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Quick Guide for HP Ink Tank 319 Setup and Install

HP Ink Tank 319 Setup printer is an instant favorite printer for its accurate performance and an admirable efficiency. The printer works perfectly to offer you superior quality printing. It arrives in a compact design that fits anywhere on your workstation or at any corner of your office. This elegant design is perfectly accomplished by super-fast printing, where you can print thousands of pages with high-capacity ink tank system. For instance, it prints up to 8,000 pages with a pair of HP color bottles and 15,000 pages with two black ink bottles accompanied by an exceptional quality. HP Ink Tank 319 Printer is the reliable printer that prints high volumes of pages at an extremely low cost-per-page.

hp ink tank 319 setup

Every print you get appears in dark and crispy text to catch your eyes. The first set of ink bottles is received with the HP Ink Tank 319 Setup printer to start up the device. The ink tank of this printer has spill-free refill system with resealable bottles. Restore the ink levels easily with spill-free without a mess. Simply monitor the ink levels and restock with the original HP ink when the ink becomes low. These transparent ink tanks favor you to take a print with confidence. You can gain borderless, fade-resistant photos, flyers, and documents that last up to 22 times longer and express the perfection in your office.

Take a count of dark and crisp text from time-to-time. This HP Ink Tank 319 Printer comprises of three different functions like print, copy, and scan that is very much necessary for your work and other tasks. It is suggested to fix the number of pages per month within a specific range for flawless device performance. Change the dimension, size, type, and orientation of the document according to your preference.

The HP printheads are the main components in the mechanism of printing. It applies ink to the paper to print a dazzling document. The printer has printhead latch on the carriage to lock the printheads safely. This HP 319 Ink Tank printer is designed to work best with office papers. Use HP paper to bring out the highest print quality. A clean glass on the scanner of the printer interprets anything you place above by detecting. Scan or Copy a document within a few seconds either in black or color as per your wish. Always place the original document or photo with the print side facing down on the right front corner of the glass.

Step by Step Process for HP Ink Tank 319 Setup

Have a glance on the step-by-step procedures given below to attain a successful HP Ink Tank 319 Setup for the first time.


  • Break the seal from the box and withdraw the HP Ink Tank 319 Printer out of the package.
  • Peel off all the tapes that are found outside the printer and pull out the exterior door.
  • Detach all the tapes and packing materials including under the printhead access door.
  • Drag the printhead access door and eliminate the tape and packing materials that are found inside the printer.
  • Shut the printhead access door gently and push the exterior door to close it.
  • Locate the printer on a smooth leveled surface. Connect one end of the power cord to the rear of the HP Ink Tank 319 Setup printer and the other end into the electrical outlet.
  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer. The printer may take up to 15 seconds to turn on for the first time.

STEP 2: Ink Tank Filling

  • Make sure that you open the ink tanks only at the time filling the ink tanks.
  • Store the ink bottles in a cool, dry place in an upright position when it is not in use.
  • Lift the ink tank lid and discard the plug from the black tank. Open the cap and remove the seal from the black ink bottle.
  • Replace the cap on the bottle and tighten it. Open the lid and turn the bottle upside down.
  • Place the black ink bottle above the tank spout and press the bottle downwards without squeezing.
  • Wait until the ink drains into the tank and reaches the line on it. Pull the ink bottle upwards when it is finished.
  • Close the lid on the ink bottle and keep it straight. Place the ink tank plug back into the ink tank slot.
  • Redo the same procedure to fill the rest of the ink tanks and close the ink tank lid.

STEP 3: HP Ink Tank 319 Install Printhead

  • Remove the printheads form the package and pluck the orange plugs straightly upwards.
  • Peel off the tape from the printhead contacts without touching the copper-colored contacts.
  • Pull the exterior door with the printer turned on to open the printhead access door.
  • Wait until the printhead carriage moves to the center of the HP Ink Tank 319 Setup printer and press the blue printhead carriage latch.
  • Open the lid and place the printheads by matching the labels on the carriage and gently push until it snaps.
  • Shut the blue carriage slot gently and close the door. A blinking letter P is displayed on the control panel.
  • Close the exterior door and step into the next process.

STEP 4: Paper Loading

    • Lift the input tray and glide the paper guides to the extreme left. Load the stack of white paper with the print side down.
    • Adjust the paper guides against the edge of the paper. Drag the output tray and pull the tray extender.

STEP 5: Printhead Alignment

  • Press and hold the Resume button on the HP Ink Tank 319 Printer control panel at least for 3 seconds.
  • The printhead alignment begins as soon as the blinking P on the control panel changes to blinking A.
  • The printer now prints an alignment page. Raise the scanner lid and keep the alignment paper on the right-front corner facing down.
  • Place it according to the guides on all sides of the scanner glass and then shut the scanner lid gently.
  • Press the Start Copy Color button on the control panel of the HP Ink Tank 319 Setup printer. The Alignment is finished when the letter A changes to O on the control panel.

STEP 6: HP Ink Tank 319 Printer Software Installing

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and enter the model name of the printer to check the availability of the printer software.
  • HP Ink Tank 319 Install and Download the latest version of the printer software on the Windows or Mac computer by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Thus the setup procedure is complete when you perform all the preceding steps successfully.


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