hp officejet pro 6978 troubleshooting

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Troubleshooting

All the printer related issues or problems can be easily solved with the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer manual. Click the link and you will be directed to the manual download page. There you can choose the latest version manual for your printer and download it. Then follow the instructions given in it accordingly to HP 6978 Troubleshooting issue. The HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer manual includes the updated information and instructions on HP Officejet Pro 6978 Troubleshooting the printing, scanning related issues. With this manual, you can get solutions to all the technical problems. It also includes tips to prevent the issues beforehand..

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Help for Printer Offline

When you try to print something like documents or the photos, the error message “Printer is Offline” is displayed on the control panel screen and the printer does not print. Follow the below steps to overcome the HP Officejet Pro 6978 Troubleshooting issue.

Step 1: Download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to check the connectivity and also to diagnose and solve the HP 6978 Troubleshooting problem or issue. Read and respond to the screens to resolve the problem, after opening Print and Scan Doctor.

Step 2: If the error message is displayed still, then check and set the default printer and then unpause printing. So change the default print driver to your originally installed driver. Then confirm the printer is not set for offline use.

Step 3: After setting the default printer, if the error message persists still then resetting the printer can find a solution. When you reset the printer, it helps to restore a connection to the computer. After resetting, check if the problem is resolved.

Step 4: Ensure the correct port is selected, because if the driver is using the wrong communication port also may cause the printer to go offline as the connection cannot be made. Try to update the printer firmware and then create a manual connection.

Step 5: If the error persists still, then add a printer port to Windows that matches this new IP address after setting a manual IP address for the printer. If the problem is there still, then remove all the printer devices. Then install the device again.

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Help for Scanning Problems

When you try to scan the documents or the photos, the printer does not scan, or the computer or the scanner is not found or the scan fails. If it displays an error message “Computer not found” or “Scan Unsuccessful”, try the below steps to overcome the HP Officejet Pro 6978 Troubleshooting issue.

Step 1: To resolve the HP 6978 Troubleshooting issue, you must make sure if the issue is printing related also. If it is both scanning and printing related then ensure the cable is connected to the printer Ethernet port and to an available port on the router.

Step 2: If the orange activity light is not blinking and the green link is not steady, restart the router, printer, and computer. If it related scanning alone then, sometimes restarting the computer and printer can restore the lost scan connection.

Step 3: If the error is still there, ensure the printer is ready for scanning and your network is working correctly. Try to scan and if the error is not cleared, then run the print and scan doctor tool to resolve the error.

Step 4: By uninstalling the printer software, resolve scan connection issues and do not disconnect the printer from the network when uninstalling it. Then reinstall the latest version software. If the HP 6978 Troubleshooting issue is not cleared, then check if the WIA is activated.

Step 5: If the WIA is not activated also, scan jobs may fail, as it supports communication between the computer and scanners. So if WIA is not activated, then activate it. Temporarily disable the firewall software using the Print and Scan Doctor and try to scan.


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