setup 4510 envy 4510 Printer Setup and Installation envy 4510 is a printer is recommended for home usage and moderate office usage. This multi-function printer contains duplexing capability. This single device is capable of print, scan, and copy. Network connectivity modes include wireless, and USB. The HP Envy 4510 wireless setup connection allows the mobile connection. AirPrint, Mopria is possible in addition to cloud printing. The display is limited to 2.2-inches monochrome LCD. This is a two cartridge color printer with a 100-sheet input capacity.

Specifications and Features

  • The HP Envy 4510 which operates on ink based printing system uses latest ink delivery technology to increase your cartridge life.
  • This envy 4510 printer can perform print, scan, and copy. It is best suited for demanding home users and moderate office usage.
  • Connectivity means include wireless, and USB 2.0. This allows mobile printing capability. AirPrint, Mopria, Cloud print, ePrint are some of the available options.
  • The printing resolution for black is set at 1200 x 1200 and 4800 x 1200 dpi for color respectively.
  • The input and output paper tray is limited to 100-sheets and 25-sheets respectively.


  • Can print jobs consistently.
  • Low budget printer.
  • Slim, sleek and compact in design.
  • Energy star certified printer that conserves power.


  • Cannot be connected to a wired or Ethernet network.
  • Slow printing.
  • Relatively lower print quality.
  • Duplex copy or scan unavailable

Bottom Line

Although not ideal for office needs, the overall performance of the 123.HP.Com Envy4510 printer is satisfactory and relates purely for fulfilling home printing needs.

First time HP Envy 4510 Setup and Unboxing Solution

  • Place the package on a flat and sturdy surface. Remove the packaging materials and open the box. Remove all the contents and place it on the surface.
  • The accessories that are present in the box are removed to make way for the printer. This includes the wires and the printed documents. The printer is then removed and placed on the counter.
  • The tapes present on the printer are removed. They prevent the printer components from moving around during the transportation. Tapes present on the paper tray and carriage are also removed.
  • The power cord is connected to the envy 4510 printer. One end of this wire goes to the rear of the printer and the other goes to the power socket on the wall.
  • Extended the output paper tray is to its fullest. The input paper tray is opened and paper is placed in it. Before this, extend the paper width and paper length markers to their maximum.
  • This is to make room for the paper. Genuine HP sheets are placed in the tray and the markers are slightly tightened to hold the paper in place and at the same time not holding them too tightly.
  • You will be provided with ink cartridges in the box package. Remove them from their package and the tape present underneath it covering the printhead and the contact points.
  • Open the cartridge access door and identify the cartridge slot. Remove the cartridge latch and place it inside. Lock the latch to secure the cartridge. Close the cartridge access door when done.
  • Open the scanner lid and then remove the paper placed on the scanner glass. You will see markings on the sides of the glass.
  • Place the alignment paper face down on the scanner glass. Make sure the sides are aligned to the markings. Click the scan button and wait for the calibration to complete.
  • The driver software can be installed from the CD provided in the box package. If not, go to the link mentioned on this website to download the software.
  • During the software installation, choose the network connection of your choice. The envy 4510 printer will only function in this and to change this mode would require you to reinstall the driver software.

HP Envy 4510 Wireless Setup

Setting up your printer to connect wirelessly would require you to install the driver and prefer the wireless connectivity option. The underlying process is discussed in detail in the following steps.


  • To proceed with setting up your printer to connect to a wireless setting, you are required to gather the following.
  • Your wireless network name and password, a computer that has wireless capability, a local area network with the internet connection.
  • Connect the power cords directly to your printer. Insert the cartridges and make sure your printer is fully functioning.
  • Turn on your envy 4510 printer, computer, and router. Place this set up close to each other to prevent signal loss. Signal strength in the printer can be identified from the light near the wireless icon.


  • Go to your printer’s control panel and search for HP Envy 4510 wireless setup networks. A list of available networks is displayed. Choose yours and connect to it by entering the password.
  • If it is not found, restart your router and then go to manual search and enter your network name. It will appear in the search result. Click it and enter the password to connect to it.
  • Make sure you connect the computer to the same network. You have to ensure your signal strength is strong to prevent network detection error.


  • Download the driver software from our technical support. They will guide you through the process of downloading the software. Make sure to mention your operating system whilst doing so.
  • Post-download, double-click the file to begin the installation. Remove all USB connection from your envy 4510 printer and commence the process.
  • Choose a directory that the driver needs to get installed in. Software such as the HP Install Assistant and HP Envy 4510 Setup Wizard can be used for assistance.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and choose HP Envy 4510 wireless setup as your networking means to complete the installation.

