Features and Specifications

The HP Envy 5542 is a compact all-in-one printer. The printer has a duty cycle of 1000 pages per month. It uses a Drop-on-demand thermal inkjet printing technology. It offers a print resolution of 300 X 300 dpi for draft print outs in both color and black prints. And a normal resolution of 600 X 300 dpi and a Print-best resolution of 600 X 600 dpi for both black and color prints.


HP Envy 5542 Printer Specifications

  • It comes with a control panel that features a Power button, Home button, control panel display, Wireless status light, Help button, and Back button.
  • You can navigate the control panel through touch. It lets you access copy, scan, fax, HP printable, Quick forms, Setup, Help and HP ePrint icon, Wireless icon, Ink icon, and fax status icon.
  • The input tray can hold up to 125 sheets of plain paper weighing 75 to 90 g/m2 and up to 55 sheets of photo paper weighing upto 250 g/m2. The output tray can hold up to 25 sheets of plain paper and 10 sheets of photo paper.


  • Automatic Duplexer.
  • Cloud Printing.
  • Quick photo printing.


  • Neither has Ethernet nor Fax.
  • Absence of Automatic document Feede.
  • Not suitable for business purpose

Bottom Line

An inkjet multifunction printer, predominantly designed for residential purpose. Performs functionalities inclusive of Print, Copy, and Scan via cloud printing and compatible with mobile printing feature.

Setting up your HP ENVY 5542 for the First Time

Setting up your printer begin with unpacking and ends with the aligning the pages. Before your begin remove all packing material form all parts of the printer. Remove tapes, packing material, shipping restraints form the interior and exterior of the printer, trays, scanner lid and any other areas.

  • Connect the printer to a power source through the power cords. During the first power up, you might be required to choose your desired language and country. Choose your desired setting and tap OK to confirm.
  • Lift the ink cartridge access door by putting two fingers under one or both of the small handles on the sides of the ink cartridge access door and then raising it up. The Door Open screen appears on the printer control panel. Shut the door to proceed. Unpack the new ink cartridges. Hold them only by the black plastic. Peel off the protective tape.

FIGURE : HP ENVY 5540 Printer Unbox Setup

HP Envy 5540 Printer Setup
  • Locate the ink cartridge carriage on the right side of the printer, place the new cartridge into the empty slot in the carriage, then lightly force in the ink cartridge until it locks into position. Place the tri-color ink cartridge into the left slot and the black cartridge to the right slot. Repeat this procedure for the other cartridge. Shut the ink cartridge door such that the Door open message is gone. Tap OK. Wait till the printer completes the calibration cycle.
  • Grab the handle on the bottom of the input tray, and then pull the tray toward you to open it. After loading the paper and adjusting the width guides till they recline against the edges of the printer, push back the paper tray until its snaps into position.
  • Wait while the printer prints an alignment page by itself. Raise the scanner lid, place the alignment page on the scanner glass. Position it according to the inscription around the glass. Lower the scanner lid. Tap OK. The printer scans the page and finishes the alignment. Tap Finish.

123.HP.Com Envy5542 Printer/Wireless Setup For Windows & Mac

Prior to printing or scanning from your HP Envy 5542, you need to connect the printer to the network and install the software on the computer. The following instructions guide you through the steps of setting up your printer on a wireless network.


  • Install the full feature software printer driver and software from us and follow the on-screen prompts to connect to your printer over a wireless network. If unable to do so, follow the instructions listed below.
  • Collect the Network Name and the security pass-phrase. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. Switch on your printer, router and computer. Place the printer and computer in range of the router. Make sure the printer is connected to the same wireless network you want to connect the printer to. Detach any USB or Ethernet cables.
  • If you have plugged in the USB cable prior to installing the printer driver and software, complete this step. If not, skip to step 2. Search Windows for HP Envy 5542, and then choose the Printer Setup & Software Selection. Choose the appropriate option that lets you convert a USB to Wireless connection. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installing the software.
  • You can make use of the built-in Wireless Setup Wizard to set up your HP Envy 5542 on your wireless network. Switch on the printer. From the control panel, tap the Wireless icon. The Wireless Summary screen appears. Tap the settings icon, and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Tap the name of your wireless network. If the list does not mention your network name, scroll down, then tap Enter New Network Name to enter it in manually.
  • If required enter the WEP or WPA through the on-screen keyboard. The pass-phrase is case sensitive. Tap Done, and then tap OK. Install the current version of your printer’s full feature software to ensure full functionality.


