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The HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 printer is an all-in-one inkjet printer that produces professional-quality at a great value. It is excellent for printing reports, email, and other business related documents. It features a 50 page automatic document feeder, fast two-sided printing, copying and scanning. ojpro8715

Printer specification

  • The HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 offers a maximum monthly duty cycle of 25000 pages. It features print from USB flash drive, scan to email, HP ePrint, Wireless direct printing, and Fax to email.
  • It offers a touch-screen display of 2.65 inches. It uses Hp Thermal Inkjet technology. It uses 4 cartridges and offers a recommended monthly volume of 250 -1500 pages.

Printer Features

  • The HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 comes offers an input tray capacity of 250 sheets and an output tray capacity of 150 sheets. The document feeder has a capacity of 50 sheets.
  • It can print up to 35 ppm in draft mode for both color and black printouts. It delivers up to 22 ppm and 18 ppm for B/W and color by ISO standards. setup 8715 UNBOX SETUP

  • Unpack the printer. Remove all tape and shipping restraints from the exterior of the printer and then peel the film from the printer’s control panel. Raise the scanner lid, take out the packing material from the scanner glass, and then lower the scanner lid.
  • Attach the power cord to the back of the printer, and then plug the other end of the power cord into an wall outlet. Switch on the printer.
  • To fix your desired preferences on the printer control panel, tap your preferred language and county/region and then touch Yes to approve your choices. If prompted, choose the date and time, and then tap Yes to approve.
  • Draw out the input tray, and then take out the packing materials. Place plain white paper into the input tray. Make sure the short edge faces forward and the print side faces downward.
  • Slide the stack into the tray until it halts. Push the paper width guides until they recline against the edges of the paper. Push back the input tray into the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door. Once the carriage is quiet and inactive, may your proceed. Unpack the ink cartridge. Place the ink cartridge into its slot, and then push the ink cartridge inward until its snaps into position. Repeat these steps for the rest of the cartridges. Shut the ink cartridge access door.
  • After the initialization process, the printer prints an alignment page. Download and install the full feature printer driver and software and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set up.

If you have any further queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.

Wired Network Printer Setup for Windows & Mac

Ensure you have a network router, switch, or hub with available Ethernet ports.
Your computer must be connected to any of the devices mentioned above. Get an Ethernet cable and avoid using a standard telephone cable.

Windows & Mac

  • Switch on the Printer. Detach any plug or protective cover from the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.
  • Fix the Ethernet cable to the printer port, and then connect the other end of the cable to an available port on the network router, switch or hub.
  • Download and install the full feature software and printer driver. For Windows, your file will be in .exe format. For Mac, your file will download in .dmg format. After you download, you can access the installer from the Downloads folder or the Downloads bar of your browser. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • When prompted by the installer to select a printer connection option, choose Wired Network to continue with and finish the setup. Attempt to print, scan or fax, based on your printer functionality.
  • For Mac users, If you are prompted to add the printer to the printer queue, choose OfficeJet Pro 8715, choose the Use or Print Using menu, choose OfficeJet Pro 8715, in the pop-up menu and then choose Add. Go back to the HP installer to complete the installation.


Setting up your scan enables you to use the full functionality of your printer driver. Scanning lets you store a digital version of a physical document or file in your computer.

  • Download and install the full feature printer driver for you OfficeJet 8715. When required to choose software to install, choose the recommended option that contains HP Scan.
  • Place the document or photo with the print side facing down on the scanner glass, and then lower the scanner lid. If your printer has an automatic document feeder, you can use it to scan multiple page documents at one time. Do not place photos in the automatic document feeder to avert damage to the photos and the printer.
  • Attempt to scan. Push the scan button or select the Scan menu. Choose your computer name, if required, and a scan job type. Once the scan is complete, and go back to the computer. The folder the scan is stored at, opens by itself. Choose the file with Scan in the name to view the scan.
  • If your printer does not have a scan button, search Windows for HP, Choose OfficeJet 8715 in the results to open HP printer Assistant, and then choose Scan a Document or Photo to open HP Scan. Choose a shortcut that matches your needs. Choose OK or the Save icon in the shortcut to save the configuration.


Usually, you require a traditional landline telephone service to use the fax functionality of the printer. You can use your HP OfficeJet 8715 to send fax to another fax machine.

  • Get a telephone cord. Utilize the cord that was delivered with the printer. If you do not have the original cord, utilize a cord with connectors that have two wire leads and not four.
  • Attach the phone cord to the telephone wall jack to the 1-line jack of the printer. If you have a voice answering machine, attach a phone cord to the machine and to the 3-Ext jack on the back of the printer.
  • This lets the answering machine to record voice calls as usual without fully recording noises from faxes. Set up your fax preferences such as Dial Type, Answer mode/ Auto Answer, Rings to answer, Fax Volume and Fax header.
  • Dial type allows you to match the type of analog phone service you possess, namely tone or pulse. The Answer mode/Auto Answer picks up your phone call after a particular number of rings and accepts incoming faxes.
  • Rings to answer sets the rings after which the printer answers the call. Fax volume allows to choose a volume level to hear sounds during the fax call such as dial tones and busy signals. Fax header lets you set the text you want the recipients to view at the top of your faxes.
  • To send a fax, load the document and dial the receiving fax phone number in your printer’s control panel.


Troubleshooting – Printer print an extra blank page.

If your printer prints an extra blank page, as a preliminary step and update your computer anti-virus software and update the printer firmware. Follow the instructions below listed:

  • Uninstall the printer software from your computer. Detach any USB cable connected to the printer. Search Windows for uninstall a program, open Uninstall a program Control Panel Setting in the results window.
  • In the list of installed applications, choose HP OfficeJet 8715, and then choose Uninstall or Yes to approve the uninstall. Follow the-on-screen instruction to uninstall the software completely. Restart the Computer.
  • Reinstall the printer software. Switch on the Printer. If your printer is connected to the computer via a USB cable, detach the cable from the printer. Download and install the full feature printer driver for your printer. If the problem persists, move to the next step.
  • Search Windows for devices, and choose Devices and Printers in the list of results. In the list of installed program, right-click OfficeJet Pro 8715, and then choose Printer proprieties.
  • Open Devices and Printers, Right-click OfficeJet Pro 8715, and then choose Printer Properties. You might need to select OfficeJet 8715. Choose the Advanced tab. Choose the option Print directly to the printer. Choose Apply and then choose OK. This should resolve the issue.

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