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123 HP Envy 5032 Review

The 123.hp.com/envy5032 printer is very much affordable and attractive. The purchase of the ink was also at a very low cost. The setup was very easy and the way the printer prints on both sides is very effective. The printer is very easy to handle and gets easily connected to Wi-Fi. It can be installed in my phone as well as my laptop. The brand of the cartridges are correct and the quality of the print is good. I would recommend anyone to buy this printer for home use. It is a highly reliable and efficient printer and is also very much cost effective.

123 HP Envy 5032 Printer Setup

Follow the below procedure to setup the contents of your 123.hp.com/envy5032 printer.

  • Ensure to check the contents of your box after purchasing as they may vary for different countries. The first step of setup is unboxing.
  • Tear the seal and open the box. Remove all the tapes and cardboards present and set them aside for recycling. Place the setup in a dust free area and check whether the printer meets all requirements like temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Lift the cartridge access door and remove all the tapes present on it and carefully close the scanner lid and cartridge access door. Pull the tray and place the paper into the tray and forward the tray inside until it meets the edges of the printer.
  • Plug one end of the power cord to your printer and the other end to a power supply to turn ON your printer. Ensure to use the same power cord for all printer applications.
  • Remove the seal over the control panel and select your desired language on the control panel. Click Yes to confirm your choice. Click the down scroll and browse through the menu if your language is not visible.
  • Choose the desired country/region and confirm it. Click the 123 hp com setup 5032 option. Take the ink cartridge out and remove all the plastic covers on it.
  • Ensure that the cartridge faces the back part of the printer and slide the cartridge into the slot. Place the black cartridge on the right and the tri-color cartridge on the left.
  • Close the lid carefully and pull out the paper tray and click OK to follow the steps on the control panel for cardboard alignment.

123 HP Envy 5032 Printer Ink cartridge setup

To achieve the best quality in printing ensure to use the same ink cartridges provided during shipment of the printer. After setting up the printer check whether the cartridges are installed correctly. Use genuine ink cartridges or HP Instant Ink Cartridges If the cartridges are not installed correctly an error message might appear. Follow the below guidelines to install the ink cartridges for your 123.hp.com/envy5032 printer.

Step 1: First power ON the printer and check the compatibility of the ink cartridges. If its compatible, proceed on to the next step.

Step 2: Do not follow the ink cartridges setup if the ink cartridges are not compatible. Now take the cartridge provided during purchasing of the printer.

Step 3: Use the pull tab to remove all plastic tapes present over the cartridge. Do not touch the ink nozzles or copper-colored contacts. Touching them will result in ink failures.

Step 4: The cartridge with the blacktop is the black ink and blue top is colored ink. Make sure you install the cartridges in its correct slot. The tri-color on the left and black on the right.

Step 5: Ensure that the latch handled is not raised as the printing mechanism may get affected if the 123 hp com setup envy 5032 cartridges or the print heads are placed incorrectly.

Step 6: Hold the cartridges by its sides and slide it into the open slot. Push the cartridge up and down towards the printer until it reaches its place. Close the slot.

Step 7: A message appears Genuine HP Ink Cartridges are installed. Click OK. An alignment is necessary to calibrate the printer. Click OK and scan to complete the alignment process.

Step 8: If the print looks unclear or blurry make it a point to replace the ink cartridges immediately.

Step 9: The ink levels can be checked with HP Solution Center where the ink levels are displayed on the home screen of your windows. It can also be viewed in HP Apps.

Step 10: For MAC devices the Supply Levels display the ink levels or you can download a compatible app on your MAC device to view the ink levels.

How to Print 123 HP Envy 5032 Printer

The steps on how to print photos in 123 HP Envy 5032 Printer is given below.

  • The basic step to print photos is loading the photo paper into the main input tray. The location of the tray may vary for different printers. Replace any plain papers present on the tray.
  • The short edge of the paper be loaded into the main input tray based upon the printer type. If a perforated tab is present after printing, place the paper so it faces towards you or upwards.
  • Ensure that the paper width guides are placed in such a way that the rest against the edges of the paper.
  • The photo can be edited for improved brightness, contrast or any other appearances settings before printing is done. You can view the photo in Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  • Click Print or Print pictures and open the Document Properties to access more color, quality, layout and advanced settings.
  • In Print Pictures window in Windows Photo Viewer click Options in the lower right corner and select 123 hp com setup envy 5032 Printer Properties in Print window in Paint select Preferences. Select OK and click Print. After the printing is finished ensure to remove any photo paper left in the main input tray.

123 HP Envy 5032 Driver and Manual Download Steps

123 HP Envy 5032 Driver Download

  • The driver is necessary to carry the basic functions of the printer. It acts as an interface between the software and hardware devices.
  • The driver installation can be done in two methods. The first method is through the CD provided during purchasing the printer.
  • Place the CD into the CD Drive of your PC or Laptop. A set of files appears.
  • The AutoPlay feature can be enabled to choose the file. The setup format is .exe for windows and .dmg for MAC devices. Choose the setup file to add your 123.hp.com/envy5032 printer to the list if not type the name of your printer.
  • Another method is through the link on the website. Click the link for latest updates and versions of the driver and install the driver.

123 HP Envy 5032 Manual Download

  • A user guide also called a manual is a communication document to guide users on how to use a particular system.
  • The user guide can be obtained as a hard copy provided during shipment or as a soft copy.
  • The soft copy of the manual can be downloaded by clicking the link provided on the website.
  • The user guide contains the explanation about the various components and also the overview of the product.
  • It guides how to carry print, scan, fax operations, about web services, cartridges, network setup, management tools and solving problems.

123 HP Envy 5032 Troubleshooting

  • Ink Cartridges Errors steps
  • Printing Issues

123 HP Envy 5032 Ink Cartridges Errors Steps

  • If the printer does not print or any error messages appear on the control panel. Follow the steps below.
  • Try to update the firmware of your printer to solve this problem. The printer firmware update utility can be downloaded.
  • Ensure that the cartridges installed are compatible with your printer. An error message gets displayed if wrong cartridges are installed.
  • If it is not compatible replace the ink cartridge with a one compatible to your printer and close the cartridge.
  • An error may occur in the cartridges if the electrical contacts are dirty. Clean the contacts. Reset the printer clean the cartridges contacts if an error occurs to replace the cartridges or service the printer.

123 HP Envy 5032 Printing Issues Steps

  • If there are printing issues and an error message appears on the panel make sure that the printer is turned and check whether there are papers in the tray.
  • Check whether the printer is in pause mode or offline. Ensure that your 123 hp com setup 5032 printer is set as the default printer.
  • Restart the printer spooler or clear the print queue. The procedure for the same is mentioned in the manual.
  • Check the power connection by ensuring that the printer and power cord are properly connected to each other.
  • Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect the same between your computer and printer.


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