The 123.HP.Com dj2644 printer is an energy star certified printer. Easily print a document from your mobile device. The affordable Deskjet 2644 printer is really fast in producing color and high quality prints.

  • HP ePrint
  • Manual double sided printing
  • Print speed: Black Up to 7ppm, Color Up to 4 ppm
  • Scan to mobile device


  1. Print, Copy and Scan
  2. Wireless Direct Printing
  3. Mobile Printing
  4. Compatible with Window and Mac OS


  • Fast and high-quality color printing
  • Low priced printer
  • AirPrint
  • Compact design


  • No Fax
  • No zoom while copying
  • Small paper tray
  • No memory card slot

Bottom Line

The HP Deskjet 2644 Wireless All-in-one printer comes with great Wi-Fi support, and you will also find good print quality. It permits direct smartphone printing.

Unload the 123.HP.Com dj2644 Printer from the box

Avail simple procedures to unload the printer from the box and set up your printer to print your documents.

  • Taken away the new printer from the box and unwrap all the tapes from the printer.
  • Check whether plastic tapes are all removed from the printer control panel display, and in the printer’s inside portion.
  • Once it is done, take away the duplexer from the box, and then remove the packing materials from it.
  • Install the duplexer in the corresponding printer.
  • Turn your printer in such a way that the printer front portion faces you after the installation
  • Connect your printer via the power cord to the electrical outlet and turn on your 123.HP.Com dj2644 printer.
  • One end of the power cord should be connected to the printer’s posterior side while the other end is to be linked with the electrical wall socket.
  • Turn on the printer and setup all the essential settings on the control panel of your printer.
  • Feed the paper into the feeder tray. Be careful when you load the paper into the tray.
  • Improper placing of paper into the tray leads to paper jam issue.
  • Make use of the instructions, and place the paper into the printer tray.
  • Position the ink cartridge into the slot so that the print job can be started.
  • It is not possible to operate the printer without installing the software.
  • The instructions displayed can be used to install the printer software for the printer.

USB Printer setup for Windows

Setup the  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer for a USB cable connection to a computer which is running on a Windows operating system. Avail the full feature from a USB connected printer and you can setup the full feature HP printer driver.

Step 1 : Arrange for the printer setup

Prepare for the USB connection setup and driver installation. Before setup, confirm that you eliminate any previously installed printer version from Windows.

  • Fulfill the required criteria:
  • Switch on your  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer.
  • Avail a USB cable which does not exceed 3m in length.
  • Check for the available USB ports on the system.
  • Unlink the printer’s USB cable from your computer. Do not re-link the cable until it is instructed during the installation process.
  • The printer USB cable which was used previously should be unplugged from the computer.
  • The already existing device can be discarded by right- clicking the printer model icon and selecting the Remote Device If a number of printers are available, it should be deleted.
  • Navigate to the Devices and Printers window, and then continue with the further steps.

Step 2 : Setup the driver and link the connection

  • Go through the instructions, type in your printer model number, and then track the instructions to download the corresponding printer driver. Downloading and installing the HP Easy Start might depend on the printer model you are using.
  • In case you are successful in downloading HP Easy Start, make use of the instructions in this manual to access the downloaded driver and install it. When you are urged, pick the connection type as USB. You can stop the troubleshooting steps if the setup is completed successfully.
  • In case the download is not successful, go through and follow the guides to install the driver.
  • Reach our website and proceed with the Software and Driver Downloads option, index your respective printer model, if required, and then verify that the operating system you have chosen is appropriate.
  • Click on the Download option which is present next to the full feature driver in the Driver- printer installation software, and then proceed with the instructions to use the guided HP Download and Install Assistant or tap Download
  • When you are guided by the installer, you are suggested to pick the printer connection type as USB and proceed with the prompts to complete the setup.
  • Allow your  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer to print, Scan or Fax based on the functionality you want to perform.

USB printer setup for Mac device

Avail the procedure to configure your  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer for a USB connection to a Mac device. You can acquire the most compatible features from a USB connected printer, after installing the full feature printer driver.

Step 1 : Get all the requirements ready to setup your printer

  • Get through the requisites to prepare for the USB connection setup and driver installation.
  • Keep your printer on.
  • Obtain a USB length whose length is less than 3m.
  • In case you are using a USB hub or a docking station, your printer might fail to get enough power for proper operations.
  • The USB cable should be recognized from the system. Wait before you re- link the cable until it is directed at the time of driver installation.

Step 2: Printer driver setup and establishing the connection

Go to our website, index your printer model, and select the Begin option. Your computer downloads the HP Easy Start app. This is done based on the printer model and the version of the operating system.

