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Features and Specifications

It worths your money. It has an automatic document feeder and you can connect this printer to the network using the Wi- Fi Direct and Wi- Fi methods. It is capable of printing from cloud and the photo tray it has can hole 6 inch photo tray. It is one of the printers that produces fast photo prints.

HP Envy 5542 Printer Specifications

  • The printing technology of this printer is inkjet color.
  • The recommended duty cycle is about 1000 pages.
  • It has a touch screen display which is about 2.2 inch in diagonal size.
  • The recommended monthly volume is about 300- 400 pages.
  • Maximum copy speed of the printer is up to 10 ppm for mono whereas it is 5 ppm for color.
  • The maximum copy resolution for black and white is about 300*300 dpi and 600 * 600 dpi for color.
  • You can get maximum of 50 copies out of the HP Envy 5542 printer.
  • This is one of the Energy Star certified printer using which you can reduce the amount you spent on power consumption.


  • Automatic Duplexer.
  • Cloud Printing.
  • Quick photo printing.


  • Neither has Ethernet nor Fax.
  • Absence of Automatic document Feede.
  • Not suitable for business purpose

Bottom Line

An inkjet multifunction printer, predominantly designed for residential purpose. Performs functionalities inclusive of Print, Copy, and Scan via cloud printing and compatible with mobile printing feature.

Setting up your HP ENVY 5542 for the First Time

Once the printer is bough, you have to perform certain setup to start working on with your printer. We offer the simplest instructions to customize the printer on your own.

Step 1: unbox the printer from the pack.
  • Generally, at the time of shipment the printer and its components are wound with the plastic tapes and covering materials to avoid damage.
  • Take out the printer from the box and remove the packing materials present in and around the printer.
Step 2: Check the materials that are shipped along with the printer
  • Generally, your manufacturer will provide you a power cord, installation CD, a set of compatible ink cartridges. In addition to that you will have accessories like a duplexer, a secondary input tray, and more.
Step 3: Link up your power cord arrange references
  • To power on the printer the printer should be connected to the power supply.
  • Link the printer to the power supply and then set the preference by directing to the control panel.

FIGURE : HP ENVY 5540 Printer Unbox Setup

HP Envy 5540 Printer Setup

Step 4: Setup the ink cartridge into the printer

If this is the first time, your manufacturer will provide you a set of ink cartridges. Use it and install them in the respective slots.

  • Free the ink cartridge from the packing materials and then keep it in the slot.
  • Before you insert the cartridge into the slot, make sure that the color code on the printer and the ink cartridge matches. Misplacing of the cartridges would end in the printer issue.
  • After you place all the ink cartridges in the slots, close the cartridge access door and align them.

Step 5: fill the paper with new unused paper tray

Enough amount of paper should be placed in the input tray of the printer.

  • Hold the handles of the tray and pull it out to the greater extent.
  • Place the paper and then tap on it to make it flat.
  • Push the paper guides till they rest against the edge of the paper and then close the tray extender.

Step 6: Install the printer software on your Envy 5542 printer

  • Software installation is the last step of the first time printer setup.
  • Install the correct printer driver on the computer after you assemble all hardware of the printer. Once it is done, take a print of test page to check if the installation is successful.

123.HP.Com Envy5542 Printer/Wireless Setup For Windows & Mac

No printer can function until it is connected to a network. Though you have many compatible methods of network connection, many users prefer Wireless mode because of its robustness. Check the below section to know how to establish the printer connection over the wireless network.


Step 1: Downloading the software and making a wireless connection to the printer.

  • Obviously, no printer can function unless it is connected to the network. After you install the correct driver and software proceed to connect the printer to the connection.

Step 2: making the wireless connection on your Envy 5542 printer

  • To connect the printer to the network, you have to know the network name and password.
  • Check if the devices of the print system are kept closer to each other.
  • Do not connect any cable from the printer.

Step 3: make a link to the wireless network

The built- in Wireless setup wizard is anideal way to initiate and maintain the wireless connection. Use the below steps and know more.

