HP Laserjet M577f

HP Laserjet M577F Printer Specification

  • The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M577f offers print, copy, scan, and fax. It delivers first page out as fast as 5.5 sec for black and 6.8 sec for color.
  • It has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 80000 pages and a recommended monthly volume of 2000 to 7500 pages.
  • It comes with an automatic paper sensor and offers two standard paper trays. It supports a maximum of up to five paper trays.
  • It supports the following mobile printing applications and services: HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print, It is Mopria certified.
  • It offers two hi-speed 2.0 USB host, one hi-speed 2.0 device, one Gigabit/Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-Tx network and hardware integration pocket.
  • It supports a standard embedded HP High-performance secure Hard Disk with a minimum available space of 320 GB.
  • It supports AES 256 hardware encryption or greater. It also offers secure erase capabilities.
  • It comes with a 100-sheet multipurpose and two 550 sheet input trays. It offers a 250 sheet output bin and a convenience stapler.
  • It supports automatic duplexing. It delivers print speeds of up to 40 ppm for black and up to 40 ppm for color in normal mode.
  • It is Energy Star qualified and helps you conserve energy. It weighs 84.5 lb.
HP Laserjet M577F

How to Print, Scan, Fax, Copy setup

Print Setup

  • For Windows, choose the Print option from the application you wish to print from.
  • Choose the printer from the list of printers. To modify settings, select the Properties or Preferences button to access the print driver.
  • Select the tabs in the print driver to set the available options. Select the OK button to return to the Print dialog box. Choose the number of copies to print from this screen. Select the OK button to print the document/file.
  • For Mac, select the File menu, and then choose the Print option. Choose the printer. Select Show details or Copies & Pages, and then choose other menus to modify the print settings. Choose the Print button.

Copy Setup

  • Place the document face-down on the scanner glass, or place it face-up in the document feeder and adjust the paper guides to fit the dimensions of the document.
  • From the Home Screen on the Printer control panel, choose Copy.
  • To modify the number of copies, tap the copies filed to access a keyboard.
  • Tap the More options button, and then tap the Optimize Text/Picture button.
  • Choose one of the predefined options, or touch the Manually Adjust button, and then alter the slider in the Optimize for region. Tap the OK button.

Scan Setup

  • Place the document face-down on the scanner glass or insert it face-up in the document feeder and modify the paper guides to fit the dimensions of the document.
  • From the home screen on the control panel, choose the action that you wish to complete.
  • Provide the file name and location, if required. To configure settings for the document, tap the More options button.
  • Tap the Preview button to preview the document. Once the document is ready, tap the start button to save the file.

Fax Setup

  • The MFP M577’s fax can be set up from the printer’s control panel. From the Home Screen on the printer control panel, navigate/scroll to and touch Administration.
  • Navigate to Fax Settings > Fax Send Settings > Fax Send Setup and Fax Setup Wizard.
  • Follow the instructions in the Fax Setup Wizard to configure the required settings.
  • To send a fax, place the document face-down the the glass, or place it face-up in the document feeder and modify the paper guides to fit the size of the document.
  • From the Home screen on the printer’s control panel, tap the Fax button.
  • Provide the recipients manually or from the contacts list. To fix the settings for the document, tap the More option button. Tap the preview button to preview the document.
  • When the document is ready, tap the Start button to send the fax. Click the File menu, and then choose the Print option.

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Step 1: The HP MFP M577f might indicate that the toner cartridge level is low or very low. The actual toner-cartridge levels might vary.

Step 2: Consider keeping a replacement cartridge to install in the printer when the print quality is no longer acceptable. Follow the instructions below to replace the toner cartridge in HP MFP 577f.

Step 3: The HP MFP M577f supports the following standard capacity replacement cartridges: HP 508A Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magneta, Original LaserJet Toner Cartridges. It supports the following high-capacity replacement cartridges: HP 508X Black Cyan, Yellow and Magneta Original LaserJet Toner Cartridges.

Step 4: To avert any damage to the MFP M577f toner cartridge, do not place it under light for more than a few minutes. In case the toner cartridge needs to be taken out from the printer for a long period of time, make sure that the drum cartridge is covered.

