123.HP.Com Envy5530 e-All-in-One the serenest ways to print from your smartphone or tablet by or without a router or local wireless network.” Undoubtedly, functioning with mobile devices is one of the printer’s sturdy point. Although it’s a practical choice, it doesn’t deal anything to make it advantageous for office use, but you can employ it as a home-office printer as well.

  • It doesn’t offer fax capability or an automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning, which limits its usefulness in an office, but it can surely manage light-duty requirements.
  • The Envy 5530’s basic MFP features are printing, copying, and scanning.
  • You can employ the printer display to allow access to print from any folder or website.
  • Mobile printing includes printing via cloud, which also performs only if the printer is connected straight to a network. If the network comprises a Wi-Fi access point, you can connect over the access point to print from iOS, Android, Windows, Google Chrome, Kindle, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.

123.HP.Com Envy5530 Features

  • Scan to email.
  • Front panel touch screen.
  • Borderless printing.
  • Relaxed mobile printing.


  • Automatic duplexer.
  • Designed with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Offers cloud printing.
  • Photo tray


  • Lack of Ethernet connectivity.
  • Lack of Fax ability.
  • Abstemiously Slow.
  • Designed for Home use.

Bottom line

Intended mainly for home use, the HP Envy 5530 All-in-One inkjet multifunction printer can scan, copy, print via the cloud, and print straightly from phones and tablets.

Setting up your HP Envy 5530 Printer for the First Time

  1. STEP 1 : UNLOAD THE PRINTER FROM THE BOX - Take away the printer and all materials like tape and packing materials from the box.
  2. Raise the scanner lid.
  3. Unwrap all tape and packing materials from the scanner glass.
  4. Close the scanner lid.
  5. Open the ink cartridge access door, and then remove all tape and packing materials inside the HP Envy 5530 printer.
  6. Shut down the cartridge access door.
  7. Clasp the handle on the paper tray and eliminate the output tray, and then take away all tape and packing materials from the photo tray.
  8. With the paper tray pulled out, shove in the photo tray.
  9. Substitute the output tray on the paper tray, and then shove in the paper tray until it clicks into the correct position.

Step 2 : Check the contents of the box

Ensure that you take out all hardware and materials from the box afore to disposal or reprocessing the box.

Step 3 : Place the paper into the paper tray

  • Clutch the handle on the input tray, and then pull the tray near you to open it.
  • The Close Tray screen exhibits on the printer control panel with the message, ‘A paper tray is accessed. Shut down the tray to proceed. Tap to view paper loading instructions.’
  • With the paper tray pulled out, shove in the photo tray.
  • Place the white paper into the paper tray.
  • Pull the paper tray until it fixes into the correct place.

HP Envy 5530 Setup

Step 4 : Plug the power cord and set your choices

  • Fix the power cord to the back of the printer, and then connect the other end of the power cord into an electrical socket.
  • Press the Power button to switch on the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer.
  • On the printer’s control panel, select your preferred language country or region, fix the month, date, year, and then tap Continue to ratify your choice.

Step 5 : Position the ink cartridges

  • Open the cartridge access door.
  • Change Ink option might show on the home screen.
  • Remove one of the cartridges from its bundle.
  • Glide the new cartridge at an upward angle into the blank slot, and then push up the cartridge
  • Position the tri-color cartridge into left slot and black cartridge into the right slot.
  • Reiterate these steps to position the other cartridge.
  • Shut down the cartridge access door and select OK.
  • For the printer to calibrate and line up the cartridges. After the alignment is done, select OK.

Printing with Mopria Print Service for Android device

Step 1 : Verify the requisites:

  • Install the printer hardware.
  • Connect the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer to a wireless or wired network with an active Internet connection.
  • Connect the Android device and the printer to the same wireless network.
  • Place the printer and the Android device closer to the access point (router), but not closer than 6ft. Wireless signals can be feebler at distances.

Step 2 : Download and switch on the Mopria Print Service plugin

  • On your Android device, download the Mopria print service plugin from the Google Play Store.
  • Once the installation or update is completed, pick a method to power on the Mopria Print Service plugin:
  • In case you connectthe Mopria Print Service plugin for the first time, scroll down the home screen to exhibit the notification dashboard, and then browse Mopria Print Service installed. Select the Tap to enable option Mopria Print Service plugin report.
  • Click Mopria Print Service, and then choose On.

