replacing hp envy 4516 ink cartridge

Replacing HP Envy 4516 Ink Cartridge

Step 1: Have a glance at the instructions provided below to know when and how to replace the ink cartridges.

Step 2: If the control panel of the printer shows a low ink alert message, or it does not print the document with expected quality, the issue lies with the ink cartridges that are installed on your printer.

Step 3: Substitute the already existing ink cartridge with a new one. Keep your printer on, when you attempt to install the cartridge.

Step 4: Elevate the top cover, give a time until the printer finishes its warm- up session, and then click down the old cartridge to get it out from the slot.

Step 5: Place the new cartridge as how you installed it earlier. Once it is done, close the top cover of the printer.

Step 6: Go on with the Align procedure to maintain the good quality as much as you can.

Step 7: Access the HP Solution Center, click All Programs, point to the printer name.

Step 8: Tap on Settings and then pick out the Printer Toolbox, and then go on with the Align the Print Cartridges.

Step 9: Click on Align and then go on with the on- screen prompts and get your ink cartridge installation done.

How to Fix HP Envy 4516 Ink Cartridge Issues

1. To fix the ink cartridge issue, you have to know what is the causes of the issue.

2. When the installed ink cartridges are not properly seated in their slots, the ink cartridge issue occurs.

3. In such scenario, remove the existing cartridge, and fix it again.

4. The cartridge issue occurs if the ink cartridge and carriage is not clean.

5. Wipe the carriage and contacts using a lint- free clothes. The cleaning should be done when the printer is kept on.

6. Clean the carriage and contacts thoroughly until no debris remains inside.

7. Printer reset helps you restore the normal printer functions.

8. To power reset your printer, power on the printer first.

9. Hold on til your printer is silent and idle. When your printer is kept on, remove the power cord from the printer’s rear end.

10. Plug out the power cord from the power supply and hold on at least for 60 seconds.

11. Connect the power cord again to the wall outlet and attempt to print again.

12. Check our website for more information. For further details, stay in touch with our professionals and sort out the issues.

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