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The best ever low-cost printer is here. 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer print upto 8,000 color and 6,000 black pages at a very low cost. What makes this printer stand apart from the rest of the HP printers is its reliable and refillable ink system. Loading and removing cartridges has been one of the main hardships faced by people using the present-day printers. Get rid of cartridge issues forever with the all-new HP Ink Tank 310. It completely sidelines the cartridge replacement/refilling issue with the advanced-ink system. No need of checking the ink levels from the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer or from any HP application. The Ink Tank 310 has the Transparent Ink Tank installed on the side of the printer and lets the user to easily monitor the exact level of the printer without the need of checking it from the printer’s control manual or from the computer. The 7-segment Icon LCD display helps the user to copy and perform other operations directly from the HP Ink Tank 310 series printer.

123 hp ink tank 310 setup

A 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer without ink cartridges may sound unfamiliar and weird. But that’s where the Ink Tank 310 nails it. Exceptional print quality with vibrant graphics and darker text makes this HP printer one of the best printers in terms of print quality. With the new ink technology, print fade-resistant photos that last up to 22 times longer than the normal printers.

Re-filling ink cartridges is one of the major tasks faced by the user. Although it is not advised to re-fill the ink cartridges, most of the consumers tend to re-fill them to cut down costs. But the Ink Tank 310 addresses this issue with the Resealable ink bottles that makes it easier for the consumer to refill ink tanks whenever required. These ink refillable ink bottles facilitate a No-waste and Mess-free refilling system. Refill your the ink tank with spill-free, resealable bottles. Easily monitor

Drop the worries of taking print outs in bulk and worrying about running out of paper. The Ink Tank 310 has the best solution for this issue to. The HP Ink Tank 310 Printer’s Sheet Input Tray can contain up to 60 sheets at a time. Have bulk documents? Load papers, sit back and relax.

With all these features loaded, there can be no debate about the HP Ink Tank 310’s capabilities. Bold, beautiful, and powerful. So go for it and you’ll never regret it.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup Instructions

  • The HP Ink Tank 310 comes in a rectangular box completely sealed on all the sides.
  • Start the unwraping process by removing all the tapes, stickers, and packing materials covering the package.
  • Place the box horizontally downwards and pull the printer out of the box by pulling the cover in which the machine is present.
  • Remove all the tapes that are sealed over the HP Ink Tank 310 series printer. Open the exterior door and remove the tapes and the packing material that are present under the printhead access door.
  • Cardboard sheets can be found inside to protect from any external damage. Close the access door.
  • Place the printer on a flat surface. Make sure that it is kept away from dust and heat.
  • Connect the power cable to the rear side of the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer and plug the other end to an electrical outlet. Do not connect the USB at this moment.
  • Turn ON the printer. Now the ink tanks have to be filled.
  • Before filling the ink tanks, several cautions have to be kept in mind.
  • Open the bottle only while filling the ink tanks. If kept open for a long while, then the ink may dry up soon.
  • Keep children away from these ink bottles since they can cause issues if exposed to direct skin.
  • Keep the ink bottles in a cool and dry place. Open the ink tank lid and remove the plug from the black tank.
  • Remove the cap and pull the seal to remove it. Make sure to dispose the seal carefully.
  • Now replace the cap on the bottle with the nozzle opening and tighten it. Turn the bottle upside down and place it over the tank spout.
  • Push the bottle downwards slowly to let the ink drain into the tank and see that the ink tank is filled till the fill line.
  • After the tank is filled, pull the ink bottle up. Repeat the same steps to fill the other ink tanks and close the lid.
  • Install the printheads the way it is mentioned in the manual. Close the exterior door after installing the printhead.
  • Align the printheads because it is necessary to get the best quality through it. Press the Resume button for 3 seconds. Lift the scanner lid.
  • Place the alignment page with the print side down and close the scanner lid. Press the Start Copy Color button from the control panel and wait for the alignment to complete.
  • Raise the input tray and load a maximum of 60 papers into it. Adjust the paper width guides by sliding it to the extreme left.
  • On the bottom side, pull out the output tray and raise the tray extender.
  • After the hardware setup, install the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer software and start printing.


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