The advent of disruptive technologies has taken over the act of reshaping the entire business enterprise throughout the world. Intensified artificial intelligence has been instrumental in revamping the entire business enterprise functioning policy of the world by pairing up advanced technology to study consumer demands. 2018 will witness top-notch trendy technologies that will disrupt the existing business enterprise setup and recreate it.

1.Citizen AI: Artificial Intelligence for a better world.

The indulgence of AI has been a key factor in the drastic change in system-user interaction on a day to day basis such as Alexa and Siri that makes the world an easier place to explore with the automobile navigation technologies. AI has changed the entire way of human lifestyle with a user-centered interface.

2.Augmented Reality:

From the spectacular filters on Snap chat to the recently introduced ARKit by apple, Augmented reality has been the new bunch of attraction to all the marketers. Video-driven marketing implemented with augmented and virtual reality will be the future of human communication.

3.The Internet of Things:

A very vast but effective technology deployment that has the capacity to sharpen strategies that will result in sculpting better business. However, IoT demands dedicated workforce and sculpted skillset to extract maximum output.

4.Cloud Technology:

Cloud technology has been the magic wand that brought out a solution to the drastic change in data volumes making data handling and work allocation easier. The next leap is hybrid cloud computing, that will be destined to bring dedicated cloud environments by this year for different streams of work.

5.Cyber Security:

With data being the most powerful tool, the cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in protecting it from manipulation and alteration. A high-risk factor of about 75% breach in data security was recorded in the UK in 2017. Magnanimous projects are rolled out in 2018 to overcome such issues.


6.Machine Learning:

Technology innovations are flowing in par with machine learning to craft revolutionary healthcare solutions and highly sophisticated security systems. The upcoming year will witness the application of action based analytics to improve personalized search results and faster suggestions.

7.Voice Controlled Chatbots:

Customer interaction has entered a new paradigm shift with the voice-controlled chatbots that are meticulously customized to interact with customers across various industries. The Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod and Cortana by Microsoft are the major contenders in the market.


The Blockchain is no more dedicated only for the financial sector but has a widespread accessibility from modern commerce, healthcare, retail, public and private sectors. The longstanding dream of shared and synchronized cross-platform network thus comes into force this year.

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