Select your printer and click on Next.

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