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The HP 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 is a fax, copier, printer and scanner. It is an Ink-jet color printer. It is has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 30000 pages. It features print from USB flash drive, scan to email, HP ePrint, Mopria certification, fax to e-mail, and supports HP instant Ink. It supports Wired, Wireless, USB Wi-Fi Direct and near field communication. HP Officejet Pro 8720 Wireless All In One Printer offers a touch screen display with a diagonal size 4.3”. It has recommended monthly volume of 250-2000 pages.


123.hp.com/setup 8720 Printer Features

  • It operates with 4 cartridges. It uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology. HP Officejet Pro 8720 Airprint enabled.
  • The Control Panel features a home button, control panel display, wireless light indicator, Near Field Communication, back button and Help button.
  • You can access the Setup, Wireless, HP ePrint, Wi-Fi Direct, Ink, Fax Status, and HP EcoSolutions icons from the control panel.

Setting your HP Officejet Pro 8720 Printer Hardware for the first time

Setting up your printer for the first time involves multiple stages. It includes unboxing the printer, removing the shipping restraints, connecting to a power source, loading paper, installing cartridges and installing the software.

  1. Unpack the printer. Remove all tapes and shipping restraints from the movable parts. Check the interior and exterior of the printer for any safety materials. Attempt to recycle the material.
  2. Connect the printer to a power source using a power cord. Choose your desired language, country/region, and time in the control panel. Tap Yes to approve your choices.
  3. Place blank paper in the input tray. Draw out the input tray, and then take out the packing material. Place plain white paper into the input tray. Push the stack until it halts.
  4. Push the paper width guides in until they recline against the edges of the paper. Push the input tray into the printer. Install the ink cartridges in their designated slots.
  5. Download and install the full feature printer driver from our website for your HP Officejet Pro 8720. Make sure to download the installer appropriate for you operating system.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Driver and Software Installation

The 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 is a feature-rich printer. To utilize these features to the fullest, it is necessary to download and install the full feature printer driver and software printer.

Windows & Mac

  • You can download the full feature HP Officejet Pro 8720 Driver from us. For Windows, the file will be in .exe format. For Mac, the file will be in .dmg format.
  • When required to choose Open, Run or Save. Choose Save. Once the download completes, you can access the file from the Downloads bar othe browser or the Downloads folder of your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. If required, connect the printer to the computer. For Mac users, when prompted Add the printer to the printer queue. Go back to the HP installer and complete the installation.

If you have any queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 All In One Printer features

The Near Field communication feature in HP Officejet Pro 8720 Wireless All In One Printer lets you connect to the printer by letting the device touch the 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer. You need to use a device with NFC to make use of this feature.


The OfficeJet Pro 8720 has a maximum printing resolution up to 1200 X 1200 dpi (mono) and up to 4800 X 1200 dpi (color).It has a maximum printing speed up to 37 ppm (mono) and up to 37 ppm (color).


It can scan up to 23 ipm (b/w duplex) and up to 12 ipm (color duplex). It scans up to12 ipm (b/w) and up to 8 ipm (color) . It offers automatic duplexing and a grayscale depth of 8-bit and a color depth of 24 bit.


Scanning is the dominant feature for the business world. A soft copy of documents is necessary while running a business. How do you produce a soft copy? Here is the solution for your question. A 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer with a built-in scanner does what you need.


The Fax offers multiple resolutions of 200 X 200 dpi, 203 X196 dpi, 203 X 98 dpi, 300 X 300 dpi. It has a fax printing speed of 15 ppm and fax printing resolution of 203 X 196 dpi.

How to print a document in 123.hp.com/setup 8720

You can print a document with your HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 by opening the file in the application you created it in. After opening it, follow the instructions listed below.


  • From the application, choose File or the menu icon and then choose Print to open general printing settings.
  • To access more layout, quality, and advanced print settings, choose Printer Properties, Properties, or Preferences.Alter the settings you wish to change and click Print.


  • From the software, choose File, then choose Print. The Printer settings window appears. Choose your 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 Printer from the Printer menu.
  • From the Presets menu, choose an option that applies to your print job or paper type. Alter any settings you wish to change and choose Print.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Wireless All In One Printer Printing Photos

Print photos from the Windows system, by employing the precise paper type and print job settings.

Step 1: Photo paper is loaded into the main feeder tray

  • The paper is inserted into the main feeder tray. Load the paper into the correct tray by noticing your paper type and location of the tray for the paper you are going to use.
  • All other sheets are taken out from feeder tray.
  • Fit the short edge of the photo paper into the tray based on your 123.HP.Com Ojpro8720 printer type.
  • The paper width guides are adjusted so rest against the edges of the paper.

    Sample for printer Document Properties window with settings option and the advanced settings option

    123.hp.com ojpro8720

You can take quality photo prints from your OfficeJet Pro by opening the photo in the application you wish to print from and following the instructions listed below.

