HP ePrint Setup Envy 5641

  1. Check for the requirements before the installation.
  2. Turn on Web Services.
  3. Obtain the printer’s email address.
  4. Print using HP ePrint.

Step 1 : Check for the requirements before the installation

  • Ensure123.HP.Com Envy5641 All-in-One printer supports HP ePrint.
  • Check for the HP ePrint logo or icon on the printer control panel.
  • If you are unable to find the icon or button, navigate to Wireless Settings to locate Web Services menu.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to an active network via wired or wireless connection type.
  • Also, make sure the printer is connected to an active network.
  • If the printer is connected via Ethernet cable, make sure the green link light is stable and the orange activity light is blinking.
  • If the printer is connected with Wi-Fi, make sure Wireless is enabled.

Step 2 : Turn on Web Services

  • To use HP ePrint, Web Services must be turned on and periodic firmware updates are required.
  • Touch HP ePrint icon on the printer control panel.
  • If you are not able to find the icon, navigate to Wireless Settings and turn on Web Services.
  • Enable the Web Services when the prompt displays.
  • Update the printer firmware and click on OK to confirm the action.
  • Web Services is already on if a Web Services Summary screen displays.
  • Click Print Info to print the information sheet.

Step 3 : Obtain the printer’s email address

  • Wait until the 123.HP.Com Envy5641 printer prints the Important Printer Setup Instructions page.
  • Find the printer email address from the information sheet.
  • Generally, the printer email address appear as [email protected]
  • The printer claim code is 154jsgv585.
  • If you do not find the printer’s email address, the claim code in addition to @hpeprint.com will be your printer’s email address.

Step 4 : Print using HP ePrint

  • Enter printer email address in the To: field. Add additional email addresses with whom you wanted to share in the Cc: field.
  • Enter a simple text in the subject line. When an email is sent without a subject line, the print job fails.
  • The email size should be of 10MB including the attachments.
  • 10 or fewer attachments are allowed per email.
  • Text, PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel file are supported.
  • The photo file types such as .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png and .tiff are supported.
  • Photo’s resolution should be 100 pixels or higher for vertical and horizontal resolution.
  • HP ePrint does not support digitally signed, encrypted or password protected documents.
  • Duplex printing is not supported by HP ePrint.

Using HP ePrint on your Device

Print from Mac/ Laptop

  • Login to your client email account and open a new email.
  • Enter the printer email address in the To: field
  • Also, enter a simple text in the subject line.
  • Attach the item that you wanted to print and send the email.

Print from Smartphone/ Tablet

  • Open the folder that has the item that you wanted to share and print.
  • Touch Action or Share.
  • Select the email app that you wanted to send from and enter the printer’s email address in the To: field.
  • Enter a subject in the subject line and then, touch Send.
HP Envy 5641 Printer


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