  • Power up the printer. From the printer control panel, tap the wireless icon. The wireless summary screen appears. Tap the Settings icon, and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. A list of wireless networks appears.
  • Tap the name of your wireless network. If the list does not contain your network, scroll down, then press Enter New Network Name to enter it manually. If required provide the WEP or WPA key via the on-screen keyboard. Note: the passphrase is case sensitive. After entering the passphrase,tap Done and then tap OK.
  • To alter a prevailing USB or Wired connection to a Wireless connection with Bonjour, you have to install the printer software or the in-os driver. Once you complete the set up through the Wireless Setup Wizard, remove and then add the printer from the Mac. Choose the Apple menu, then choose System Preferences.
  • The System Preferences window appears. Choose Print & Fax, Printers & Scanners, or Print & Scan. In the Printers section, choose HP Envy 5542, then choose the minus symbol to remove the printer from the list. Detach the USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. Once the printer is removed, select the plus symbol, choose your printer from the list of Bonjour devices, then choose Add.
HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup

Printer Connection Troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting a printer is following a standard procedure to resolve a particular issue. In order to successfully troubleshoot any problem with your printer, you can gather information about the error from your computer, you printer’s control panel or by referring to the user manual delivered with your printer.

HP ENVY 5542 –’Cartridges Missing’ or ‘Ink Cartridges Problem’

When the printer shows up Cartridge missing or ink cartridges problem, it might be caused due to improper installation of the cartridges, unclean print heads or faulty cartridges.

  • As a preliminary step, inspect whether the ink cartridges are properly installed. Switch on the printer, lift the ink cartridge access door by putting two fingers under one or both of the small handles on the sides of the cartridge access door and then raising it up. The Door Open screen appears on the printer control panel.
  • Gently press down one of the ink cartridge to free it, and then force the ink cartridge toward you out of its slot. Take off any safety tape that might still be on the ink cartridge nozzle. Place the ink cartridge back into the empty slot, and gently force the cartridge into position. The color cartridge goes on the left ad the black cartridge goes to the right. Repeat these steps to remove, inspect, and reinsert the other ink cartridge. Shut the ink cartridge access door so that no Door Open screen appears. If the error is unresolved, continue to the next step.
  • Next, you can clean the electrical contacts to resolve the issue. If the ink cartridge contacts or the cartridge slots in the printer have any ink or debris accumulated, it might lead to ink cartridge failure.
123.hp.com envy5542
  • Collect dry foam-rubber swabs, lint-free cloth, and distilled, filtered or bottled water. Switch on the printer, open the ink cartridge access door by putting two fingers beneath one or both of the small handles on the sides of the access door and then raising it up.
  • Detach the power cord from the rear of the printer. Detach the USB cable, if the printer is fixed to your computer with a USB connection. Gently press down on one of the ink cartridges to free it, and then lift the ink cartridge toward you to remove it out of its slot. Grab the ink cartridges by its sides.
  • Inspect the ink cartridge contact for ink and debris accumulation. Gently moisten another foam-rubber swab or lint free cloth with distilled water, and then squeeze any excess water from it. Use a swab or cloth to wipe the electrical contacts in the ink carriage slots, located within the carriage in the printer.
  • Let the carriage contact dry for about 10 minutes. Load the ink cartridge into the empty slot, and then lightly push on the ink cartridge until it snaps into position. Repeat this procedure to clean the contacts for the other ink cartridge. Shut the ink cartridge access door.
  • Fix the power cord to the rear of the printer. Reconnect the USB cable, if the printer is fixed to your computer with a USB connection. Switch on the printer, if it does not power up by itself. Attempt to print again.


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