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123 HP AMP Printer Setup and Installation Support

This 123.hp.com/amp printer allows you to play music from your smartphone HP AMP 100 printer with built in bluetooth speaker and Smart App technology. With HP Smart app, you can print photos from social media, scan on the go, easily order ink and more. Moreover, the printer allows you to keep the smartphone charged. Save your space with the compact design. The 123 HP AMP Printer gives you the benefit of scanning files using your camera and sharing it to email or the cloud from virtually anywhere.


123 HP amp Printer first-time setup installation

Follow the prompts below to setup the 123.hp.com/amp printer.

Step 1: Removing the printer from the box

  • Take out the printer from the box and then discard the plastic wrap from it.
  • Check the package for a list of items shipped in the box as the contents may vary by country/region.

Step 2: Connecting the power cord and installing the cartridges

  • Connect one end of the power cord to the printer’s rear end and the other end of the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  • Power on the printer and then install the ink cartridges that came in the box with your HP AMP Printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door, then discard the plastic wrap from the new cartridge and then place it into its respective slot.

Step 3: Inserting plain paper into the input tray

  • Make sure that you use plain U.S. letter or A4 paper.
  • It is advisable to place up to 60 sheets of plain white paper into the input tray and then slide the stack of paper down until it stops.

Step 4: Installing the 123.hp.com/amp printer software and pairing the speaker with your mobile device

  • Make sure that you download the latest version of the printer software.
  • It is advisable to follow the on-screen instructions to pair the HP AMP 100 printer with built in bluetooth speaker to your mobile device.

123 HP amp Printer driver installation

Installing the 123 HP AMP Printer Driver for your HP AMP printer is a simple task. You can go through the prompts provided below to download the updated printer driver for your Windows system.

Step 1: Downloading the 123 HP AMP Printer Driver for Windows

  • It is a better option to download an updated driver for your PC to avoid the system corruption.
  • Ascertain that the system has an Internet connection and then if the HP Easy Start app starts but fails to download the HP AMP Printer driver, attempt to download it again.
  • Now, choose the model of your printer, then check if the Operating System is correct and then click the Download option.
  • There is a possibility you may notice that the Updated 123.hp.com/amp printer driver starts to download in the download’s folder.

Step 2: Installing the downloaded 123 HP AMP Printer Driver

  • During the installation, if you are instructed to choose a connection type, choose USB or wireless as the option.
  • If necessary, click Add printer to generate a print queue on your device. For further information, reach our technical support team on the Toll-free number.

Common 123.hp.com/amp Printer Troubleshooting

When your printer faces any issue, it is a good option to go with the basics such as checking the paper jams, power connections and more. Check if the printer is on. Ensure that the power and data cables are connected to both the printer and computer. When you find that the indicator is blinking or is orange, it denotes a printer error like a paper jam or an issue with the ink or toner cartridge. Check if there is paper loaded into the printer paper cartridge or tray. If there is any jammed paper, carefully discard it. If the printer status indicator light flashes, it denotes that there is an issue with the ink cartridge. You can refer the manual that came with your 123.hp.com/amp printer. If you are unable to fix the issues, do not worry. Dial the Toll-free number and resolve the issues instantly.


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