India is considered one of the growing market for smartphones. There are nearly 650 million phone users in India over 300 million have smartphones. According to Mediatek, they would like to democratize the AI. AI empowers all the mobile users and India offers huge opportunity across the price segments and Mediatek is working to address all those requirements soon. On-device artificial intelligence are fast changing the way Indian users interact with their devices.

growing market for smartphones MediaTek

Unlike Qualcomm’s snapdragon 710 and snapdragon 632 chipsets which has AI capabilities, Mediatek has announced that it will integrate AI capabilities in its affordable mobile chipsets. The company introduced Edge- AI, that will bring AI smarts to a wide range of devices ranging from wearables, smartphones to IoT peripherals , home devices etc. Mediatek is also working with global tech giants, such as Google and Facebook to bring AI for everyone. Google is working with developers to optimize Mediatek’s mobile platform for Google’s software offering and with Facebook they working to enhance the user experience.

Ajay Chhabra who is the Mobile partnership manager at Facebook India said that Facebook is using the AI to enhance the user experience using cloud and on-device Machine learning(ML). According to Vivek Joshi , head of Android Partner Engineering(India) from Google quoted that ‘NeuroPilot’ platform of Mediatek gives the smartphone developers an environment to leverage the AI capabilities of the chip along with Google Android Neutral Networks API. Which also means that developers using the Android Neutral Network API is assured that the software will also work across MediaTek’s platforms.

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