Step 3 : Print with the Mopria Print Service plugin

  • Access the document that you want to print, choose the menu icon, and then click Print.
  • A print preview screen exhibits.
  • To print via a network, pick your printer model name from the list of existing printers.
  • To print via Wi-Fi Direct, click DIRECT from the list of obtainable printers.
  • Click the down arrow to choose any print settings, and then click the Print

Slow Printing (Windows)

Step 1 : Relocate the printer

  • Turn the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer on & unplug the power cable from the hind side of the printer.
  • Free up the power cord from the wall socket and connect it back.
  • Fasten the power cord to the hind side of the printer and turn on the printer.

Step 2 : Assess the print driver settings

Scrutinize the print driver settings. Selecting specific paper types or printing in Best quality can cause sluggish print speeds. For expeditious print speeds, print paper in normal or draft quality.

  • Look in Windows for printers and tap Devices and printers in the list of options.
  • Double-tap the icon for your 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer, pick preferences, browse for paper type information.
  • On the Paper type area, pick the Plain Paper
  • On the Quality Settings area, pick the Draft or Normal
  • Select OK or Apply to examine the modifications.

Step 3 : Eliminate the print driver

Eliminate the printer driver and software by employing the Uninstall a program. Eradicating the printer driver allows you to download the updated printer driver version.

  • If your 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer is attached to the computer using a USB cable, detach the cable from the printer and browse for windows for programs.
  • Pick Programs and Features in the sorted list.
  • In the list of installed programs, pick your HP printer’s name then select Uninstall or Yes.
  • Trail the on-screen instructions to complete the software removal.
  • Restart the computer.

Step 4 : Reinstate the print driver

After eradicating the print driver, navigate to our website and then trail the on-screen prompts to mount the latest driver.

Step 5 : Update printer firmware is downloaded

  • Make certain that the printer is powered up and attached to the computer, and pick your OS if needed.
  • Pick Firmware then choose Download.
  • Choose Use HP Download and Install Assistant, select Next, and then tap Install now.
  • Look for the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 Printer Update window to identify if your printer serial number is prompted.
  • If the serial number is listed, pick your printer serial number and then choose Upgrade.
  • If the serial number is listed but status is not shown, the firmware need not be upgraded. Choose Cancel.
  • If the serial number is not listed and your printer is using a network connection, attach a USB cable, stay calm for 20 seconds, and then pick Refresh.
  • When the update is finished, tap on OK.
  • If you connected a USB cable for your networked printer, then take away the USB driver that was chosen by Windows.
  • Check Windows for Devices and Printers and then access Device and Printers from the listed options.
  • Right-tap the USB printer device that suits your printer model and pick Remove Device and reboot the printer.

Step 6 : Inspect the network status (wired and wireless connections only)

  • In your computer, examine the wireless signal strength by selecting the wireless connection symbol in the Windows taskbar. If the signal power is weak, position the router, computer, and printer closer.
  • Make certain that there are no additional strains on your network, like downloading or streaming services. Likely to your bandwidth, these happenings can knowingly demark print speed.
  • If the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer is attached to the network via an Ethernet cable, make certain that the cable connections are secured.
  • Restart your router by releasing the power cable, pausing for 10 seconds, and linking it back in.

Extra tips

These tips can assist in problems with slow printing.

  • If the printer is attached via a USB cable, make a trial using another USB cable. Employing a USB cable which is long or imperfectly shielded can bother print speeds.
  • Very few printer models allow you to print with/having only one cartridge fixed. Printing using only one cartridge causes lethargic print speeds.

Slow Printing (Mac)

Step 1 : Reorganize the printer

  • Power the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer on and unlink the power cord.
  • Free the power cable from the electrical socket.
  • Relink the power cord into the electrical socket.
  • Attach the power cable to the rear of the printer and turn on the printer.

Step 2 : Analyze the print driver settings

Observe the print driver settings. Selecting several paper kinds or printing in Best or Maximum DPI quality can engender slow print speeds. Printing in Normal or Draft quality for preferably print speeds.

  • From your Mac, select the photo or document that you need to print.
  • Open the photo or document you want to print, pick File and then select Print. To access the Photos app, tap the Print button and access the print settings.
  • Make certain that your 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer name is listed.
  • Pick the unnamed menu, select Paper Type/Quality or Media & Quality and then tap Normal or Draft from the Quality or Print Quality option or slider.

Step 3 : Uninstall the print driver

Deleting the HP Envy 5530 printer driver permits you to mount the latest driver version.

  • Pick Finder in the Dock.
  • In the menu tab, pick Go, choose Applications.
  • If HP Uninstaller is in the folder, double tap to employ the on-screen prompts to eliminate the software.
  • Click and move the folder to the Trash button in the Dock.
  • From the menu tab, pick Go, select Go to Folder, type /Library/Printers then pick Go.
  • Restart the Mac.