Print, copy, scan and fax in envy 4510 Printer


Printing is the basic task of a printer that allows you to convert a digital document to a physical form. The preferred settings are to be varied to derive a customized print. Click below to learn Printing methods.


This is where you can reproduce multiple copies of any document after scanning it. Images and documents both color and mono can be copied. Choose copy and place the document and wait for the process to complete. Click here to understand how Copying works.


The process of making a digital copy of a physical document is called scanning. Required no printer ink. Place the document in the glass and click the scan button. The resulting file can be stored or emailed. The following button will teach you scanning.


Sending messages over telephone line never gets old. Fax operation is integrated with your printer. It takes a little setting up and requires a live telephone connection. Click here to learn setting up faxing on your envy 4510 printer.

How to print a document – win & mac

Printing is the most fundamental function of a printer. This process requires the driver software to be installed and network connection setup. Also, the cartridges are installed before attempting printing.


  • Choose the file that you want to print. It can either be a document or a photo. If it is a colored document, make sure your printer is installed with a color cartridge in advance.
  • From the file, click the Ctrl+P button at the same time. This will open a print window. Allowing you to choose a printer to which this print job will be sent to.
  • The next step is to modify your print settings to derive the best printing performance from your envy 4510 printer.


  • Printing on a Mac is similar to how printing is done on Windows OS. Choose a document or photo that needs to be printed. Open the document in an image viewing software.
  • On your keyboard, press the Command button and P button at the same time. A window will appear.
  • In this window, a list of printers that are recognized by your computer is displayed. Choose the current printer.
  • It is optional to change the print settings. Preview of the document will appear. Click print and wait.

How to copy a document or photo

Copying is the process of duplicating a document. This required scanning to be performed. place the document on the scanner and choose the number of copies to be made.

Scan the original document

  • Turn on the printer and load the document in the scanner. The scanner lid is opened and the glass is cleaned beforehand. The original document that is to be copied is placed face-down on the scanner glass.
  • In case of an ADF, the document is placed facing up. The document is carefully aligned on the scanner glass. The markings on the corner are aligned with the edge of the document.

Changing the Copy settings

  • Close the scanner lid and click the copy icon from the control panel. You will now have to choose the number of copies that are to be made.
  • Additional option of two-sided printing can be chosen here. in addition to this, the document can be modified. Some option is Resize – Choose between Actual, Fit to Page, and Custom.
  • Lighter/Darker allows you to vary lightness/darkness level. Choose color/black. After all the changes are made, click Return and then click Copy.

How to scan in envy 4510 Printer

Scanning allows you to make a digital copy of a document or an image. This process requires no ink to be expended. This process requires the latest driver software downloadable from our tech support.


  • Download and install the latest full-feature driver software. Full-feature is recommended as it contains additional features that are needed to operate your scanner.
  • Download and install the Windows version of it by following the on-screen instructions. Place the document face down on the scanner glass.
  • Click the scan button present on the printer. The same can be done from the HP Printer Assistant option of the Control Panel. Open the Scan a Document and the HP Scan, here you will find the scan button.
  • The resulting file from the scan is displayed on your computer. Check the preview before saving the file. The format of the saved file is in PDF. You can also configure your printer to email the scan result to a preset mail.


  • Mac version of scanning requires the driver to be installed as well. Download the full-feature driver software from us. This contains the additional features that allow your envy 4510 printer to perform all its functions.
  • The document or photo is placed face down on the scanner glass and the lid is closed. Click the scan button.
  • The scan can also be initiated from HP Scan. Open the search option and search for HP Easy Scan. On the first result, open the Scanner drop-down menu. Under the Presents menu, click Scan button.
  • Post-scan, the results are displayed on the computer. You can choose to save it to mail it to a preferred email.

How to scan from printer’s control panel

The scan process can be initiated from the control panel of the printer, thus saving you time and effort. Since computers are not needed, this can be a great boon towards saving your time.

  • Make sure the scanner glass is clean and that the scanner lid fits perfectly on the scanner glass to avoid quality issues.
  • Place the document or photo that is to be scanned face down on the scanner glass. Close the lid and open the printer’s control panel. Under the menu, you can find the San button.
  • Click the button and wait for the process to complete. The resultant can either be saved or mailed to a preset email address.
  • An option will appear allowing you to choose through the various options. There is also the option of saving the scan to your computer provided your envy 4510 printer is connected to your PC.

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