The HP Deskjet 4729 printer prints thousands of pages for less with low-cost. It can easily print from a variety of smartphones and tablets. It prints documents with outstanding print quality. It is capable of creating borderless, lab-quality photos and laser-sharp documents with ease. You can print, copy, scan or fax on this printer.

  • The HP DeskJet 4729 printer supports manual duplex printing.
  • It supports borderless printing.
  • It copies at a resolution of 600 x 300 dpi for color.
  • It supports USB 2.0 and wireless connectivity.
  • This printer’s input tray has a capacity of 60 sheets and its output tray has a capacity of 25 sheets.
  • You can use the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port to get prints of documents stored on your pen drive.


  • It supports media size of A4, A6, B5, and DL.
  • The Wi-Fi feature lets you use this printer wirelessly with your smart device.
  • This printer is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32-and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit only), Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only) OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X v10.9 Mavericks, and OS X v10.10 Yosemite operating systems.
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To set up a printer initially, remove the printer and all packing materials from the box, connect the power cable, install the ink cartridges, load paper into the input tray, and install the printer software.

Step 1: Eliminate the printer from the box

  • Eliminate the printer from the printer box.
  • Eliminate the plastic wrap, packing materials, and stickers from the printer.
  • Reprocess the packing materials taken from the printer.

Step 2: Link the power cord

  • Connect one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the wall outlet, then press the power button and turn on the printer.
  • After turning on the printer set the control panel preferences on the printer.

Step 3: Install the ink cartridges

  • Open the ink cartridge access door and insert the new ink cartridge into its slot properly, and then close the ink cartridge door.

Step 4: Mount Plain Paper into the Input Tray

  • Pull the input tray outwards, then fill the tray with enough amount of plain paper to prevent page ordering issues, and them push the input tray back to its place.

Step 5: Download the printer software

  • Finally, you have to download the printer software to complete the setup and you can get the recent version printer driver from our website.


Wi-Fi Direct provides a direct wireless connection to your printer that allows you to print by linking to the Internet or joining a local network. Choose DIRECT-xx-HP from the list of accessible printers to print, after you switch on Wi-Fi Direct on your printer and Wi-Fi on your sustained Android mobile phone or tablet.

  1. Download the recent version of Mopria Print Service or HP Print Service Plugin on your Android mobile device.
  2. Switch on the Wi-Fi direct on your printer, and click the Wi-Fi Direct icon to show the Wi-Fi Direct name and password.
  3. Click Settings > Wi-Fi on the Android device, and ensure that it is turned on and you do not need to be linked to a Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open the document and then click Print, or use the Share option from an app to direct the content to the print plugin. Choose DIRECT-xx-HP, and then attempt to print.

Using the Add a Device wizard on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer, download a Wi-Fi Direct printer.

  1. Ensure the print Driver is installed on the computer and turn on the Wi-Fi direct for your printer.
  2. Click “Wi-Fi Direct” icon to exhibit the Wi-Fi Direct name and PIN, look for “Devices and Printers” on the computer and select it in the results.
  3. Select the option Add a Device, select DIRECT-xx-HP from the printers list, and then click Next.
  4. On the computer, type the PIN code when prompted in the Add a Device wizard, and then click Next to complete the setup.


The entire procedure for printing with mopria print service is described in stepwise format. Just follow the instructions that are guided below accordingly to print with Mopria print service.

Step 1: Monitor the requirements

Ensure the printer and your Android device meet the following necessities, before downloading the Mopria Print Service plugin.

  • The printer hardware must be installed and an Android device should be running latest OS 4.0 or later.
  • The printer is linked to a wireless or wired network, and the Android device is linked to the same wireless network as your printer.

Step 2: Download and turn on the Mopria Print Service plugin

  • After installing the Mopria print service plugin on your Android device, choose Settings, choose More, More networks, More settings, or NFC and sharing, and then select Print or Printing.
  • To turn it on, click Mopria Print Service.

