Google introduced the Google Lens in 2017 which is a standalone application .It is a super powered version of Google which has been designed to bring up relevant information using visual analysis.Lens works a little differently depending on the device you have.It is available as a standalone application allowing anyone to use the recognization software .It uses the in-built smart phone camera to identify real world objects.It can join a new Wi-Fi network by tracing the password. It enables the user to do things such as ,the user can point the phone at a specific flower, and then ask Google lens what the object is.

The user will not only be given the answer but will also get suggestions based on the object, like the nearby florists, in case of a flower.It can recognize cafes,restaurants by presenting a pop-up window showing the venue details and reviews.Lens enables you to judge a book’s content based on its cover.With Google Lens, you can automatically add an event to your calendar. If there’s a physical object out in the world, Google Lens may help you find information about it and act on that information.Google announced that the Google Lens will be directly added to the camera app on the supported devices from several manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Sony, LG, Motorola,TCL, OnePlus and Asus shortly. Google has launched a standalone app in the Play Store, enabling anybody with an Android smartphone to access the AI recognition features. The iPhone owners can also access the Google Lens, which is within the Google Photos app.

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