The HP Envy 4518 printer is designed in a way that it looks good in living rooms with the low budget. It is suitable for low- profile. It has an automated tray and glass tops. It is one of the two cartridge print machines- black and tri- color ink cartridge. Maintenance of the printer is very easy and it is easy to handle.

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Specifications and Features- Envy 4518

  1. The printing technology of the HP Envy 4518 printer is Inkjet color.
  2. The monthly duty cycle accepted by the printer is about 1000 pages.
  3. The recommended monthly volume can be between 100- 400 pages.
  4. The ink cartridge configuration of the printer us 1 black and 1 color.
  5. The first print out provided by this printer is about 18 seconds.
  6. The maximum copies you can take at a time using your printer is about 20.
  7. The display size of the printer is 2.2 inches where as the display diagonal size in metric is 5.5 cm.
  8. This is one of the Energy Star Certified printers and you can reduce the power consumption compared to non- certified printers.


  • Compatible with ePrints
  • Glossy look
  • Pocket friendly
  • Less Power consumer


  • Comparatively Slow
  • Moderate Photo quality
  • Arbitrary Errors
  • Low input tray volume

Bottom Line

It is affordable and handy with amazing performance in producing lab and laser quality photos and documents.


It is one of the features that come as the built- in with the HP Envy 4518 printers using which you can send the documents via email and get the printouts from where you are. Check our website for further details.


The AirPrint feature lets you get the printouts from the network enabled printer at the expected print quality. It is compatible with the devices who have operating system version v4.2 and later.


As copy is one of the features of the HP Envy 4518 printer, you can get multiple copies of printed photos and documents easily. Setup your printer to work as copier and get maximum of 20 copies a time.


Customize the printer to work as a scanner and get the soft copies of the required documents. Know how to setup the printer, send and receive the scans. For details, get connected to us.

How to copy a document or photo

Making multiple copies of a same document or photo is not a tough job as your HP Envy 4518 printer has copy as the built- in feature. You can use the copy feature from both the printers with a touch or text based control panels and the printers that have buttons only. We also offer you the detailed description on how to copy documents and photos from your printer easily.

How to copy a document

  • The steps for copy the documents and photos are almost same. Whatever the originals you want to take the copy of, just place it either on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder, based on the printer model.
  • Click on Copy Document on the control panel of the printer and then choose any available settings.
  • Click on Settings and then change the advanced copy settings. You can choose the Two- sided option, if you want to print on both sides of the paper.
  • It is possible for you to change the size of the copy between 25 and 400 percent the original size. Use the Fit to page option and an Actual Size settings to get borderless copy.
  • Similarly, you can set the paper type, tray selection, quality, Lighter/ Darker, collate, HP Copy Fix, Binding Margin or margin Shift, Save Current Settings or Set as New Defaults, Restore Factory defaults option based on your need.
  • Liable to the printer, click on Start or get back to the main screen by using the Back option. Once it is done click Start Black Start Color, or Ok to start the copy job.

How to copy a photo:

  • The first step in copying the photo is to place the original on the Automatic Document Feeder or a scanner glass. As you want to get the copies of photos, use Scanner glass as a medium in order to avoid damaging the photos and printer.
  • To place the original on the Scanner glass, place it on the scanner glass with the print side facing down and adjust it according to the engraved guides around the glass. Subsequently, close the lid.
  • Once the original is properly placed, set paper type, paper size, darkness level, and then start to copy the photos.
  • Go to the Home screen on the printer’s control panel and then click on the Copy icon. Set the desired number of copies you wish to get from your printer.
  • Go to settings and set the double- sided printing option either on or off based on your requirement.
  • Once you have changed all the necessary settings, click on Back to revert to the Copy screen.
  • Choose the Start Black or Start Color to start the copy job and wait until copies are obtained.


Whenever the printer has encountered the issue, a set of instructions has to be carried out in order to bring back the printer to the normal working condition. We offer the simplest instructions that let you find and fix the issue on your own. Check a few commonly occurring issues.

  • Color or black ink not printing
  • Alignment Unsuccessful Error
  • Mobile Printer Setup fails for Android

123.HP.Com Envy4518 printer – Procedure for unboxing printer setup

Unboxing instruction section has guidelines to power up the printer, feeding the paper into the tray, assembling accessories, installing the software, and more.

