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HP Envy 5665 printer is a multi-functional device. It is designed for a domestic purpose. With the help of Automatic Duplexing and high print speed, you can take any number of pages within the time period and at a very less paper cost. Stay connected to your printer to print the documents or photos wirelessly. The printer supports various connection modes such as Ethernet, USB and Wireless. Make your printing process easy with this printer.


  • Connect your all-in-one printer to the local wireless network and the Internet,wirelessly right from the system.
  • With the easy setup process, you can print from the smartphone, tablet or PC. Print lab -quality photos using the compatible photo paper.
  • Do not trim the edges of your photos when you take a photo from this printer .This can be done using the Borderless printing feature.
  • Configure the printer on different platforms. As this printer supports Windows and Mac operating systems. envy5665 printer – Unbox Setup

When you purchase a printer, the first step is to do the first time printer setup.You can refer the user manual available in the box to do the task. In case you have any issues at the time of setup process, go through the steps given below to start the setup process. Prior to setting up, examine whether there are all items necessary for the setup process.

  • Unbox the HP Envy 5665 printer. Remove all the packing materials surrounding the printer.The packaging is done to avoid the damage to the device at the time of transportation.
  • Check for the power cable in the printer’s box. Use the cable for the connection process. Connect one end to the printer’s rear and the other end to the electrical socket. Then switch on the printer.
  • Insert plain sheets of paper into the input tray. Adjust the paper width guides against the edge of the paper for proper alignment. While adjusting, do not bend the edges as it may lead to paper jam.
  • Remove the new ink cartridges from the printer’s package.Insert the cartridges into their respective slots. Ensure that you hear a snap sound. This indicates that they are inserted properly.
  • Once you have inserted, the printer starts to print an alignment page. This is done to provide quality printouts. Now, install the printer driver and software in the system.

Search for your Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 password for Windows

At the time of connecting a printer to a wireless network,it is necessary to type the password. If it is not available, follow the steps below to find it.

Step 1 : Look for the password from a system linked to the wireless network

You can browse for the wireless network password from a system that is connected to the wireless network. To look at this security password on a Windows system, access the network properties window.

  • Browse Windows for view network connections, and then tap on the View network connections from the exhibited results.
  • The Network connection window gets screened.
  • Do a right- tap on the wireless network name, and then tap on
  • The Wi- Fi Status or Wireless Network connection status window exhibits.
  • Click on the Wireless Properties
  • Tap on the Security option, and then tap on the Show Character check box, to look at the wireless network password.
  • If the Show Character check box is unavailable and cannot be selected, move on to the next step.

Step 2 : Find the password in your router

In case the password is not available, refer the bottom or rear of the wireless router. It contains the initial network password which is also referred as WPA key, security password.

Step 3 : Get the password from the ISP documentation

You receive a documentation from the Internet Service Provider. The documentation contains the network name and password.

Search for your Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 password for Mac device

Printing the documents over the wireless network is easy when you have an idea about the network name, password and its status. The password provided is also said to be Wi-Fi security key, WEP key or WPA or WPA2 passphrase. Wireless password is given by ISP, and you might have modified the password.

Step 1 : Get the password from your Mac system

  • On your Mac system, look for the Finder menu bar. Click Go->Utilities. In the Utilities window, access the Keychain application.
  • Select the Local items option under the Keychains list. A category list should be displayed. In the list, select the Passwords option. Select the network name from the list.
  • You need to double-click on it to click the Show password option. In case the installer instructs,type the administrator password and then press OK.

Step 2 : Obtain the password on your router

If the network password is not available in your system, get it from the rear or bottom of the router. This password is referred as the initial network password.

Step 3 : Refer the ISP documentation

Check whether there is any documentation provided from the ISP.If any, refer it to get the network name and password.

If you have encountered any issues and troubles, give a call us on our toll- free 1-888-249-8496 to resolute the problem.

Printing using Wi-Fi direct feature

Wi-Fi Direct allows a direct wireless connection to the printer without connecting to any local network or to the internet. Activate the Wi-Fi Direct connection on the printer.Using this you can print documents or photos from the wireless capable systems and mobile devices.

  • Download and Install the recent version of HP print Service Plugin in your mobile device. You can get it from the Google Play Store or App store.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi Direct from the control panel of the Hp envy 5665 printer or from the Settings in your system. Once you have enabled it, you can avail the network name and password.
  • If you are unable to get the credentials, press the information button on the control panel to get the network name and password.
  • There are two ways to print from the printer using the Wi-Fi Direct option. Choose either Automatic or Manual option.
  • When your choice is Automatic, it is not necessary to type any password to print. If you opt for Manual, then you are supposed to type the password to print.
  • Select the document or image you intend to print from the system. Choose the printer’s name from the list and hen click Print. envy5665 fax setup

The HP Envy 5665 printer is not compatible with the fax feature. There are certain other Envy printers that support fax feature. Follow the steps below to set up the fax for the supported printer.

