Is it true that you are freeloaded that the Nikon F6, the last 35mm film SLR camera still available, costs $2,499? Try not to need to hazard it purchasing an utilized SLR Well, you can either sit tight until one year from now for a Kickstarter crusade to swing without hesitation… or you can print it yourself, at the present time! The OpenReflex is the initial 35mm SLR camera that you can print on a 3D printer, and the cost of the materials is said to be around $30.

Latest 3D Printing Tech

An open-source camera (that implies you can duplicate everything identified with this camera and include your own changes or adjustments), the OpenReflex is a DSLR with a mirror viewfinder and humble shade discharge at a set time of 1/60 second. The 3D printed parts are a film chamber/winder, screen component, and a viewfinder and focal point mounting structure (it takes Nikon F focal points). As indicated by maker Leo Marius, it should take around 15 hours to print these hard and fast on the off chance that you have your own 3D printer.

Print One With The Latest 3D Printing Tech

You’ll require a few instruments, including a screwdriver, glass cutter, vinyl or laser cutting apparatus, and different screws, fasteners, heading and other little cheap things. What’s more, obviously, you’ll require a 3D printer. Since that is not an insignificant issue (The Printbot Plus 3D printer, for instance, is accessible from Adorama for $1,999), you might need to consider utilizing an online 3D printing administration, for example, Shapeways or Sculpteo. Another alternative? Make a few inquiries; maybe somebody close-by has one and will give you a chance to utilize it.

Every one of the parts are printed independently (see underneath). Well ordered guidelines and all printable 3D documents are accessible on, one of our new most loved places on the Web. The cost of the materials is around $30.

All in all, would you say you are going to do it? Presumably not… the camera is excessively restricted and much get together is required. In any case, this is an incredible case of how 3D is developing as a wellspring of advancement for buyer items.

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