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The HP envy 7645 printer is all- in- one printer which has a set of built- in feature. This has an automatic duplexer which reduces your effort used on flipping the pages to print on double side. It has fax as well. Easily connect the printer to the network. The features of this printer are more than enough to be suitable for either home or home office use.

123 hp setup envy 7645


  • Inkjet color is the printing technology used by the HP envy 7645 printer.
  • You can get maximum duty cycle of about 1000 pages using this printer.
  • The display feature is a touch screen and the fax type is plain paper.
  • The display diagonal size is 3.5 inch and the recommended monthly volume is 300 to 400 pages a month.
  • This printer is compatible with the Apple AirPrint feature.
  • The first print out comes at 18 seconds.
  • The maximum printing resolution for mono is up yo 1200*1200 dpi where as for color is 4800*1200 dpi.
  • The maximum printing speed if up to 22 ppm for mono and 21 ppm for color.

First Time Printer Setup

The instructions provided in the first- time printer setup is to be done once the printer is shipped. No printer can works if it is not customized.

Step 1 : Eliminate the printer from the box

Once you get the printer, take it out from the box, and take off all the packing materials that are wrapped around it.

    • First remove the plastic tapes present outside the printer. Then open the scanner lid to remove the paper present on it.
    • Once you removed all packing materials, discard them.

disposal or reprocessing the box and packing materials.

Step 2 : Link the power cord and set choices

  • To power up the printer, the manufacturer will provide you a power cord along with the printer.
  • Use it to connect the printer to the power supply. Switch on the printer and set the choices by directing to the control panel.

Step 3 : Mount paper into the main input tray

Pull the tray out and free the packing materials present.Access the tray extension cover and keep enough paper with the short edge forward and the print side down. Subsequently, close the extender tray and the insert tray.

Step 4 : Mount the 123.hp.com envy7645 ink cartridges

  • To install the ink cartridges, open the ink cartridge access door and hold on until the printer is silent.
  • Take out a cartridge from the package and remove the protective tapes.
  • Hold the cartridge properly and place it in slot using the color code found.
  • After fixing all the cartridges, reinstall the access door, and let the printer aligns the ink cartridges.

Step 5 : Mount the printer software

If you have an installation software CD, keep it on the drive and follow the prompts to accomplish the installation steps.

123.hp.com envy7645 – USB Printer Setup (Windows)

To personalize the HP envy 7645printer, the instructions in this section help you out to do the needful. Avail the most supported features from a USB connected printer and install the full feature HP driver.

Step 1 : Arrange the printer setup

  • To establish the USB connection, the printer should be kept on. Use a cable of length 3 m.
  • Link the printer to the computer directly to an available port. Avoid using a hub to establish the connection.
  • De- link the USB cable from the computer and avoid connecting it until you receive a prompt at the time of installing the driver.
  • Choose the Devices and Printers option from the control panel and click on remove device. Exclude multiple icons present for a printer, if present.

Step 2 : Mount the driver and fix up the connection

  • Based on the printer model, the printer driver starts downloading on the Windows computer.
  • Under the Driver- Product Installation software option and then click Download. Complete the installation using the on- screen prompts.
    Remember to choose the USB option when prompted by the installer.

USB Printer Setup (Mac)

Step 1 : Arrange for the 123.hp.com envy7645 printer

  • Go through the required components to start and maintain the USB connection.
  • Before you initiate the connection method, power on the printer and use a cable of length less than 3 m.
  • Link the printer straight to the available port on the computer in order to avoid the power shortage issues.
  • Remove the printer USB cable from the computer and do not link any cable until instructed.
  • To install the driver, go to the website and click n Begin. Based on the printer, the suitable driver starts to download. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Wireless or Wired Network Setup (WINDOWS)

Step 1 : Monitor the necessities

  • Before you start to install the driver, affirm that you have a functioning network router and an Ethernet cable.
  • Arrange for a network router, a switch, or hub with available Ethernet ports.
  • Check if the computer is connected to the router, if it is not already linked.
  • Get an Ethernet cable. Using a standard telephone cable would end in connection issue.

Step 2 : Link the printer to the network

  • Power on the printer followed by removing any plug or protective cable found on the back side of the printer.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the printer to the accessible port on the network router.

Step 3 : Mount and setup the software

  • Switch on the printer and if you have linked the printer to the computer using a USB cable, remove it from the printer.
  • Check our website and select a method to find the printer model and then follow the instructions.
  • Select Download present next to the full feature driver for other devices.

Install the printer on a wireless network Windows & Mac

Follow below steps to install your wireless-capable printer on a local wireless network.

Step 1 : check the necessities

  • You need to install the HP printer driver and software to customize the printer on a Wired network connection.
  • To establish the wired connection, you should get a router, switch, or hub with available ports.
  • Keep the printer, router, and hub in the on state.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to initiate the Wired connection.

Step 2 : Establish the connection to the network

  • Keep your printer on.
  • After removing the protective cover from the Ethernet port on the printer’s rear side, link the cable to the printer port and to the available port on the hub.

Install the printer on the wireless network

Wireless is one of the reliable connection modes which is chosen by most of the users. We help you by providing the simple guidelines.

Step 1 : Arrange for the installation

  • Gather the required details to connect the printer to the network. The information like network name, password should be gathered before you initiate the process.
  • You need a computer that is linked to the network. Check if the router and the computer are powered on.
  • Check if the devices that are included in the print system are kept near to each other.

Step 2 : Link the printer to the wireless network

  • Power on the printer and then tap the Wireless icon. Click on the Wireless Setup Wizard option.