  • In case the HP Easy Start starts to download, go along with the prompts. When the setup procedure completes successfully, stop troubleshooting.
  • Suppose the HP Easy Start fails, verify and follow the instructions provided to set up the driver.
  • Go to our website, select Software and Driver Downloads, type your printer model if required, and then verify whether you have chosen the appropriate operating system version.
  • Navigate to HP Deskjet 2644 Setup printer driver installation software and Download which is seen next to the HP Easy Start or full feature driver and then open the HP Easy Start file or the HP .dmg file in the downloads folder.
  • Ensure that HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is selected to activate the full scan functionality, if the printer has a scanner. Click on the Add Printer option to initiate a new print queue. The Add window gets displayed.
  • Choose your printer name, select the Use or Print Using option, and then select the Add
  • Go back to the HP installer to successfully end the installation.
  • Make your printer print, scan or fax, based on the printer functionality.

Wireless printer setup for Mac device

Step 1 : Concoct for the printer installation

  • Prior to begin the HP Deskjet 2644 printer setup on the wireless network, collect the requirements, and then verify the printer and system connections.
  • Service Set Identifier, network password (WEP key or WPA key).
  • Fix a USB cable to transfer the wireless settings to the printer.
  • Confirm that you have turned on the router and the computer. Ensure that both the computer and the printer are linked to the same wireless network. Align the printer and the computer near the router while setting up the printer.
  • The USB cable should be unplugged from the printer’s end.

Step 2 : Download and setup the printer driver on your system

  • Ensure to keep your  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer on.
  • If the printer is linked to the computer using a USB cable, it should be taken off.
  • Go to our website, and click on the Software and Driver Downloads
  • If it is urged, pick a method to detect the printer and then proceed with the instructions to track the Downloads page.
  • Go with the Download option which is next to HP Easy Start or next to the full feature driver, depending on the option that screens.
  • Gain access to the Downloads folder, navigate to the HP Easy Start file or the full feature driver .dmg file to initiate the installation steps.
  • When you are instructed by the installer, click the Add Printer option to begin a print queue on the Mac device. Select the printer name à Use or Print Using à
  • You are supposed to revert to the HP installer to finish the installation.

Wireless Setup for Windows

Step 1 : Verify the requirements

  • Ensure that you have a properly functioning Internet connection.
  • A system that is connected to the same Internet connection as the printer.
  • Setup and turn on the  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer.

Begin the software installation

Sign in to your system, from where you want to print, go with the HP full feature  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer driver and Software installation. Obtain the wireless printer driver and HP Printer Assistant to perform scanning and other printer management functions.

  • Use one of the following methods to initiate the software installation:
  • If you have an installation disc that supports the Windows version that runs on your system, keep the CD into the CD drive and follow the instructions to commence the installation steps.
  • Go to our website, go with the Downloads Your computer starts to install the full feature driver
  • The software installation is on process until a Connect window opens. You can view STOP the Connect window. Avoid clicking Continue at this time.

Step 2 : Re-establish the default wireless settings on your printer

The connection status can be verified by resetting the wireless settings.

  • Ensure that your  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer is on.
  • In case the wireless light flashes, go to the instructions on how to setup the software.
  • Long press the power button and simultaneously click the Start Copy Black button twice, and tap the Cancel button thrice.
  • Release the power button. The wireless light that lies adjacent to the wireless button must flash, redo the instructions  if the wireless light does not flicker.
  • Proceed with the installation procedure. The HP auto wireless connect feature takes about 20 minutes to be setup on your PC.

Step 3 : Software installation

  • Get back to the HP installation Connect screen on your system, and then proceed with the Continue
  • The instructions should be followed until the Connection Option screen opens.
  • Ensure that the power button glows brightly, and the wireless light blinks. Suppose the wireless button does not blink brightly, it should be pressed until it glows .
  • Navigate to the Connection option screen, touch Wireless- make a wireless connection to the printer, and then click
  • The network configuration should be verified once the installation process gets over. You can either go with the HP Auto Wireless Connect option or Wireless Setup Using a USB Connection option to connect the printer to the wireless network.
  • Go along with the instructions until the Active window screens The  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer is now set and you can commence to print or scan a document.

Double-side printing procedure – Windows

Do the necessary alterations to the settings and let your printer print on both sides of the paper. Avail the instructions to customize the  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer to perform double-sided printing.

  • To avoid page ordering issues, place sufficient paper in the tray to complete the print job.
  • Open the document which you want to print, continue with the File option, and then Print.
  • Select the printer name, and then click Printer Properties or Preferences or Printer Setup, depending on what is displayed.

You can view the Document Properties or Printing Preferences window.

  • In case a Printing Shortcut option is available, click Print on Both Sides or on the Two- Sided Printing option, if present.
  • In case the Printing Shortcut option is unavailable, select the Layout, Features or Finishing option, according to the option that displays.
  • Browse for the Print on both Sides or Two- sided printing option, and then select the binding or page flip option, based on your requisites.
  • Select Ok, and then go with the Print
  • The sides that were printed first from the input tray should be taken out, and then arrange the pages.
  • Mount the pages into the main input tray. Keep the paper based on the input tray.
  • Click on Continue
  • The other side of the pages is printed.