Step 5: The toner components include a handle, imaging drum, protective shield and Memory chip.

Step 6: To remove and replace the cartridge, first draw out the door. Grab the handle of the used toner cartridge and take it out to remove it.

Step 7: Take out the new MFP M577f toner cartridge from its protective shell by detaching the plastic strip and then by opening the package. Store all packaging for recycling the used toner cartridge.

Step 8: Grab both ends of the new toner cartridge and shake it five to six times. Detach the protective shield from the toner cartridge.

Step 9: Hold the toner cartridge underneath with one hand and grab the cartridge handle with the other hand.

Step 10: Align the toner cartridge with its slot on the shelf, and then place toner cartridge into the printer. Shut the front door.


Printers are susceptible to various forms of errors. This includes paper jams, low ink levels, and offline printers among others. To rectify these issues, you can troubleshoot the error. Troubleshooting is the process of following a standard procedure to resolve any error. It makes sure that errors that have multiple causes/solutions are rectified in a step-by-step fashion. You can make use of HP Software as well as the message displayed in your printer control panel to understand the errors. You can refer to the user guide to troubleshoot common errors.

Improve Print Quality
  • Attempt printing from a different software program. If the page prints correctly, the problem is with the software from which you were printing.
  • If not, examine the paper type configuration, if the print quality is not satisfactory when printing from a software application.
  • To check the paper settings in Windows: select the Print option from the software program you wish to print from. Choose the printer, and then select Properties or Preferences button.
  • Select the Paper/Quality tab. From the Paper type drop-down list, choose the More Option. Expand the group of type is: options.
  • Expand the group of paper types that best matches your paper. Choose the option for the kind of paper that your are using, and choose OK. Select the OK button to exit Document Properties. From the Print Dialog box, select the OK button to print the document.
  • For Mac, select the File menu, and then select the Print option. From the Printer menu, choose the printer. By default, the printer driver shows the Copies & Pages menu. Access the menu drop-down list, and then select the finishing menu. Choose a type from the Media Type drop-down list. Select the Print button.
  • Check the toner cartridge status and see if the ink levels are low or very low. Replace the cartridge if the ink levels are empty.
  • Clean the printer’s paper path. During the printing process paper, toner, and dust particles can lodge inside the printer and can cause prevent proper print quality from being delivered by causing issues such as toner specks or spatter, smears, streaks, lines or repeating marks.
  • Inspect the toner cartridge and if the memory chip is damaged and if the surface of the green imaging drum has scratches, fingerprints or any other form of damage, replace the toner cartridge.
  • If you are printing from the scanner glass, make sure that it is not full of smudges or finger prints. Remove any paper debris or dust that might have accumulate with a soft cloth or sponge that has been moistened with nonabrasive glass cleaner.
Clear Paper Jams
  • Tray 1: If a large portion of the paper is visible in the tray, gently and slowly pull the jammed paper out of the printer.
  • Ensure that the entire sheet is take out. In case it tears, continue with the following steps to locate the remnants.
  • If most of the sheet of paper, has been fed inside in the interior the printer, proceed with the following steps.
  • Raise the latch on the right door to release it. Draw out the right door. Shut the right door.
  • Tray 2: Raise the latch on the right door to unlock it. Draw out the right door. Gently draw out any jammed paper from the pick up region. Shut the transfer assembly.
  • Force down the green levers to free the jam access-cover. Gently draw out any jammed paper. In case the paper tears, ensure that all remnants are removed.
  • Shut the jam-access cover, and then lower the transfer assembly. Push the tray completely out of the printer by pulling and raising it up slightly.
  • Take out any jammed paper or damaged sheets of paper. Make that the tray is not overfilled and that the paper guides are placed correctly
  • Take out any paper from the feed rollers inside the printer. First pull the paper to the left to free it, and then push it forward to release it. Reload and close the tray. Shut the right door.
  • Output bin: If the paper is viewable in the output bin, grab the leading edge and take it out.
  • Document Feeder: Lift the latch to release the document-feeder cover. Draw out the document-feeder cover.
  • Take out any jammed paper. Raise the document input tray. Take out any jammed paper. Lower the document feeder tray. Shut the document feeder cover.


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