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Known for its quality, this is the ultimate printer when it comes to home printing. This printer has the provision of a touchscreen to allow quick operation of the printer functionalities. The ability to quickly get up to its feet after turning it on is a boon considering the amount of time it saves by this way.


The 6978 is a printer that comes with a standard 1Gb memory to perform printer functions flawless and to handle a large queue. 4 cartridge ink system delivers vivid photo prints. 2.6-inch touch screen and 600×1200 dpi make this ideal for the home. Print speeds are 30 and 26 ppm for mono and color respectively.


This printer is not equipped to handle office level printing however, it does not lose a challenge when it comes to home printing. This device can perform print, scan, and copy effortlessly. The presence of an adjustable ADF saves papers. Network connections include USB and wireless with the addition of mobile printing to make your printer experience easier.

123 hp officejet pro 6978


  • 123 HP Setup 6978 is Fast.
  • Duplex (two-sided) printing.
  • Ethernet.
  • Wi-Fi. Wireless Direct.
  • Low running cost.
  • It can print 30,000 pages per month.


  • Lesser productivity than most inkjet multifunction printers (MFPs).
  • Only one paper tray.
  • Sub-par photo quality.
  • It is not as fast as laser printers.


A user-friendly printer that is economically feasible and reliable in terms of producing quality prints. If you are looking for a productive printer, this setup 6978 is a perfect one.

Printing with Black Ink Only (Windows)

  • Open the document that has to be printed and click the print icon and choose your printer from a list of printers.
  • On the next window that appears, choose Printer Properties. In here, you will see various customizing options.
  • Open settings and click Advanced and choose Black Ink Only. Pick Black & White and click Ok.

Printing in black for all print jobs

  • For the same settings to be applied to all your prints, go to Print Settings and open the Advanced tab found under the Print Preferences.
  • Like the previous option, under the Grayscale option, select Black Ink Only and Black & White option and choose All Prints option. setup 6978

Printing with Black Ink Only (Mac)

  • On your Mac computer, open the photo or document that you want to print. Click the Print button present in the FIle.
  • Choose the Show Details. Here, open the Grayscale present in the Paper Type option. Select Black Ink Only to print only using black ink.
  • To vary the shades of black, go to Grayscale and select Draft. To increase the quality, choose High Quality found under the same option.

Print only black ink for one print job

  • To always printing with only black ink, go to the previous option and under Grayscale option, select Black Only and save this setting. This is saved in Presents list.

Print only black for one print job

  • Before attempting to print documents, make sure your printer is in a print ready state. This is made sure by checking the power cords of the printer to avoid interruptions. The cartridge is kept updated. The driver software is installed successfully. Go to Print Preferences from the Control Panel of your computer. Under the Color Specification, choose Mono. Revert it to the next print. If not, the printer only prints in black.

Printing documents

Printing is the most basic among a printer functionalities. Printing can be performed by clicking the quick access buttons on the touchscreen present on the printer. To perform printing, it is, however, imperative that the driver software to be installed as per the operating system of the computer that is running it.

HP Printers – Printing Documents (window)

  • Printing a document can be accomplished by choosing a document with the click of a button. It is the variations that you are to be careful about.

Print settings

  • On your document reader, click the Print button which will open the Settings window. Choose the Printer Properties option and choose Advanced.
  • Paper type should be chosen as per the current media type. Print quality can be used to vary the ink spent for each print. Color/mono can be used to vary from color/mono.

HP Printers – Printing Documents (Mac)

  • Choose a document from your computer and click the print icon. Choose the number of copies and the deed is done

Print settings

  • Open the settings window from your document reader by clicking File and Print followed by Show Details.
  • From the Presets menu, you can vary the Layout, Color Matching, Paper Handling, Cover Page, Paper Type/Quality, Supply Levels.
  • Make sure the entered value and the paper in the tray are the same if not an error code is displayed.

Wired network setup for Windows and Mac

Taking the 6978 into consideration, wired would mean USB connection. This is one of the means of network connection for this printer. This would require a dedicated computer that is always connected to the printer.


Preparing the printer

  • Make sure your printer is turned on and in a print ready state. Procure a USB cable which is lesser than 3meters in length to reduce knot formation in wires.
  • Connect the cable to the USB port present on the printer and the other end to a working port on your computer. The connection has to be made directly and not via a USB hub as it promotes loss of signal strength.

