HP Officejet 4656 Software Driver

Driver installation for Windows

HP Officejet 4656 Software Driver

Step 1:Driver Download for Windows OS

Based on your printer model and the operating system, a full feature printer driver download or the HP Easy Start guided installation application is available on the download page. You can install the best printer driver for your 123.HP.Com Oj5740 printer.

  • Go through the instructions to download the updated printer driver from our website.
  • Once the printer driver download is completed, you can install the printer driver.
  • In case the HP Easy Start app gets enabled but it fails to download the HP printer driver, confirm that the system has an internet connection, and try to download again.
  • Suppose you are not able to detect your printer model from our website, then download it from our website.
  • Enter your corresponding printer model, if necessary, and then confirm whether the operating system is proper.
  • Click Download, which is below the Driver printer Installation Software, or go through the instruction that gets displayed.
  • Updated printer driver will be downloaded in the downloads folder.

Step 2: Procedure for printer driver installation

When you are guided to prefer a connection type during installation. Click USB, Wireless or Wired option, based on the printer model and connection to complete the installation process.

  • Access downloads folder and then start HP Easy Start file or the full feature printer driver .exe folder to start the installation.
  • Go through the instructions displayed on the screen to activate the connection to the printer and then the download printer driver is installed.
  • Follow the instructions to enable the connection to the printer and then install the 123.HP.Com Oj5740 printer driver.
  • When you are instructed by the installer, select Add Printer to create a print queue on the device.
  • Choose your printer name, select the Use or Print Using menu option, click your printer name in the drop-down list, and then choose Add.
  • Go back to the HP installer to finish the installation process.
  • It is always recommended to restart your computer after the driver is installed.

Driver installation for Mac device

Make use of the procedures which is listed in Driver installation for Windows, and then continue the step which is listed below.

Procedure to install the HP Officejet 5746 printer driver

  1. In case it is instructed, pick a type of connection you prefer during the installation process, select USB, Wireless or Wired option, based on the printer model and then connection preferences to complete the installation process.
  2. Once the download folder is enabled, then you can start the HP Easy Start file or the full feature printer driver .dmg folder to start the installation process.
  3. The remaining steps are similar to driver installation for Windows, so you can refer the steps to complete the driver installation process for Mac device.


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