Print on both sides of the paper – Mac device

Some printers are compatible with the manual duplex feature. This feature requires printing on one side of the page and then feeding the pages into the input tray to print the other side. Go along with the instructions to set up the print job and learn how to mount the pages again, based on the printer type and print job.

  • Setup the first side of the print job in the print settings. Few settings are based on where the paper tray is located on the printer.
  • To prevent ordering issues, keep the required amount of blank paper into the input tray to complete the print job.
  • Pick the document which you want to print, select File, and then click on the Print
  • If no settings are displayed, click the Show Details
  • Select your printer name from the  123.HP.Com dj2644 Printer
  • Paper Handling option from the unnamed menu.
  • Navigate to Pages to Print and click on the Odd only
  • According to the printer model, go ahead with any of the following settings from the Page Order menu:
  • In case the printer possesses a rear loading paper tray, go with the Automatic
  • Suppose the printer possesses a Front-loading tray, go with Reverse.
  • Choose
  • Once you have completed the printing, take away the left out paper from the input tray, and then move to the next procedure.
  • To print on the second side of the page, re- load the pages into the input tray and then set the pages to be printed in the document print settings.
Slow Printing for Windows

When the printer does not offer the expected speed, go ahead with the instructions in this manual and free your  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer from the error.

Step 1 : Boot- up the printer

  • Power on the printer.
  • With the printer turned on, remove the power cord before you proceed.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer.
  • The power cord from the wall should be taken off.
  • Pause for at least 60 seconds.
  • Plug the power cord again into the wall outlet.
  • Re- link the power cord to the printer.
  • Keep the printer on, if it is not done already.
  • Pause until the warm- up period ends, and the printer is idle and hushed before you move to next step.

Step 2 : Check the configured printer driver settings

The printer driver settings which have been configured should be verified. Best quality is resulted by selecting certain paper types. Attain faster print speeds by letting your 123 HP dj2644 printer print on plain paper in Normal or Draft quality.

  • Look for the printer under Windows, and then click Devices and Printer in the list of results.
  • Double- click the printer icon.
  • Double- tap the Set preferences
  • Select the paper type information.
  • Go to the Quality Settings area, ensure that the Draft or Normal option is selected.
  • Proceed with the Ok or Apply options to confirm the changes made, and shutdown the printer driver window, and the Devices and Printers

Let your printer print the required documents. Proceed to the following steps in case the printer issues have not been rectified.

Step 3 : Driver uninstallation procedure

  • In case a USB cable is used to connect the 123 HP Deskjet 2644 printer to the computer, it should be detached from the printer’s posterior end.
  • Look for the Programs and Features options from Windows, and then go with Programs and Features in the sorted list.
  • From the already installed list of programs, select the printer and then tap Uninstall or Yes.
  • Look through the instructions to complete the software removal entirely.
  • The computer should now undergo booting.

Step 4 : Procedure for printer driver reinstallation

You can uninstall the formerly existing printer driver from the computer, navigate on our website and then look at the instructions provided and learn how to reinstall your computer with the updated driver version.

Try to print a test document. If the issues prevail, go with the remaining troubleshooting methods.

Step 5 : Keep the printer driver up to date

  • Get your computer downloaded with the firmware upgrades. Get the latest firmware updates downloaded on your system.
  • Confirm that the HP Deskjet 2644 Setup printer is kept on, and is connected to the system, either using a USB cable or a network.
  • Go to our website, choose the Software and Driver Downloads option, and then register your printer model number.
  • Choose the operating system version, if required.
  • Proceed with Firmware options and then go with

In case the firmware section is not shown, a firmware update is not currently available.

  • You need to select the Use HP Download and Install Assistant option and then tap install now.
  • If the serial number is not screened in the list, click on the printer number, and then select
  • If the serial number is displayed in the list, but the status is not applicable, it is not required to update the printer firmware. Click on the Cancel
  • Once the update gets over, select Ok.
  • If you to use a USB cable, hold on for 20 seconds, and then choose Refresh.
  • Find the Devices and Printers option below Windows, and then access Devices and Printers from the available results.
  • Right- click the USB printer driver that corresponds to your printer model, and then click on the Remote Device
  • The USB cable should be removed from your computer, and then the printer should be booted up again.

Allow your printer to print a sample document. If the problem exists, move to the next step.

Step 6 : Verify the existing network status

If the printer is linked to a wired or a wireless network, here are the procedure that helps you get rid of the slow printing issues.

  • Confirm the wireless signal strength by choosing the wireless icon in the Windows taskbar on your computer. In case the signal strength is low, keep the router, system, and the printer at a close distance.
  • If the  123.HP.Com dj2644 printer is linked to the network using an Ethernet cable, confirm that the cable connections are strong.
  • Boot up the router by unplugging it, wait for a while, and connect the cable again.

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