The HP Chromebook x2 has just arrived in the market at a reasonable price of 599 US dollars in Best Buy. Customers can pre-book the premium convertible laptop now and will receive the product by the tenth of June (however, Best Buy reported that it would start shipping by seventh of June). Many customers came to know about the pre-booking only when some users posted about it on Reddit. Hewlett Packard introduced the Chromebook x2 on the ninth of April, this year.

It is embedded with a wide range of specifications. It is classified under the detachable product category i.e., one can easily remove and rejoin the screen from the base keyboard single-handedly. The two components are joined by a rolling, magnetic hinge that supports 2-in-1 modes such as clam-shell, tent, stand, and tablet. It measures 0.60 inches thick with the keyboard attached and 0.32 inches when detached. The specifications of the HP Chromebook x2 are mentioned below.

  • 32GB of local storage. It is very less when compared to other HP laptops. This is due to its cloud-dependent nature.
  • The Chromebook is embedded with Intel’s seventh generation core m3 7Y30 dual core processor at 2.6 GHz processor speed.
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