Step 3 : Mount and setup the software

  • Link the power cable to the printer and switch it on.
  • Make sure that no USB cables are connected until you receive a prompt.
  • Get directed to the website and click on Download found next to the full feature driver. Trail the prompts to accomplish the connection successfully.

Sending and Receiving Faxes

A process that lets you scan and send a document or photo from a fax capable printer to another fax capable devices via a landline connection.

Step 1 : Necessities

Check if the below tasks are done before you install the fax service.

  • A telephone landline.
  • Install the cartridges
  • Place plain, white paper in the input tray.

Step 2 : Mount a fax connection

    • Plug our any telephone devices from the phone jack and remove the yellow plug from the rear of the printer as well.
    • Remove the answering machine’s power cord from the phone jack and then link the answering machine phone cord to the fax phone port on the printer’s rear end.
    • Link the phone cord and establish the connection between the phone jack and the printer.

Step 3 : Choose your basic fax settings

Mount phone book contacts

  • Go to the control panel and click Fax. Choose Send now and then select the phone book icon to choose a contact from it.
  • You can enter the fax number to the field provided and then click Done. Subsequently, click Add if you want the number to save to the contacts.

Install the fax speed

  • You can install the fax speed according to your need. Go to control panel and set the speed by using the prompts displayed.
  • Once all the settings are done, let your printer to provide Fax test report and check if you have customized properly.

Step 3 : Choose your basic fax settings

Mount phone book contacts

  • On the control panel of the printer, click Fax, and then select Send Now.
  • Select the Phone Book icon and phone book contact icon.
  • Choose the plus sign to add a contact.
  • Enter Name and type the name of the contact, and then select Done.
  • Select Fax Number, enter the fax number and then tap Done.
  • Click on  Add.

Install the fax speed

  • From the home screen on the printer control panel, swipe the display to the left, and then touch Setup .
  • Swipe up on the display, touch Fax Setup, and then touch Preferences.
  • Swipe up on the display, and then touch Speed.
  • Touch SlowMedium, or Fast.

Step 4 : Run a fax test

  • From the home screen on the control panel of the 123 HP Envy 7645 printer, scroll the display to the left, and then click Setup .
  • Scroll up on the demonstration, click Fax Setup, and then select Tools.
  • Tap Test.
  • Appraisal the Fax Test Report.
  • If the report designates the printer passed the test but your printer has difficulties in faxing, plaid the fax settings listed in the report to ensure that the settings are precise. A blank or incorrect fax setting might cause fax problems.
  • If the report designates the printer failed the test, appraisal the report for more information about fixative the problem.

Sending a fax

Send from the scanner glass

  • Place the originals on the scanner lid and select a fax number from the directory.
  • Tap on Black or Color and follow the prompts to send the fax.

Send a fax from the ADF

  • Press the edge of the original on a flat surface and turn the document print- side up.
  • Place the pages into the ADF and slide it until you hear a tone that signals the original is in place.
  • Move the paper guides inward until they stop at the edge of the paper.
  • Once it is properly set, click fax, enter the number to which you want to send the fax and then click on Start Fax.

‘Paper Jam’ Error

When the placed paper get stuck or the paper that is found on the printer is torn, the printer function pauses and reports an error message on the control panel.

Solution 1 : Reboot the printer

Switching the printer off and then on partly resets the printer. Tail these steps to reboot the printer, and then attempt to print a Printer Status Report.

Step 1 : Switch off and switch on the printer again.

  • Power off the printer, remove the power cord connected to the printer’s rear side.
  • Leave for few minutes, and then re- establish the power connection. Switch on the printer again.

Step 2 : Pattern a Printer Status Report

  • Keep enough paper in the loading tray of the printer.
  • Go to the control panel and tap on the Setup icon.
  • Click Reports and then choose the Printer Status Report option.

Solution 2 : Release any jammed paper from the printer

Go through the below steps to remove the jammed paper from the input and output tray if present.

To evade periodic paper jams

  • Avoid using the paper that has clips or pins.
  • Avoid loading many papers into the input tray.
  • Make use of a flat clean dry paper.

Step 1 : Remove any loose paper from the output tray

If any jammed paper is present, take it out using the instructions provided below.

  • Remove loose paper from the output tray and extend the output tray extender.
  • Hold it and tug the output tray to its outermost position. Take out all paper from the input tray.
  • Use both the hands to remove the jammed paper. Roughly pulling out the paper would end in the presence of jammed piece of paper.
  • Once you removed all paper, place the output tray and input tray again properly.

Step 2 : Eliminate any jammed paper from the input tray

Use the below set of instructions to remove the paper from the input tray of the printer.

  • Power on the printer and hold the output tray to take out the jammed paper.
  • Make sure that you have removed the chunks present. Once you removed the jammed paper, substitute the output tray again onto the input tray.

Step 3 : Clear any blocked paper from the paper path and cartridge access area

  • Power on the printer and open the cartridge access door.
  • Remove the USB cable from the printer in order to avoid electrical shock.
  • Use a flashlight to remove the jammed paper from the printer and shut the cartridge access door.
  • Once it is done, re- establish the power cord connection and try to print.

Solution 4 : Ensure that the printer is placed on a flat surface

If the printer is not placed on a flat surface, the printer finds to take on the printer when you assign a print job. So keep it in a flat surface to avoid the issue.

If no issue is cleared is solved using the instructions, send your printer for service.

Solution 5 : Repair the printer

Repair or substitute your HP product if you finished all previous steps.Repair fees may apply for out-of-date products.


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