Step 3: To print with the Mopria Print Service plugin, follow the steps below:

    • Open the item, click menu -> Print and a print preview screen displays.
    • Select your printer, choose DIRECT- xx-HP to print over a network and over Wi-Fi Direct.

Finally, click “Print”.


When you try to copy something from your printer and if it results in the copy quality issues or problems, then try the following troubleshooting steps that are given below accordingly.

Step 1: Wipe the scanner

With a soft, lint-free cloth scattered with glass cleaner wipe on the scanner glass, beneath the scanner lid, and in the document feed space.

Step 2: Wipe the ADF rollers

Turn off the printer and then remove if anything is there on the ADF. Use the moistened cloth to wipe any particle from the separator pad and the paper pick rollers. Then allow it to dry.

Step 3: Alter the Copy Settings

On the printer control panel, select Copy -> Settings. Alter any required settings, then click “ok”.

Step 4: Alter the Paper settings

If the error is still there, on the printer control panel, select “Setup” or “Settings”. Choose Paper Setup -> Def. paper size. Select the paper size and click “Ok”.

Step 5: Rearrange the printer

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and the printer, wait for 60 seconds and connect it back to the wall outlet and the printer.

Step 6: Examine the printer

If the issue is not resolved, then examine the printer.


Using your dj4729 printer, you can produce a large number of copies of printed documents and photos. Follow the steps as they are instructed to copy a document or photo.

Generate a copy

  • Turn on the printer and load paper into the paper tray.
  • Mount the document or photo on the scanner with print side up.
  • The printer tugs it partly into the scanner when the original is mounted into the scanner, and the scan enhances.
  • Select the Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color on the printer control panel. Select the number of copies and then the printer scans the unique and then prints the copy. dj4729 PRINTER TROUBLESHOOTING

All the printer related issues can be resolved using the printer manual that is available on our website. Download the manual and follow the instructions to resolve the problems arising in the printer.

Step 1: Ensure the ink cartridges are well-matched

Check if you are using the genuine ink cartridges for your printer, if not then replace your ink cartridges with the genuine ones and check if the error is resolved.

Step 2: Ensure the ink cartridges are properly installed

Open the ink cartridge access door and check if the ink cartridges are properly inserted into its correct slot. If not, then remove and reinstall them properly.

Step 3: Wipe the Electrical Contacts

Remove the ink cartridges and use the lint-free cloth with distilled water to clean the electrical contacts. Then allow the contacts to dry and then reinstall the ink cartridges back to their slot.

Step 4: Eliminate and reinsert the ink cartridges again

If the issue persists still, then remove the ink cartridges again from the slot and then reinstall them back to their respective places.

Step 5: Wipe the ink cartridge contacts over

Again try to clean the electrical contacts and check if the issue is resolved.

Step 6: Rearrange the Printer

Try resetting the printer and check if the issue is resolved.

Step 7: Mount a new ink cartridge

If the issue still persists, then replace the ink cartridge.

Step 8: Line up the ink cartridges

Choose your OS to line up the ink cartridges.

Step 9: Examine the printer

Examine the printer, if the issue is not resolved with the above steps.

An Additional Blank Page Prints (Windows)

Step 1: Upgrade your computer antivirus software

Upgrade your antivirus protection program and then, scan for and erase any viruses, and if the issue is resolved, you can stop the remaining troubleshooting steps.

Step 2: Upgrade the printer firmware

If the issue persists still, then try upgrading your printer firmware. After upgrading, if the issue is resolved, skip the remaining steps.

Step 3: Remove the printer software

Remove the printer software and then check if the issue is resolved.

Step 4: Reinstall the printer software

Visit our website, select your printer model and then click “Download”. The software gets downloaded and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. After reinstalling, check if the issue is resolved.

Step 5: Print straight to the printer

Search Windows for devices and choose Devices and Printers in the list of results and then select your printer name. Then select “Printer properties”, choose the “Advanced” tab, select “Print directly to the printer” and select “Apply”. Finally, click “OK” and an additional page must no longer print from the printer.

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