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The office jet is a series developed with the intention of handling office printing purpose. Connectivity options such as USB, NFC, Ethernet, wireless makes this an exciting device worthy of praise. Make sure the printed documents are kept far away from water. Designed to perform office tasks, this printer can also be preferred for household work.


  • Multi-function can perform print, scan, fax, and copy.
  • Loaded with a print speed of 20 pages per minute for mono and 20 pages per minute for color documents, this printer keeps the print queue dry.
  • The presence of two-sided scanning saves a lot of time that would be invested fruitlessly in turning papers.
  • Instant ink keep the printer printing by supplying new ink cartridges, every time the printer is close to running empty.
123 HP Officejet Pro 8730


Being an all in one printer, print, copy, scan comes as a given. With mixed qualities, this printer has a great rating on Amazon. With more than sufficient paper handling skills. With Ink jet as your core printing technology, this printer can be tuned to print excelled photos.


  • Prints through Cloud and mobile devices.
  • Brilliant print quality.
  • Flatbed ADF scanner.
  • Wireless connectivity to share scanned docs and print.


  • A bit slow in printing & scanning.
  • Text can smudge if it gets wet.
  • It lacks direct printing from memory cards & cameras.
  • It’s not as fast as a laser printer.


A compact all in one printer that is accomplishes all office jobs easily. With brilliant print and scan features, using the touchscreen one can easily function the machine for all the operations.

List of printer issues

  • Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup for Mac OS
  • Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup for Windows OS
  • Network Scanner Connection Error for Windows OS
  • USB Scanner Connection Error for Windows OS
  • Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue error
  • Printer is Offline for Windows OS
  • Unable to print from photo tray
  • Wireless Troubleshooting steps
  • Printer is Offline for Mac OS
123 HP Officejet Pro 8730

First Time Printer Setup

After the printer purchase, proceed to unbox the device and set it up. Setting up the printer for the first time is an arduous task and can be performed by following the guidelines mentioned below.

Printer Unpacking

  • The shipment is placed on a flat and sturdy counter. Remove the package and inspect the contents.
  • Remove the printer after removing the accessories that are present in the front of the box.

Verify contents of shipment

  • The accessories include USB connector, new cartridges, power cord, user manual and Driver installation CD. Remove the tapes that are present on the printer.

Paper tray is loaded

  • Extend the output and input tray. The paper width and paper length guide present inside the input tray is extended to its maximum. Genuine HP paper is fanned, stacked and then placed in the tray.

Power cord connection

    • One end of the power cord is connected to the rear of the printer and the other end to the power socket on the wall directly.

Cartridge installation

  • Remove the protective tape present under the cartridge. Open the cartridge access door and place the cartridge in the carriage and close it.

Driver software installation

  • Install the driver directly from the CD provided in the package. Follow the instructions displayed on-screen to complete the installation.

Wireless Printer Setup Windows & Mac

Your printer can be configured to perform wireless functions. To do this, the printer settings need to be changed accordingly during the driver installation. Follow the instructions mentioned below to effectively connect your printer to your wireless network.


Installation requirement:

  • Make sure the following are gathered. The name of your wireless network and its password, a computer with wireless capability.

Wireless network connection

  • Go to the control panel of your printer and open the Menu. Click the Wireless button and wait.
  • A list of all the wireless network is displayed. Choose your network and connect to it by entering its password.
  • Go to the link provided by our experts to download and install the driver. Choose Windows as your OS option.
  • During installation, choose Wireless as your network preference and complete the installation. Your printer can now print wirelessly and also connect to mobile devices.


Installation Preparation:

  • Collect the name of your wireless network and its password, and a Mac computer before proceeding with the process.
  • Ensure that your network is connected to the internet. Go to the link provided by us to download the driver software.
  • Wireless network connection

  • Before installing the driver, remove all USB connection from your Mac computer. Close all running programs.
  • Turn on your printer and click the wireless connection option on its control panel.
  • Choose your network from a list of results displayed. Install the driver software by following the on-screen instruction. Choose wireless as your network connection. Verify by printing a document.

Wired Network Printer Setup (Windows) & (Mac)

The 8730 all-in-one printer has the capability of being able to print from USB and Ethernet both of which are wired connection. This can be setup by following the below-mentioned instructions.


Preparing for installation

  • Obtain an Ethernet cable and make sure there is an availability of Ethernet ports on your computer and router. Your computer needs to be connected to the router.

Connect to network

  • Turn on your printer and connect the Ethernet cable to its respective port present at the rear of the printer. The other end is connected to the port on your router.