Driver installation

  • The driver software can be downloaded from the link provided by our technicians. In the window that appears, enter your printer model number and choose your operating system version as Windows before downloading.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on-screen to complete the installation. During this process, choose your mode of network connection as USB (wired). To verify the status of your network connection print a document.


Prepare the printer for USB setup

  • Turn on your printer and make sure it is in a ready state. This is made sure by checking the power cables and ink cartridge. Gather a USB cable that is not too long and not too short, preferably around 3 meters in length.
  • Connect one end of this cable to the USB port on your printer and the other end to a USB port that is in working condition on your computer.

Driver installation and connection

  • Download the driver software from the link provided by us. This can be obtained by talking to our technician. Input your printer model and enter your operating system version as Mac. Thus your download shall begin shortly.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. During the installation, choose USB as your means of network connection. HP Easy Start can be used for assistance.

Wireless Printer Setup for Windows and Mac

Your printer needs to be configured to connect using wireless option. This is achieved by following the steps mentioned below. Changes need to be made in the driver installation step to accommodate this new functionality. For further clarification, call our toll-free to talk to our technician who will guide you through all the printer processes.


Preparing for the driver installation

    • Before attempting to install the driver software, the following items are to be gathered.
    • The name of your wireless network and its password, a windows computer with wireless capability.

Connecting to the wireless network

        • On your printer’s Control Panel, choose the wireless option. The device will scan for wireless networks and display the results.
        • Choose your network and connect to it by entering the password. Download and install the driver software.
        • During installation disconnect USB cables and choose wireless as your network connection.
        • Post-installation, add the printer to the recognized device list from the computer’s Control Panel. Print a document to check the connection status.


Installation preparation

        • Before installing the driver software, collect your wireless network name and password and a wireless Mac computer.
        • Internet connection is required on your network. Go to the link provided by us to download the respective driver software. Choose OS as Mac

Wireless network connection

        • Install the driver software. Remove any USB connections during the process.
        • Turn on the printer and on its control panel, click wireless option. The printer will scan and a list of available networks are displayed.
        • Choose your network and connect by entering the password.
        • Install the driver software by following the on-screen instructions. Choose wireless as your mode of network connection.


        • The initial process is to download and install the driver software from the link provided by our technicians. This full feature software will contain all the software that is essential toward operation of your printer.
        • Search ‘Scan’ in your Mac and then open HP Easy Scan from the list. Choose your printer from the drop-down menu. The scan job type can be chosen from the Presets menu. Click Scan when done.


        • Make sure to install the full feature driver software from the link provided by our technicians. This contains all the software support that is needed to perform scanning on your printer.
        • Open HP Printer Assistant and click Scan a Document to open HP Scan. From here you will have access to monitor the complete scan process.
        • The preview option gives allows you to check the documents beforehand before finalizing the output of the scan.


Step 1 : Copying documents

        • The steps are simple. All you have to do is load the document that needs to be copied into the scanner glass and click the copy button. Choose the Copy, Copy Document or Copy Photo button on the Control Panel.

Step 2 : Performing Copy operation from printer control panel

        • Besides clicking the Copy button, this method allows you to change the settings affecting the copy functions of the printer. This includes the Size, Paper Type, Tray Selection, Quality, Collate, Lighter/Darker, Binding Margin, Margin Shift, HP Copy Fix, etc.

Step 3 : Making two-sided copies

        • This functionality is available in the printer that has Automatic Document Feeder associated with it. Go to 2-Sided Copying present in the Settings windows and enable it. The documents inserted into the scanner glass will now be scanned on both sides.


Fax is the process by which information can be sent via an active telephone line. The fax was used at the beginning of time to convey information securely and currently, it is used to transfer important documents. A compatible printer, an active telephone line, and a computer are all it takes to get your very own fax setup.

Preparing for Fax

        • If you have an answering machine, connect the phone to the 2-EXT of the printer. This is to prevent fax noises on your calls.
        • Fax preferences can be set to optimize the setup as per your preference. Some of the variable settings are Dial type – this should be set to the type of analog phone service you have.
        • Answer mode – this can be set to auto answer after a specified number of calls. If this feature is turned off, you should accept incoming faxes from the printer control panel

Step 2 : Sending and receiving a fax

        • To send a fax, load the document that should be faxed to the ADF or place it on the scanner glass minding the alignment.
        • Dial the phone number from the control panel. A high pitched sound indicates the fax being sent.

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