Step 1 : Organize the requirements

  • Make use of a telephone cable that is present in the printer’s shipment box. If it is not present in it, get the one with connectors that have two wire leads.
  • When you are using a different type of connector, make sure that they support the printer model. If it does not support,it is not possible to configure the fax to your printer.

Step 2 : Set up a Fax on the printer

  • Plug in one end of the phone cable to the phone wall jack and the other end to the 1-LINE jack on the hindside of the Hp envy 5665 printer.
  • In case you have a answering machine, plug in one end of the phone cable to the machine and the other end to the jack labeled 2-EXT on the rear of the printer.

Step 3 : Customize the basic fax settings

  • You can customize the default fax settings to your requirement from the control panel of the printer.The basic fax settings are dial type, answer mode, rings to answer etc.
  • When you customize all of them, ensure that it recognizes the rings and you are able to answer to the fax calls. Once you have customized, run a fax test report.

Step 4 : Procedure to print a fax test report

  • Browse the Fax setup menu available on the control panel of the printer. Click Run fax test. After a while, the printer prints the fax test report.
  • In case the printer has completed the fax test successfully, you can start to fax from the printer. If the fax test fails, call our toll-free number to solve the fax issue.

Scanning a photo

Before scanning a photo from the printer, it is necessary to install the compatible driver or software in the system. In case you have not installed it, try to install it. After installing, follow the steps to start the scan job.

Step 1 : Place the photo or document

  • Primarily, turn on all the devices required for the scanning process. Keep the document or photo on the scanner glass with the printed side upwards or into the Automatic Document Feeder with the printed side downwards.
  • If you are intending to use an ADF tray, it is advised to avoid using it as it may result in damage to the photos. The ADF can be used to scan multiple page documents at a time.

Step 2 : Scan the required document

  • Once you have placed the document, press the Scan button available on the control panel of the printer. Make the required changes to the scan settings.
  • If the Scan button is not available, launch the scan software. Click Scan. Fix the required scan settings such as resolution, quality, etc. Then, start the scan job.

Copying document or images

When you are trying to copy a document or photo from the printer, you need to place them on the scanner glass or into the Automatic document Feeder tray. You can take any number of copies from the printer as per the user’s requirements.

Step 1 : Keep the document on the scanner glass.

  • Take the hard copy of the document or photo you wish to scan and then place it on the scanner glass. At the time of placing,ensure that they are aligned according to the engraved guides on the scanner glass.
  • In case you wish to insert the document into the Automatic Document Feeder, it is necessary to place the printed side facing upwards and the edge moving first into the tray.

Step 2 : Copy the required document

Once you place the original document, alter the copy settings like paper size, paper type, and lightness or darkness level, and then copy the document or images.

  • On the control panel of the printer you can view a copy button,press it. Set the necessary changes in your copy settings such as number of copies, quality, etc.
  • In case your choice is to do copy on both sides, select the two-sided option. If you wish to disable it, select off. After that, start the copy job again.


Color or Black ink not printing properly

In case the ink level is critically low or using an unauthentic ink cartridge, the color or black ink printing issue appears on teh control panel of the printer. Here are solutions on how to solve the issue. In case the issue is not fixed, reach our customer support team to fix it.

Step 1 : Use authentic ink cartridges and appropriate paper type

Examine whether the printer uses authentic and compatible ink cartridges. In case the printer is not compatible, purchase a compatible one.

Ensure that the paper used for printing is appropriate. In case the paper type does not match the print job, insert the suitable one into the input tray.

Step 2 : Clean the printhead and replace with new ink cartridges

In case you view any ink smears on the backside of the printouts, then it is necessary to clean the printhead. After cleaning, try to print a test page.

In case the issue is not resolved, examine the ink level in the cartridges. In case it is empty or critically low, it is advisable to replace it with a new one.

Step 3 : clean the cartridge and align the printer

  • One of the other solutions is to clean the cartridges from the control panel of the HP Envy 5665 printer. Tap Setup-> Printer Maintenance-> Clean Cartridges.
  • Aligning the ink cartridges is one of the best solutions to get quality printouts. You can align the printer from the control panel.
  • Try to clean the area around the ink nozzles. When you clean it, use a clean and damp cloth. Wait a minute for the cartridge to dry and then insert it again.
  • In case you are not able to print after performing all the above steps, call our toll-free number to fix the printing issue.

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