  • Use the below steps to unpack the printer and start working with it.
  • Check the package and make sure that the components mentioned in the checklist are received.
  • Free off all the tapes present around the printer. Open the lid and remove the covering tapes present inside it as well.
  • To power up the printer, you have a power cord along with the printer package. Use it to establish the link between the power supply and the printer.
  • Remove the ink cartridge and place it properly in the allotted slot. Do not keep the cartridges in free air for a long time to avoid drying.
  • Check the paper compatibility of the printer and place required number of paper in the tray. Do not overload it to avoid page ordering issues.
  • Once you are done with the hardware assembling, install the correct driver for your printer.

Color or black ink not printing

At times, the printer fails to operate properly and results in the printer malfunction. Check the instructions to bring back the printer function.

You should use an authentic ink

  • Using the authentic ink is a key to get the desired prints at their best quality. It is good to purchase the ink from the manufacturer or get it from the third party dealers.

Scrutinize the estimated ink levels

  • The print quality gets hit if the installed ink cartridge level is beyond acceptance. Estimate the ink level before you install the ink cartridge in order to know when to replace them at later times.

Supersede any low or empty ink cartridges

  • When any of the installed ink cartridges is fault, you should replace it with a new cartridge.
  • After power on the printer, take out the already present ink cartridge and replace it with a new one.

clear the ink cartridges

  • You can clear the ink cartridges by using tools. Go to the setup option and click on Clean cartridges to do the necessaries.

Discover the problem ink cartridge

  • Check which ink cartridge is responsible for the issue and replace it with a new one.
  • If defects are present with the black text on the page, change the black ink cartridge.
  • If defects lie with the color block, change the color ink cartridge.

Discard the defective cartridge

  • Power on the printer and check if the loading tray of the printer is filled with enough amount of paper.
  • Once the carriage rests at its position, pull out the old ink cartridge from the slot and keep it aside.
  • After removing the plastic tapes found on the ink cartridge, place it properly in the provided slot and then close the cartridge access door.
  • Try to print and see if the issue gets over.

Alignment unsuccessful

Alignment issue results when the scanning or printing function is unsuccessful. This kind of error message is prompted on the printer’s control panel.

Step 1:Tips to gain knowledge about the printer alignment messages

Check the below steps to accomplish the alignment process or eliminate the message.

  • Use clean paper for printing
  • Scan the documents if you want.
  • Select the Skip option to continue printing.

Step 2: Reset the entire printer

Printer alignment issue could be resolved by rebooting the printer. Check the following steps and reboot the printer easily.

  • Power off the printer.
  • Remove the printer’s power cord from the printer’s rear end and from the power supply end.
  • Leave for a while and re- establish the connection as how it was earlier.

Step 3: Use an authentic ink cartridges

It is always a good choice to get an ink cartridge from the manufacturer or from the authentic dealer.

  • To get the ink cartridges from HP, click on HP Sure Supply.
  • Choose the desired location.
  • Trail the prompts to complete purchasing of ink cartridges.

step 4:Trail the prompts to complete purchasing of ink cartridges.T

In order to check the printer’s function, you have to assess the alignment page.

  • Printer service is must if the patterns on the alignment page are solid and have both blue and black patterns.
  • If the patterns are found to be streaked, estimate the ink level of the cartridges.

Step 5: Confirm the estimated ink levels and supersede any low or empty ink level cartridges

To avoid the alignment issue, estimating the ink cartridge is one of the good solutions.

If any of the cartridges are fault, replace it.

Step 6 : keep the printhead or ink cartridge free of dirt

To attain best quality and free from the alignment issue, keep the installed printhead clean. Use automated tools to clean it periodically.

  • Using the HP Printer Assistant is one good solution to clean the printer section.
  • Follow the prompts and accomplish the cleaning process.

Step 7 : Discard the printhead or ink cartridges

Discard the ink cartridges or printhead if no longer you can work with the same components.

How to scan from Windows

We provide the instructions to setup the scan, send and receive easily from the printer connected to the Windows computer.

  • The scanning to computer feature can be used only if the full- featured printer driver is installed on the Windows computer.
  • The printers that came to the market after 2011 has HP Scan software using which you can send and receive scans easily.
  • Keep the original on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder. Adjust it based on the guide engraved on it.
  • Choose your printer name and access the HP Printer Assistant. Click on the Scan a Document or Photo option and get access to HP Scan.
  • Choose the shortcut which favors your print job and then click on the Scan option to accomplish scanning.


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