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The HP Officejet Pro 8725 is a new age printer that is by far the easiest to set up. Based on inkjet technology, this is a cartridge based printer. Printing speeds are off the charts for an Officejet device. Presence of a multipurpose ADF that works both with the scanner and printer.


  • Network connectivity options include Wireless, USB, NFC, and Ethernet.
  • Mobile printing is supported for both Android and Apple devices. Availability of Ethernet, HP Smart app, and HP ePrint.
  • Print speeds are at 37 ppm for both color and mono. Availability of ADF for printing and scanning.
  • Maximum resolution is 1200×1200 and 4800×1200 for mono and color respectively. ojpro8725


  • This all-in-one printer can print, copy, scan, and fax.
  • ADF can be used for printing and scanning.
  • 4.3-inch touch screen makes quick operation possible.
  • Connectivity means include wireless, USB, Ethernet, and NFC.
  • Mobile printing possible for both Android and Apple.
  • 4 cartridge printing system prints vivid photos. setup 8725 – Unbox setup

This is the first step that is to be followed after receiving the printer package. Unboxing involves unpacking the contents of the package and putting them together. This is done to prepare them for the next process which is printer setup. Follow the steps mentioned below to unbox your printer.

  • Move the Shipment to a flat counter. Discard the package materials and remove the contents.
  • The shipment includes the printer, new cartridges, power cord, driver CD, user manual, and USB cable.
  • Connect the power cord to the printer and the power socket in the wall directly.
  • Remove the tape present the new cartridge. It is then carefully placed in its respective slot. Close the access door when done.
  • Input tray is opened and the output tray is extended. Extend the paper width and paper length markers present in the tray to their maximum limits.
  • The paper is fanned, stacked on a counter before placing them in the input tray.
  • Choose your mode of network connection after Installing the driver software from the CD provided.

Wired Network printer setup for Windows and Mac

The HP Officejet pro 8725 is an all-in-one printer that has the capability to connect via Ethernet and USB as means of wired network connection. The steps below will guide you to setup your printer for the same.

  • Preparing for the installation process
    • Ensure that there is the availability of a fully functioning network router with sufficient Ethernet ports and Ethernet cable of adequate length.
    • Note that telephone wire cannot be substituted for Ethernet cable as the number of wires in the latter is more in number.
  • The printer is connected to the network
    • Turn on your printer. Remove the protective cover of the Ethernet port. Your Ethernet cable should be connected to the Ethernet port on your printer.
    • Make sure the port is a fully functioning one. After making the connection, there will be a small light glowing at the connecting node of the cable. Another end is connected to the router.
  • Install the software
    • Go to the link that can be obtained by talking to our executives. Enter the printer model and specify your computer’s OS. Click the Download button and wait for the process to complete.
    • Install it by following the on-screen instruction. Choose Ethernet as your network means.

Printer Driver installation

Printer driver installation for Windows

The driver accounts for connecting the printer and the computer. This pivotal software can be downloaded online or installed from the CD provided with the box package.

  • Make sure that the driver software that you have downloaded is the right one for your printer. Choose Windows when you are asked to choose an OS.
  • Double-click the downloaded driver file to begin the installation. Software such as HP Install Assistant, HP Smart App, and HP Install Wizard can be used to assist with the installation.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the installation. Add your printer to the list of recognized devices of your computer from its Control Panel.
  • Choose Printer and Scanners and select your printer from the list. Make it the default printer and try printing a document.

Printer driver installation for Mac

Mac systems cannot recognize regular file formats and hence the driver software is created in .dmg format. Mac version of the driver can be downloaded and installed by following the guide provided below.

  • Download the driver from the link we provide. Choose your OS as Mac and pick the specific driver for your printer.
  • The download will commence. Post download, double-click the file to begin the installation. The directory that the file has to get installed is selected.
  • During the installation, pick your mode of network connection. Choose between wireless or USB.
  • Post installation, choose Print & Scan On the window that appears after opening the Apple menu and clicking System Preferences.
  • Choose your printer’s name from the list and click the plus icon. Click Add Printer or Scanner. Add your printer and print a test document.

