ST. CHARLES. Mo. (KSDK) – At Orchard Farm Middle School, when searching for a history or math class you may discover something altogether different.

“It’s called Innovation and Technology,” clarified instructor Eleanna Liscombe as an automaton flies over her head.

Rather than course readings, kids are leafing through the pages of their creative abilities.

“They’re not just urged to push their points of confinement. They’re required to,” Liscombe told KSDK.

Two 13-year-olds, Tommy Dulle and Josh Butler, said they generally anticipate this class since it allows them to both nerd out and assist.

“Enable the world, take, enable other to individuals,” Dulle said.

It turns out, one of those individuals Tommy and Josh could help was only a short automaton flight away.

Natalie Baker is a moment grader at Discovery Elementary.

In every way, this 7-year-old is brilliant, intense and huge hearted. She additionally has an inborn handicap.

“So she faces a considerable measure of difficulties during her time with her school,” clarified her word related advisor Kaitlin Bethel.

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