  • For Windows, Right-click the photo you wish to print, choose Open with, then choose Windows Photo Viewer or Paint. Choose Print or Choose File or the menu icon (Paint) and then choose Print.
  • The Print or Print Pictures window opens with general print job settings. Alter any settings you wish to change, and choose Print.
  • For Mac, Open the photo, choose File, and then choose Print. For the photos app, choose a layout and then choose Print.
  • The Print setting Window appears. Choose your 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer from the printer menu and alter Presets and other settings you wish to change. Choose Print.

Copying photos or documents in HP Officejet Pro 8720 All In One Printer

Make copies of the desired photos or documents using this 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer. Please note that even if the images displayed on this document are different from the printer you use, the steps are still applicable.

123.hp.com ojpro8720 copy

Before you begin your copy job, place the document or photo with the print side down on the scanner glass, and then shut the scanner lid.

  • You can use the automatic document feeder, but make sure not to place photos. It might damage both the photo and the printer.
  • Ensure that there are enough blank papers to complete the copy job and meet the number of copies you wish to take.
  • Press the Copy button or access the copy function from your printer’s control panel. You can alter any available setting that will alter the output.
  • Based on you printer model, tap start, or return to the main copy screen by taping the Back button, and then tap Start Black, Start Color, or OK to begin the copy Job.

Scan using HP Scan Software in 123.hp.com/setup 8720

Place the document or photo with the print side down on the scanner glass, and then shut the scanner lid. You can use the automatic document feeder, but make sure not to place photos. It might damage both the photo and the 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Scan for Windows

  • Search Windows for HP, choose HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 to open HP Printer Assistant.
  • Choose Scan a Document or Photo to open HP Scan.
  • Choose a shortcut meeting your needs and alter any settings if required. Choose Scan.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Scan for Mac

  • Search for Mac for scan, and then choose HP Easy Scan in the list of results to open the app.
  • Choose 123.hp.com/setup 8720 from the scanner from the drop down menu. Choose the thumbnail version of the scanned item in the left panel.
  • Choose Edit to alter any visual settings. Choose Send and then Choose folder. Confirm file name and location. Choose Save.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 All In One Printer Fax Setup using ADF

You can use HP OfficeJet pro 8720 to send documents to another fax machine. Usually, faxing requires a traditional telephone service. You will need to use the phone cord delivered with the printer.

Setup & Using ADF

  • Connect the phone core to the telephone wall jack and to the 1-line jack on the printer. Set up your fax preferences from the printer’s control panel.
  • Inform the recipient that you are going to send a fax. Place the document you wish to fax in the automatic document feeder.
  • Use the inscription on the ADF tray to see the perfect page orientation when placing the originals.
  • Ensure that blank paper is placed in the input tray for any fax report that might print. Ensure that your phone line is not currently in use and has dial tone.
  • Type the recipients phone number or choose a number from your fax phone. Pus the Black, Color, or Send button to send the Fax.
  • The 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer dials and a phone connection is made. High-pitched sounds indicate that the fax is sent, a fax report prints.

Print using Android Smartphones or tablet.

  • Install the HP Print Service Plugin on your Andoird OS 4.4 or later device and switch on the plugin.
  • Ensure that your Android device or tablet is connected to the same wireless network that your 123.hp.com/setup 8720 printer is connected to, or that Wi-Fi direct on your printer and Android device is active.
  • If you have installed HP Print Service Plug in for the first time, swipe down the home screen to view the notification dashboard, and then spot HP Inc. Service installed.
  • Touch HP Inc. Service is installed or HP Inc., and then touch ON. Switch off any other Print service plugins, if required.
  • Your Android device is now ready to print using the HP Print Service Plugin. Open the file you wish to print, select the menu icon, and then select Print.
  • A Print preview screen displays. Next to Select a Printer, touch the down arrow to see the printer list, and then choose OfficeJet 8720 form the list. Tap the down arrow to alter any print settings, and then touch the Print icon.
Print using HP Officejet Pro 8720 Wireless All In One Printer Remote App

You can use our HP Smart App to set up your 123.hp.com/ojpro8720 printer on a wireless network. You can also print, scan, and troubleshoot issues using the HP Smart App.

  • Install the HP Smart App (previously HP Officejet Pro 8720 All In One Printer remote app) on your device.
  • On the app Home Screen, Tap the plus sign. The app looks for printers connected to the network. Tap the printer you wish to use or add the printer if you are setting up a new printer on a network.
  • Launch the HP Smart App, select Print Documents, Print Photos, or choose your cloud storage or social media account.
  • Spot file on your mobile device, social media, or cloud account. Choose the document or photo you wish to print. A preview of the document or photo appears. Touch Print.


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