HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M553n specification

HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M553n is designed for office use as are all enterprise printers. Laser printers are utilized for fast printing and this one is no exception. With print speeds in excess of 40 pages per minute for mono and 38 pages per minute for color, this printer keeps your print queue dry as a bone. Connectivity technology is restricted to USB only and would require a dedicated computer that is attached to the printer providing print jobs. An optional wireless attachment is presently opting for which allows you to connect mobile phones to the printer as the device comes with Mopria certification. Other features that make this printer an office beast are the HP ePrint and Instant-on technology. ePrint allows you to print documents by sending an email to the registered email on the HP site. Unlike the usual Laserjets, these printer houses separate laser toners as a result taking the total toner count found. When it comes to printing, this printer is a beast churning out 80,000 pages per month. With dimensions that are slightly larger than a home printer, this printer cannot be stored in cabins and shelves. 23.6 x 19.7 x 23.5 inches and weighing 67.9 lbs this device needs its own space.


Driver and Manual download

The complete instructions that are required to operate your printer are mentioned in the user manual. This is your bible when it comes to the printer. A printed copy of the same is attached to the box package allowing your immediate access to the information. The unboxing steps that are present should be of massive help. This takes you through the detailed steps involved in putting all the auxiliary components to your printer. For those that are bad at the following instruction, a diagram is available explaining the steps. The same can be downloaded online from the link from where the driver is downloaded.

Without the driver software, the printer ceases to function. The driver connects the printer and the computer. In order to utilize all the functionalities of the printer, it is imperative that the driver software is downloaded. To download the software, click the link that is provided on this website. This will take you to a window where you need to enter your printer model number. Exercise caution as the wrong printer model will give you the wrong driver software which is pretty much useless considering the fact that printers work only with the driver that is respective to them. These are unique software that can only work with the printers that they are designed for.

Every driver is developed in two variant, one is Windows and the other is for a Mac operating system. Since Operating systems can only recognize formats that are specific to them, this option is existing. The variant developed for a Windows Operating System is in .exe format. The one that runs in a Mac Operating System is in .dmg format. Choose the one that is running on your computer and click the download button. The process should get completed in a short while.

How to print

Printing is the most basic of all the printer tasks. Although it is easy, it involves certain prerequisites to be able to perform printing. This is the driver installation. Without the driver software installed, the printer cannot perform any functions such as copy, scan in addition to printing. Make sure to download the driver software by clicking on the link specified in this website, enter the printer model number and the operating system to complete the download.
Post download, install the same by following the on-screen instructions. Open the file that needs to be printed. Click the print button. You will be taken to a preview page that gives you as ample of how you document will look post printing. If you are not satisfied with the results, change the settings, which includes changing the quality of the print, the gray scale, the saturation etc. Click Confirm and Print when you are done. Make sure that the printer is equipped with enough paper in the tray and the cartridges are loaded. The printing will commence. Choose the number of copies that need to be made and wait for the printer to complete the process. The printed sheets are obtained in the output tray.

Replace the toner cartridge

Your HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M553n is a Laserjet printer. Toner cartridges are responsible for performing the print function on a laser printer. Inkjet printers make use of ink cartridge and compared to them, the laserjet printer employs toner for printing purposes. In contrast to inkjet printers, the replacement toners are quite expensive. The main difference between the two printers is that the cost price is initially cheap for inkjets. Although the toner is expensive, they are bound to last longer.

Always prefer genuine toners cartridges over third-party cartridges. This is because of the harm that is brought upon the printer in the event of running a third-party toner. These sub-standard toners employ cheap toner fluids and offer no guarantee for the quality of the prints. The efficiency of the printer is reduced and the documents suffer damages from irregular printing. Constant reports of the print not being accurate and precise are common. The thought that refilling the toner fluid in an invasive way will work is a common misconception. Although they might work initially, this process involves damaging the chip that is embedded in the toner cartridge which is not recommended as it might result in the toner getting damaged.

Before changing the toner, check the toner levels to ensure that the toner is nearing empty. This can be done by checking the control panel of the printer. Purchase a genuine toner from the manufacturer and remove the packaging. The tape present on the chip is removed. This is to prevent contact between the chip and toner until it is time to install it. Do not touch the blue drum as printing is done via the drum and damaging it will result in print flaw. Open the toner access door and remove the old toner compartment. Replace the new one in their respective slot and shut the door.

Common troubleshooting description

Troubleshooting offers quick fixes to common issues that are plaguing the printer. This usually is the result of mishandling or manhandling the printer. Following the operational instructions will put you on the right path of working flawlessly with your printer. One of the most commonly recurring printer issues is the paper jam, this is the result of opting for cheap third-party paper rather than genuine HP paper. This results in the paper getting stuck between the various rollers of the printer. They are to be carefully pulled out and the paper in the tray re-stacked and devoid of damaged paper. Improving quality of the printed document is another common issue. This is the result of opting for third-party toners. Their performance is not constant and there is no guarantee that they will last longer. With prolonged usage, there are high chances of them damaging the printer. Try varying the settings and tweaking it to maximum performance to get the best out of your printer. Printer network connection error can be avoided by checking if the connection of the printer is secure. There should be no damage to the connecting wires. In case of a wireless connection, make sure that there is sufficient signal to both the printer and the computer.

A “Cartridge is low” or “Cartridge is very low” message displays on the printer control panel

If you have been using your printer for quite some time, it is bound to run out of toner ink. This is something that happens to all the printers. When the printer is completely out of toner fluid, printing process effectively comes to a halt. The only way to continue printing is to replace the toner cartridge. When the toner cartridge is nearing the end of its life, the “Cartridge is very low” message is displayed. This is a cue for you to replace the toner. It is advisable to prefer genuine toner cartridges that can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website.

Always prefer genuine cartridge over third-party ones. Genuine ones guarantee accurate prints and increase the longevity of the printer. Go to the ink monitoring option in the control panel and identify the toner cartridge that needs to be replaced. Open the cartridge access door and wait for the printer to come to a standstill. Identify the toner that has to be replaced by its color and pull it out. Place the new toner after removing its package material. Close the access door and wait for the changes to take effect. The toner levels should update shortly.


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