    • Keep your printer on and check if it is in the ready state.
    • Go to the control panel and choose the Wireless icon.
    • When the Wireless Summary screen opens click on the Settings option, choose wireless setup wizard, and complete the connection process using the on- screen prompts.

Step 4: Download and install the correct printer software on your computer

      • The printer can be used after you install the correct software and driver on the Window computer.
      • You have two methods of installing the driver. I) using a CD ii) downloading from the website.
      • Choose the one which you like.


The below instructions let you establish the printer connection to the Mac computer. Customize the printer using the below steps.

  • To initiate the network connection, you should have an active 802.11 cWi- Fi network like home wireless network.
  • A Mac computer that is already linked to the network either through Wi- Fi or an Ethernet cable.

Step 1 : establishing the printer to the wireless network

Check of the printer is kept on and is loaded with paper and ink cartridges installed before setting up the wireless connection.

  • If you customize the printer for the first time, remove the printer from the box and eliminate all plastic tapes present around it.
  • Keep the printer on a flat surface, insert a power cord, place enough amount of compatible paper, fix the ink cartridges, and align the ink cartridges.
  • Keep the print side of the alignment page on the scanner glass and then click Start Copy Black icon to align the ink cartridges.

Step 2: Retrieve the default wireless settings on the printer

Do the series of the icon on the printer to reboot the wireless settings so the connection is accomplished successfully.

  • Power on the printer and then check if the wireless light is blinking.
  • On the printer, push and hold the power icon. While doing this, click on the Start Copy Black twice and then press the Cancel icon thrice.
  • Release the power icon and re-do the same steps if the wireless light does not blink.

Step 3: Install the suitable driver

After the connection is made, look for the correct printer driver and install it on the Mac computer.

HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup

Printer Connection Troubleshooting:

The instructions provided in the troubleshooting section helps you resolve the issue if your printer encounters them. Check the steps below and retrieve the printer’s function if you get the cartridge missing or ink cartridges problem on the control panel of the printer.

HP ENVY 5542 –’Cartridges Missing’ or ‘Ink Cartridges Problem’

When the installed HP ink cartridges are not detected by the printer or if inappropriate ink cartridges are used, the printer’s control panel shows this kind of error message.

Step 1 : make sure that you use a genuine and reliable ink cartridges
The HP cartridges can be obtained from online store or get it from any nearby HP outlet if you have.

      • To place an order of a new ink cartridge, go to HP Sure Supply.
      • If needed, pick out your country or region.
      • Trail the prompts and place an order of the appropriate ink cartridge.

Step 2: Inspect the ink cartridges

Scrutinize if the ink cartridges you use is free from faults and defects.
Steps to be followed to inspect the ink cartridges:

        • Power up the printer and elevate the ink cartridge access door.
        • Take out the cartridges from the slot, check if any smears are present and then place it again properly.
        • Subsequently, shut the cartridge access door.

Step 3: clean the ink cartridge contacts

        • You can make use of a clean cloth to clear the accumulated dust and dirt present in the contacts of the ink cartridge.
        • When you planned to clean the cartridge contacts, switch off the printer and for the safety measures plug out the cable from the printer’s end.
        • Once you clean the contacts, re- assemble the components and re- insert the power cable. Now power on the printer and check if the issue is cleared. envy5542

Step 4: Remove and re- insert the cartridge again

When the cartridges are not properly seated in their slots, the issue would occur.

        • After powering on the printer and the carriage rests at a point, pull out the cartridge gradually from the slot.

        • Leave for a while and then re- install it again. Check if the error message on the panel is cleared.

Step 5: Reboot the printer

        • To do the rebooting process, simply power off the printer.
        • Remove the cable from the printer end and the power socket end.
        • After a minute, re- do the connection and check the control panel for the error message.

Step 7: Replace the ink cartridge with a new ink cartridge

        • Buy a good authentic ink cartridge that is suitable for your printer.

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