Step 4 : Re-download and install the print driver

After deleting the printer driver, trail the on-screen prompts to download and install the latest driver.

Step 5 : Update the printer firmware to its latest version

Your HP Envy5530 printer may have a firmware upgrade that rectifies the issue.

  • Power up the printer and if it is linked using USB cable, delink
  • If provoked, pick a technique to recognize the model of your printer and then trail the on-screen commands to direct to the download page.
  • Tap on Firmware and then pick Download.

Step 6 : Observe the network status (wired and wireless connections only)

Make certain that your network is working.Employ a wireless router, scrutinize your router’s documentation or support site to ratify that it collects the following necessities:

  • Pick the router band: Most routers can operate in both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands. Make certain that the 2.4 GHz router band is legitimate and broadcasting.
  • Bonjour support: Connecting with Bonjour is the ultimate way to identify the printer and assist wireless printing.
  • Look at whether the printer is ready for the network setup.
  • Wireless network connection: From the printer’s display, tap on the Wireless network or Settings menu to make certain that the wireless signal is activated. Make certain that the Wireless icon light is either on and steady or irregular.
  • Wired network connection: Inspect whether the cable is attached to the printer’s Ethernet port and to an accessible port on the router. The green link light needs to be firm, and the orange activity light needs to flash when the cable is connected.
  • On the Mac, choose the network icon in the menu tab to discover the network name and status of the connection.
  • If the picked network is not yours, you need to re-attach to your own network to complete the printer setup.
  • If the network signal strength is poor, keep the computer and printer nearer to the router, locate the devices away from large metal objects like bookcases, and stay away from devices that emit radio signals such as microwaves and cordless phones.
  • If the network status is not connected, assess whether your network is working then examine the status over. Make certain that a check mark exhibits followed by the network name.

Additional tips

These tips can help put an end to issues with slow printing.

  • If the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer is plugged using a USB cable, make certain that the connection is firm.
  • Few printer models allow you to print with only one cartridge installed. Printing using only one cartridge results in leisurely print speed.
  • Double-tap to correct.
‘Paper Jam’ Error

Step 1 : Free the jammed paper from the printer

  • Free any loose paper from the output tray.
  • Pull out the output tray.
  • Grasp the output tray and then drag out the output tray to eradicate it.
  • Heave out the input tray to its utmost position.
  • Eliminate all paper from the input tray.
  • Gently eradicate any clogged paper or bits of torn paper from the output rollers.

Step 2 : Ratify that the carriage can move easily

  • Power up the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer.
  • The carriage drags itself to the middle of the printer.
  • Keeping the printer switched on, unplug the power cable from the hind side of the printer.
  • Utilize a flashlight to discover any paper or objects that might be restricting the carriage then eradicate any paper or objects that you discover.
  • Ratify that the carriage can move with ease across the width of the HP Envy 5530 printer.
  • Lower the ink cartridge access door.
  • Reconnect the power cable to the rear side of the printer and turn on the printer.

Step 3 : Use the clean page smears automated tool

  • Boot up the printer and make certain that the printer’s input tray is filled with plain and fresh paper.
  • From the printer’s control panel, swipe the display to the left, and then tap Setup.
  • Choose Printer Maintenance and then pick Clean Page Smears.
  • Stay till the printer expels the test page after printing.

Step 4 : Wipe the paper feed rollers using your hands

  • Gather the materials like lengthy, lint-free cotton wipes, filtered, or bottled water.
  • Power up the 123 HP Envy 5530 printer and access the ink cartridge access door.
  • Identify the paper path cover, clutch the handle and then hold the cover to take it out.
  • Moderately moisten the swab using water and then squeeze any excess liquid from the swab.
  • Let the rollers dry fully.
  • Fix the paper path cover and then lower the ink cartridge access door.
  • Turn the printer onto its right side so that you can reach its underside. Make certain to clutch the printer firmly.
  • Push in the input tray and then shift the printer over to the correct position.
  • Drag the output tray back onto the input tray.
  • Replug the power cable and USB or Ethernet cable to the hind side of the printer and then link the power cable to a wall
  • Power up the 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer.

Step 5 : Reboot the printer

  • Power up the printer on.
  • Unplug the power cable from the hind side of your HP printer.
  • Stay calm for a minute.
  • Attach the power cable again into the electrical socket.

Step 6 : Examine the printer

Scrutinize the printer once you are finished with the above-mentioned steps. If the issue exists, your 123.HP.Com Envy5530 printer needs to be serviced.

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