Software installation

  • Go to the link provided by us and download the driver software. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose Wired Network and complete the installation.


Prepare the setup for installation

  • Make sure you obtain an functioning Ethernet cable and a computer with an Ethernet port. Presence of an active internet connection is mandatory to download the driver software.
  • Network connection

  • Connect one end of the cable to the printer and the other end to the router. The computer is connected to an active internet connection.

Driver installation

  • We will provide the link to download the driver software. Install it by following the on-screen instructions. Choose Wired Network as your means of network connection.

USB Printer Setup (Windows) & (Mac)

USB is one of the oldest modes of network connection. To set up your printer to work in a USB setup, it is imperative that you follow the below instructions and make the desired changes in settings to your driver software.


Preparing for the process

  • Turn on your Printer. Obtain a USB cable lesser than 3meters in length.
  • Connect the printer and computer using the USB cable. Make the connection directly and not via a USB hub.

Driver installation

  • Download the driver software from the link provided by us. Enter your printer model and choose the OS version as Windows and download.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete Installation. Choose your mode of network connection to be USB. Print a document to check the connection status.


i. USB setup – printer preparation

  • Turn on your printer and keep it ready. Obtain a USB cable that is neither too long nor too short.
  • Connect the cable to the USB port on your printer and the other end to the computer.
  • ii. Connection and driver installation

  • Connect one end of the cable to the printer and the other end to the router. The computer is connected to an active internet connection.
  • b) Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process. Choose USB as your mode of network connection.

Color or Black Ink is Not Printing

The resultant of specific colors not printing leads to this error. The reasons causing this are various. On top of the list, care has to be taken to ensure that the cartridges are filled with ink. The other precautions and steps that are to be followed are clearly mentioned below.

Prefer genuine HP cartridges

  • It is always imperative that you prefer genuine HP replacement parts over third-party ones. The main reason being reliability. HP parts are known to work best with HP printers.
  • In addition to this, they also increase the longevity of the device. Third-party ones damage the printer and provide shabby prints.

Check ink levels

  • Check the estimated ink levels by turning to the control panel of the printer. It contains live data regarding the ink levels.
  • The same can be viewed from the ink management tool that is installed in the computer, present in the full-feature driver software.

Replace empty cartridges

  • In case your ink cartridges are running low on ink. Replace them. Obtain new ink cartridges and remove them from their cover.
  • Open the cartridge access door and place the new cartridges in the place of old ones. Remove their protective sticker. Lock the latch and close the door secure their position.

Clean printhead

  • Go to the printer’s Control Panel and under the Setup icon, choose Printer Maintenance.
  • Choose Clean Printhead and then Continue. Cleaning pages are printed. Repeat this property until the quality is satisfactory.

Replace printhead

  • In extreme cases, the print head gets clogged or damaged beyond repair. Make sure to replace your printhead when that happens.

‘Alignment Unsuccessful’ Error Message Exhibits

This is a subjective error that can be caused by both during scanning and printing. The documents are to be aligned to get satisfactory results. Failing to follow the alignment rules leads to alignment error.

Understand the process

  • Make sure to always use only clean paper in the tray and try realigning
  • Perform scanning alignment again to reset the old values. The scanner bed is to be cleaned before performing this step.
  • Click the Skip button if the Alignment Unsuccessful message cannot be removed. With this, you can continue printing.

Reset your printer

  • Turn off your printer and then turn it on.
  • Remove the power cords from the printer and from the power socket.
  • After waiting for over 60 seconds, reconnect the power cords.
  • The printer should turn on by itself and the error will be removed from the control panel.

Use genuine HP ink cartridges

  • It is imperative that only genuine parts be preferred. Using third-party ink cartridges will cause ink bleed and blotches to be formed. Smeared ink is a common occurrence.
  • Genuine ink cartridges, on the other hand, increase the longevity of the printer in addition to improving printing efficiency.

Evaluate the alignment page

  • The alignment page should have the markings in rich dark color. This will facilitate the printer to identify the marking on the paper
  • In case they are faded or the colors not proper, obtain a new printer alignment sheet and repeat the alignment process.

Check ink levels

  • Ink levels can be checked form the control panel of the printer. They are present in the Menu option and under Ink Levels.
  • Another method to check the ink levels is to go to the ink management software that is present in full-feature driver.

Clean printhead

  • Go to the Setting option on your computer and choose Tools menu. Find and run the printhead or ink cartridge cleaning.
  • This can also be done from the HP Print Assistant for Windows. There is a similar option in this software.
  • A similar software is the HP Printer Utility and this can be run in a Mac computer.

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