Printing only with black ink

The Officejet 8725 contains multiple colors including black. By changing the settings, you can command the printer to only print in black color. This change can be reverted after the black only requirement is satisfied.


  • Print for only one print job
    • Open the document that has to be printed is opened and print icon is clicked. Choose your printer from a list of printers.
    • Choose Printer Properties on the next window that appears. In here, you will see various customizing options.
    • Choose Black Ink Only after opening Settings. Click Advanced and pick Black & White. Click Ok to save this setting.
    • Printing in black for all print jobs

    • For the same settings to be applied to all your prints, go to Print Settings and open the Advanced tab found under the Print Preferences.
    • Similar to the previous option, select Black Ink Only under the Grayscale option and select Black & White option followed by All Prints option.


  • Printing in black for one print job
    • On your Mac computer, Click the Print button present in the FIle after opening the photo or document that you want to print.
    • Select Show Details. After which open the Grayscale from the Paper Type option. Select Black Ink Only to print only in black color.
    • Shades of black can be varied. Go to Grayscale and select Draft. To increase the quality, choose High Quality option which is found under the same option.
  • Printing in black for all print jobs
    • Another option is to always print with only black ink. Go to the previous option and under Grayscale option, select Black Only. This setting is saved in Presents list.

How to send a fax

Fax is the process with which you will be able to send documents over a live telephone line. Although this is an age-old method, faxing allows greater security thus offering more reliability.

Fax from ADF

  • The automatic document scanner can be used to fax documents that are printed on both sides. The prerequisite for faxing using the ADF is that the printer should already be set up to perform fax operation.
  • Make sure your printer is fax ready. The process of setting up your device to fax in both Mac and Windows are discussed below.
  • The document to be faxed is placed on the input tray of the ADF. Ensure that the document is not crumpled or damaged of any sort as this might cause paper jamming issues and the only way to fix this will be clean the rollers.
  • Go to the control panel and choose the Fax option. A new window will appear asking you to enter the recipient’s phone number. Enter a number and press Send when done.


  • Before sending a document via fax, it is mandatory to set up the printer to the task. For this, begin by gathering an active telephone line and connecting wires.
  • Connect the line to the phone wall jack and to the rear of the printer marked 1-LINE.
  • If you have an answering machine, connect phone to 2-EXT of the printer. Fax preferences can be optimized as per your requirement.
  • To Fax, load the document on the scanner glass and from the printer’s Control Panel, enter a phone number. Click send and the document will be faxed.


  • Since faxing is a process that is devoid of OS attachment, the process is almost the same when it comes to faxing from a Mac.
  • The live telephone line is connected to the rear of the printer. Enter the recipient’s number on the Control Panel and click Send. The number can also be chosen from list of contacts. It is followed by scanning after which Fax will be sent.

List of printer issues

  • Printer is Offline for Mac OS
  • Wireless Troubleshooting steps
  • Unable to print from photo tray
  • Printer is Offline for Windows OS
  • Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue error
  • USB Scanner Connection Error for Windows OS
  • Network Scanner Connection Error for Windows OS
  • Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup for Windows OS
  • Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup for Mac OS

Paper mismatch error

When the paper inserted in the input tray of the printer does not coincide with the paper chosen in the print settings, a conflict is caused prompting the Paper Mismatch error.

  • Adjust the paper size
    • Choose a document and click the Print icon. Choose your printer from the list of available devices and click next.
    • Choose Printer Preferences and open the Paper/Quality tab followed by Advanced option. Click Paper Size and opt for the size that is the same as the ones in your tray.
  • Verify the paper source setting
    • Go to the File option in the program you print from.
    • Go to Print–> Properties–> Paper/Quality–> Paper Source and choose the Input Tray that contains the paper.
  • Reset the printer
    • Turn on your printer and unplug the power cord. After 60 seconds, they are reconnected. Turn on your printer and checked for the error status.

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